4 Ways Vanity Toll Free Numbers Help Your Business Grow


Let Your Toll free numbers speak your identity…

What is your way to promote a brand? Would you do it effectively or just putting your resources into a drain? For large scale exposure you splurge in print/television advertisements and fail to get so. A memorable vanity number makes things easier for you. Thanks to alpha-numeric Smart phones, these numbers have gained immense popularity. Let us have a quick look at a few ways vanity toll free numbers build your brand without efforts and give you the best value for your money.

Boost Your Advertising Efforts:

A catchy toll free number in commercials, in print or in the Internet can boost your advertising efforts immensely. For instance, think of a TV jingle of any fast food joint when you are hungry flashing a toll free number. You are at once tempted to call on that number. This is what actually happens. People love to connect with your service when they find it easy and free to reach.

A Number That Spells Your Brand:

Tell the people what you do through your vanity toll free number even before they reach you. For instance, if your toll free number spells 1-800-HOT-BURGERS, you are letting people know that you are dealing in selling burgers even before they contact you. This way, more and more people looking for product/service reach you.

Connect You With Customers Directly:

It is simple enough! when your phone number spells your brand (whatever business you may be in from flowers to home insurance.) People tend to contact you on the first priority basis. Also, if your number can spell the mission you are on, they will connect with you emotionally also.

Easy To Remember:

People often complaint of toll free numbers being long. Vanity toll free numbers are memorable and hence take this tension off from minds of the owners.

Why Vanity Toll Free Numbers are More Than Just A Number?

Smart companies are aware of this fact. Vanity toll free numbers are the numbers which are actually meant for building your brand and giving you a large-scale exposure. So, let your number speak your identity.


How to Acquire a Cheap Toll Free Number that Works Best for Your Business?


With an increasing number of business concerns waking up to the benefits of toll free numbers, there is a sudden spurt in demand. The first apparent question that creeps in the mind of the customers is how to acquire a cheap toll free number. Given here are certain tips that should be kept in the mind to acquire the cheap and the best deal.

Know Your Requirement First:

Do not commit the blunder of just buying any plan. The first and the foremost thing is to know your requirement first and select the plan as per your usage and the industry type. Companies can also customize plans according to your demand. So, get the best value by selecting what you need exactly.

Do Not Get Fooled by the Term “Free”:

Businessmen know this term is tempting enough and therefore they use it for their own benefit. Actually, nothing comes for free! The charges are either remain hidden or taken the other way round. So, do not get fooled by this term. Making a thorough research is more important. Comparing the plans, features and facilities offered by the various vendors would help you get the best deal. So ask for the quotation first. Do not get fooled by the term free.

Do Away With the Redundant Features:

Yes! there are plenty of features and most of them may or may not prove to be redundant to you. Call waiting, call blocking, click to call and many more. These additional features may or may not be used by you. So, get the burden of being charged etc. by availing only those that you need actually. If you are out for campaigning, missed call service would solve your purpose. Some people go for voice mail services only while others go for a toll free number only.

For Campaigning Missed Call Service Does the Needful:

Gone are the days when old conventional advertising methods were used for advertising. More businessmen prefer using toll free numbers for campaigning these days. However, if cost savings is in your mind, missed call service will do the needful.

Most importantly, make the optimum use of the CRM panel that is made available to you along with the toll free numbers. This panel helps you monitor, analyze and evaluate calls. A majority of people either do not use it or do not know how to use it properly.

All you need is a little patience, a little more research and a lot rationale help you acquire a cheap toll free number that can benefit you optimally.

3 Ways Toll Free Numbers Increase Your Marketing Efforts


Taking a plunge into starting a business may seem to be an easy task to you when you are equipped with the right resources. But, there is much more than what’s meets the eyes initially! Setting up a business may be easy but running it smoothly and profitably is not. Toll free numbers boost your marketing efforts and hence make things easier for you. Let us have a quick look:

Organizing Your Business:

People love to try new ideas and products and hence when you start your business you should be prepared to handle a large of customers’ influx for queries (if you have advertised well for a large scale exposure.) How would you handle those large number of calls then? When you are subscribed to a toll free number, you can be rest assured of handling all the incoming calls efficiently as these numbers are available with a variety of features like call forwarding, call logs, missed call alerts. These features let you manage calls efficiently without the need of manpower.

With the help of a CRM panel that is made available with these numbers, you can track, monitor and analyze your calls. Also, with the help of these numbers, you become available everywhere and every time. Not even a single call can be missed which means a better organization of your business calls.

Building Your Credibility in the Market:

However your small company may be, if you are subscribed to a toll free number, you are able to create an image of your company being big, ultra-professional and legitimate. If you are subscribed to a toll free number no one would know even if yours is a one-man operation. People tend to think that you are a big set up with different departments when IVR directs them to dial 1 for support, dial 2 for sale, dial 3…

Keeping Your Customers Satisfied:

As per a survey conducted, people tend to call on toll free numbers more and frequently. Apparently, when customers are exempted from charge they call you more and come up with their suggestions, feedbacks and complaints. This opens doors for improving your services as you would know the needs and demands of your customers better.

This is just a tip of iceberg, once you are subscribed to a toll free number you would explore the many more benefits of it that push your marketing efforts forward. So, fear not of your marketing efforts being failed, you would not prove to be damp squib, if you know the right direction.

30 Magic Words That Persuade Your Customers


Free!heavy discounts and top-quality at dirt cheap price. These words are like music to the ears of all customers without exception. There are many more magic words that persuade your customers. Check out the list of 30 similar words that can stir the opinion of your customers and turn the masses to you…because we care for your business as much as you do! Read on

5 Challenges That Every Startup Business Faces

5-Challenges-You-Face-Ziffy“If you do not build your dreams someone else will hire to build theirs,” Tony Gaskins, a motivational speaker has once said this. But, there is world of difference between just dreaming to be a of boss of your own and running business successfully. If you are a go-getter and have a “never give up” attitude, you should know the challenges you are likely to come across.

You Do Not Know Your Target Customers:

Even if you think that you have the best suited plan, you have researched the market and have come up with a service or a product that people need, it is important for you to know a specified set of people whom you would target initially. You should know certain important things like their gender, their equality and their capability to pay. Your desperate bid to sell, will have an adverse impact on your brand image.

You Just Find Customers and Cannot Retain Them:

Finding customers may turn out to be an easy task for you. This is so because people like to try out new products and services. So, if yours is an innovative idea, customers are likely to come but then you face a difficult time retaining them because after their first purchase, people begin to compare you with other competitors. Hence it is important to monitor their feedback regularly and keep them some value added services which others do not provide.

Managing Several Aspects of a Business:

Initially, every entrepreneur has to go through this face, when he/she needs to deal with several aspects of business all alone. This includes knowledge of all the legal aspects and the knowledge of tax regulations of your city. Legal entanglement ruins the reputation of start ups so you need to be careful about learning the legal aspects to save yourself from any contingency.

Dealing With Disasters:

Assuming that all operations in the initial years will run smoothly is just like living in a fool’s paradise. So, if you too have the same perception then you are grossly mistaken. There tend to be contingencies like lack of the raw materials, irate customers, financial breakdown and much more.

You Lack Manpower:

In the beginning you need to deal with all the roles. So, right from the CEO of your company to the peon, you have to carry out all the roles. So, do not let this lack of manpower become a hassle for you! When you need to manage a large number of customers’ queries, you tend to miss leads as you cannot be available 24X7 hours. Do not let this become an impediment by making your business toll free, right from the beginning you can reap several benefits that include improving sales also.

How’s and Why’s of Toll Free Numbers that You Search For


What are Toll Free Numbers?

Also termed as free phone numbers, toll free numbers are the numbers that begin with a country code. In India, they begin with a four digit code 1800 and international toll free numbers begin with a 3 digit code: 800, 888, 855, 844 etc. These numbers allow the callers to reach businesses free of charge. Toll free numbers are virtual numbers that are activated on your existing mobile or land line number. So, they:

  • Do not require any hardware or software installation.
  • They are portable.
  • They are made available with a CRM Panel where all the incoming calls can be monitored, tracked and analyzed.
  • Calls on these numbers are exempted from any charge irrespective of your geographic location country wide.

How Do Toll Free Numbers Work? Why They are Exempted from Charge?

As soon as toll free numbers are dialed, they are recognized by Service Switch Point (SSP) in the telephone network by its 1800 prefix, prompting it to query the SCP or Service Control Point. The point has all the routing instructions of the callers. Hence, instead of callers subscribers of the toll free numbers have to pay for the calls.

These numbers are absolutely free for the callers whether you make calls from a mobile phone or land line. Even call from Skype to a toll free number is also exempted from charge. Also, toll free numbers are free irrespective of your geographic location. You can talk as long as you want and can make as many calls as you want. This is so because calls are routed to a different line and hence the subscribers has to bear the expenditure.

Where Would I Get Toll free Number?

If you plan to purchase a toll free number, do not be in a haste as you may land into a huge trouble. Of course! the market is deluged with vendors and to make the right decision is a really difficult. You should know your usage and select the plan as per your usage and budget. Do not commit the blunder of buying it from direct operators. But, if you choose to purchase it from direct operators like Airtel, Reliance or other big names, you would not be able to get value added services like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call logs, call recordings etc.

How These Numbers Help in Building my Brand ?

Just come to think of this! When you dial a toll free number and a pre-recorded voice guides you to your sought after destination. You tend to have a positive impact of that company however small it may be, you think that the company has several departments.

How Would I Get a Toll Free Number?

The process is simple and easy but it is not about filling up of form and making payment only. Check out the process here.

Why Toll free Numbers Are So Long?

These numbers are long because they are divided into different segments. The first four numbers depict the code of your country. For instance, 1-800 is the country code for India another four numbers depict the numbers of the operators and the final 4 numbers can be chosen by the client.

Know How to Retain Your Customers?

How-to-retain-customers-effectivelyCustomer is king, they say. True enough! So, yours putting on efforts to increase their number is apparent. But are you trying equally hard to retain them? What all you do? Well! Read here..the only point that remains unmentioned here is subscribing to a toll free number. Needless to say, when you relieve tension of being charged for calls, more customers reach you with their feedback and you will be able to satisfy them then!




7 Mistakes that You Make When You Purchase a Toll free Number

10-mistakes-you-commonly-make-while-buying-toll-free-numbers-ZiffyOrganizing your business communications, building your brand image and improving sales, if you have waken up to the benefits of toll free numbers and plan to own it, beware of certain commonly made mistakes. Enumerated here are the 7 such mistakes.

You Search for a Vanity Number On Wrong Websites:

People who take fancy towards toll free numbers tend to make this mistake. However, most of the websites lock up that number so buying from them becomes more of your liability. Not only this, they also offer their expensive plan on that number…Ours is a safe website you can count on.

You Tend to Purchase it from Direct Operators:

Like most of the other people, you tend to fall in the trap as well. You buy toll free numbers from direct operators (BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone etc.). You rely on these big names and think that you would get the best ROI. Contrary to this, you do not get value added services when you purchase from the direct operators. Not only this, buying from

So, always purchase it from a vendor rather than purchasing it from a direct operator to get IVR, missed call alert, call forwarding and much more. Not only this, buying from direct operators cost you more and it is more restrictive.

You Continue With the Same Vendor Despite Having Issues to Retain the Number:

You can change the vendor if you are dealing with issues and can retain the number. Toll free numbers are portable and even if you change your office location from one city to another you will retain the same number. All you need to do is to relieve your number by paying Rs 5000 (amount varies).

Thinking that Vanity Numbers Are Waste of Money:

Vanity numbers give you the best value for money. Though they are ultra-expensive but they are worth it because these numbers help in building brand in a big way. So, it is not a waste of money at all. It gives recognition to your brand. Just come to think of it how strongly people will know and remember you, if your number spells your business.

You Select the Company on Basis of Price Alone:

Do not go for the lowest price. When the vendor offers you the lowest price then either the charges are latent or they are cutting down certain value added services to keep the cost low. So, it is better not to fall in the trap.

You Do Not Test Your Toll Free Number Before Putting it on Advertising:

To prevent yourself from awful headaches, do not forget to call on and test your toll free number.

You Assume Buying Toll free Number is Just About Filling up Form and Making Payment:

Obtaining a toll free number is a process. It is not about filling up a form only. Click here to know what all needs to be done.

Did You Know These Terms Related to Cloud Telephony?


Hosted PBX?

As the name itself indicates, a hosted PBX is a phone system which operates in the clouds and hence there is no need of a physical PBX. The virtual numbers get activated on the existing mobiles or landlines.

They are highly scalable, easy to manage, cost effective and perfect for the businesses of all sizes.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

Whenever you dial a toll free number the computerized interactive voice that you listen is IVR. The interactive voice allows computers and human interaction either through the use of Voice commands or DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency). Callers are prompted and guided by the PBX when IVR is activated like “Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support etc.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP):

VOIP refers to the technology which allows voice and multimedia to be delivered over Internet Protocol (IP) networks like Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The technology is available on computers and devices having Internet access.

Voice Broadcasting:

The days of conventional calling are over and during campaigning, institutes and organizations make use of voice broadcasting. In this technology, message is recorded and broad casted to a list of phone numbers in a fraction of seconds. Voice broadcasting services are given mainly for the purpose of campaigning.

Origin Dependent Routing:

This is the situation when subscribers demand that the inbound calls should originate from a particular state only and not from all across the nation.











5 Good Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Toll Free Number


So are you one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who dream to be a boss of their own and coming across several hurdles? You do not know what plans and strategies would work best for you..Need not worry! Find out why investing in a toll free number should be one of your priorities. Here are the 5 good reasons