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We understand how much every call is important to a startup and the kind of prospect, hope and motivation it brings in to the whole company but when you miss your calls or telephonic leads then you also loose your business prospects.

No one can understand the worth of a rupee then other bootstrapped company like Ziffy and thats why we brought the following toll free cloud telephony plan for our fellow  entrepreneurs.

VOYAGE – Start your startup journey with us

A toll-free 1800 plan for your new startup

Get a toll free 1800-Your-Brand @ Rs 1,000/- per month


Why do you even need a toll free number for your startup?

Because its a Toll-Free number. “If you don’t have it then you simply don’t have it”. If you are in to B2B then it helps you to make credibility and an image of a big company or if you are in to B2C business then it helps you to reach out to more people. The people, who are reluctant to call on a number where they are getting charged.

Unfortunately we can not offer this plan to everyone and it is limited only to our fellow entrepreneurs who started after 1st Jan 2014 and have already started commercial operations i.e. having a working website and not running in a stealth mode.

No Other Condition Apply on the plan. So start capturing your 100% leads in real time along with your team.

Some of the advance features are:


Feature Use
 Multi level IVR Advance IVR feature let you create unlimited depth IVR menus. For examplePress 1 for Sales or Press 2 for Billing:User Press 1: Press 1 to buy Apples, Press 2 to buy Mangoes, Press 9 to talk to our representative.

User Press 9: Forward call to 3 executives in parallel (any one can pick the call)

 Advance Call Forwarding Forward call to multiple people either in parallel or one by one in round robin format.
 100% Real Time Call Logs Get 100% call logs in real time along with a CRM to manage your calls even on later date.
 SMS / Email / WhatsApp Alerts Get missed call and received call alerts on your mobile. We even offer two-way SMS alerts, which allows you to update your CRM without even the internet connection and on the run.
 Multiple Widgets We have tons of widgets like Complaint Module, Call Back Request, Missed Call with Audio Call Back, Auto SMS Acknowledgment to caller, Voicemail and lot more.

Get more leads with Toll Free 1800 number


Businesses depends upon the leads to generate revenues and toll free numbers tops the list for lead generation.

But most of the times lack of resources hamper the lead conversion ratio and proper handling and funnelling of the leads.

Ziffy introduces a new easy and affordable plan if you are planning a massive campaign to generate leads but worries that you may miss few leads.

Plan Details

Number Type: 1800-Your-Company
Plan Name: PUREIVR
Monthly Rental: Rs 1000
Call Rate: Rs 1.1 / minute

In the above plan you can set your own IVR no matter how long or how many level it has but the calls will not be forwarded on any mobile or landline number instead you will get a missed call details on your mobile via our Android App / SMS / WhatsApp / TeleGram. So no matter how many calls you will get you will have real time data of all the calls.

If you don’t want to attend all your calls yourself then you can also assign the leads to your team members automatically via our app.

Toll Free Number For Real Estate Companies


Real estate is a tough business and every day 10 or more brokers coming in your way blocking every deal you are hoping to materialise.

When competition is high, margins automatically drops, and every paisa matters for you and your customers.

The best way to beat your competition to show your customers that you care and saving them every paisa you could along with giving them world class services and nothing can beat Toll-Free numbers for starters.

With Ziffy, you are not only getting a toll-free number, which is going to give your brand a very professional look, but also will give you world class infrastructure to effectively manage your incoming leads.

You might have seen many newspaper ads where your competitors have given their ads with a bunch of numbers to contact them or even you might have given the same ads but the biggest problem with those ads are

  1. You cannot track your professional and personal call on those numbers.
  2. You cannot know how many calls you missed when you were on the call with your other customer.
  3. You can not call back your leads because you have no data, or you forgot to note the number when you were driving.
  4. You will completely lose the leads because your mobile number was not reachable.

Ziffy helps you to mitigate all those issues by offering cloud-based telephony, where you can upgrade your resources on the fly whenever you required them, for example, when you are running a radio ad.

The benefits of going with Ziffy are:

  1. You will get a single number nationwide, which can handle up to 6000 calls at a time.
  2. Calls can be forwarded to hundreds of different people.
  3. Automatic call handling with auto attendant will give you a very professional look.
  4. No more busy tone to your callers.
  5. All calls on the number will be free for the caller.
  6. 100% call logs in real time, which you can use for re-marketing.
  7. You can record calls held between your agent/broker and the customer for future reference.

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Toll Free Number Plan For Professionals

Professional Plan

Professionals loves everything, which enhance their brand value and gives best ROI (Return on Investment). Keeping that in mind, we have launched a special plan for enterprises and professionals with moderate to heavy usage.

Plan Name: Professional
Monthly Rental: Rs 5,000/-
Call Rate: Rs 1 / minute
Term: 6 Months Pre-Paid
Security (Credit Limit): Rs 15,000 (Refundable after 12 months of service at the time of disconnection)

Total Amount Payable (with taxes): Rs 50,562/-

Why pay so much for a toll-free number?

All we talked about how much you are going to pay… That was the boring part. Let’s see what you are going to get for that much amount…

Free Monthly Minutes: 15,000 (worth Rs 15,000)
Free Monthly SMS: 500 (worth Rs 150)
Free Monthly Call Recordings: 5,000 (worth Rs 2,500)

Total Free Value: Rs 15,650/-

So, you are paying Rs 5,000 monthly and getting services worth Rs 15,650/- absolutely free per month. Isn’t it interesting?

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Not interested yet? Did we tell you about other features, which you are also getting free with our services?

You will be getting following features absolutely free.

  1. Advance call forwarding
  2. Multilevel and Multilingual IVR hosting
  3. Real time call logs and CRM
  4. Missed call alerts on WhatsApp, SMS, Android App.
  5. Acknowledgement message to your customer.
  6. Paid 6 months service of worth USD 180 for web based lead management and on-site user engagement tools.

Toll-Free Number For Campaigning

Do you have heavy usage?

Why pay useless rentals while you are already paying call charges on toll-free numbers? Yes, we don’t charge you a single paisa for monthly rental if your monthly usage is over Rs 1000/-

Check out our heavy usage plans:

Call Rates (Rs) FCV (Rs) Setup (Rs) Security (Rs) Bank Charges Amount (Rs) With tax (Rs Payable)
1.8 500 15000 2200 120 17320 19461
1.6 1000 25000 2200 120 27320 30697
1.4 2000 40000 2200 120 42320 47551
1.2 3000 60000 2200 120 62320 70023
1 4000 75000 2200 120 77320 86877


FCV: Free Call Value per month (This will be adjusted before generating your bill).

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1800 Toll Free Number For Startups

Now you can’t give any excuse for not having  a 1800-Toll-Free Number for your business.

Ziffy launching a startup plan for toll free numbers at just Rs 699 per month (no conditions apply).

Toll Free Numbers are a great tool for brand building and generating leads and with tons of additional features offered by Ziffy on it’s cloud telephony platform you can generate more leads with a toll free number.

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Some of the awesome features available are:

Feature Availability
Welcome Message (Automated) Toll Free Feature Available
IVR (Auto Attendant) Toll Free Feature Available
Pre IVR Announcement Toll Free Feature Available
Virtual Number (Landline & Mobile) Toll Free Feature Available
Toll-Free Number (1800 Series) Toll Free Feature Available
Advance Call Forwarding Toll Free Feature Available
Real Time Call Tracking Toll Free Feature Available
Web Interface for Management Toll Free Feature Available
Two-Way SMS (Push Notifications) Toll Free Feature Available
SMS & E-mail Alerts Toll Free Feature Available
Call Recording Toll Free Feature Available
Voice Mail Toll Free Feature Available
Call Conferencing Toll Free Feature Available
Working Hours on IVR Toll Free Feature Available
Alternate Forwarding After Working Hours Toll Free Feature Available
Call Rejection After Working Hours Toll Free Feature Available
Max Call Duration Limit (Configurable) Toll Free Feature Available
Simultaneous Call Limit (Configurable) Toll Free Feature Available
Parallel / Cyclic / Straight Forwarding Toll Free Feature Available
Holiday Mode Toll Free Feature Available
24×7 Web Support Toll Free Feature Available
Multi-User Web Panel Toll Free Feature Available
Mobile Web Panel Support Toll Free Feature Available
Android Application Toll Free Feature Available
Service Delivery Time 30 Minutes
Click-to-Call (Web Widget) Toll Free Feature Available
Blacklist & White List Support Toll Free Feature Available
Regional Forwarding Toll Free Feature Available
Advance Call Analytics Toll Free Feature Available
Disaster Recovery Data centre in US, Singapore, India (Noida & Lucknow)


 Plan valid till 30th November 2014 only.


Buy Missed Call Number @ Rs 300 And Handle Your Leads Properly

Missed Call NumberToll-Free Missed Call Numbers let you handle each and every lead properly at your own convenience.

Missed Call Numbers allows you to capture a burst of leads in very short time (for example when a radio campaign is running or news paper ad was published), which can be dealt later as per convenience of tele-marketing executive or the sales team.

On every missed call you can program a response e.g.

  • Auto-Call back on missed call to the caller.
  • SMS acknowledgemet on missed call e.g. sending discount coupon.
  • API hit to CRM or Web app for mobile number verification or database building.

Missed calls can be received either on a 10-digit mobile number like 09598780001 or on a 1800 number series. In both the cases these calls will be free for the caller and very little needs to be paid by the called party, generally 1 paise per missed call.

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Introducing Personal Extensions

personal extension

Introducing personal extensions, which will let you use your single mobile or toll-free number across the board and personal dedicated extensions can be given to each employee.

What are the benefits of using extensions?

  1. In public you have to give only single mobile or toll-free number.
  2. Users have to remember only single number and that will increase the recall value.
  3. Even if the employee leaves your organization, you will not lose any contact as the routing number can be changed on the fly.
  4. Call logs and recordings are available on demand.
  5. Single bill for the organization.
  6. No investment on EPABX or VoIP devices, user’s personal mobile numbers can be used to land the incoming calls.

To know more or to subscribe, please call 09554443322 or 0522-3098080