Why Toll Free Numbers Have Started Growing in Popularity Again?


With the growing popularity of flat-rate VOIP calling plans, mobile data, broadband e-commerce etc, there are many who believe that toll free voice industry will just fade away. However, this is far from the truth. Features like unified messaging, personal enhanced services etc. have droved a renewed growth in the industry as the result of which toll free businesses are thriving constantly.

When Did the Toll Free Numbers Actually Come into Being? For What Purpose They Were Used Initially?

It was in the year 1967 that the toll-free voice services which were known as 800 services became an instant hit because of the “free” word attached to it. Since then, toll free numbers have become an effective marketing tool and businesses have started cashing on them for their advertising campaigns. In the year 1993, the FCC made toll free numbers portable and this change had resulted in the further popularity of these numbers as customers were able to switch their toll free numbers while retaining the ownership of their old numbers.

Why the Growth Accelerated Further?

Demand of toll free numbers has grown drastically. Enhanced VOIP services, unified messaging, broadband data, hosted services etc. are the reasons behind its popularity. Toll free numbers are no lesser than a boon to e-commerce sites because they have eased down the ordering process and using them customers can have live interaction with the customer care unit.

No wonder that the toll free numbers you purchase build up your brand image and help your businesses in multiple ways. Big or small, customers are important for every business and toll free numbers bring a large influx of customers. With the help of advanced features, you never miss a single call and can get the ins and outs of customers. So, toll free numbers are valuable as much as your customers.


How to Get the Maximum Exposure of Toll free Number You Own?


Being aware of its multitude benefits to your business, if you have already subscribed to a toll free number and wondering how to get the optimum benefit of it, then this article is a must read for you!

Toll free number has become an essential marketing tool owing to its apparent benefits in making a brand image. However, when you know how to promote your toll free number, your sales and ROI will be increased further. Let us know how this priceless way for your customers to reach you can be promoted optimally.

Own a Business Website? Promote it There:

Try mentioning toll free number on your official website or better still mention it on every page of your website. It is one of the best ways to promote your toll free number. It acts as a bait because it encourages visitors to call you instantly. As per a recent survey conducted, 61% of the marketers have declared that inbound calls generate more leads than the inbound source.

Marketing Campaigns..Just the Right Way:

Are you using marketing campaigns like e-mail campaigns or social media campaigns or any such thing? If yes, then promote your number with marketing campaigns. This is the right way to reach a huge number of people. Also, you can consider this number as a trackable marketing tool. This will help generating more leads, drive in more sales and ROI for your business.

Have Social Media Accounts? Use Them:

Undoubtedly, social media is the most popular communication platform and customers use this platform to reach you. So, sharing your number on these channels is the best way to get the maximum exposure of your toll free number. You can consider including toll free numbers on your twitter, facebook, Google + page along with your other contact details to get the maximum people reach you.

Click-to-call…Another Great Way:

With the rapid rise of Smart phone users, click-to-call is another great way to promote your toll free number. Smart phone users to just click on the link and talk to the person concerned. As per a recent survey conducted by the Google, as much as 70% of the mobile searches have used click-to-call.

You Can Make Use of Direct Mail:

You can get more prospects and more customers by incorporating your toll free number on envelopes, post cards, letter heads and other official documents of your company.

You can consider placing them on the flyers or on your e-mail signature also. So, if you are wise enough to have owned a toll free number, it is time for you to promote it. Get Started!Would love to have your comments, queries or feedback!

4 Areas Where E-commerce Business Uses Bulk SMS Service


Exponential rise of Internet users has made e-commerce market one of the most lucrative ones. With the convenience and reduced prices attached to it, more starters than ever today are eying the e-commerce business. If you are one of them, have the requisite money to spend then as a first priority you need to subscribe bulk SMS service. Here is why bulk SMS service is the foremost need of your e-commerce business.

What is the Concept of Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is the process of disseminating multitude of SMS messages to the audience that you target. Subscribers can send these SMS either to their existing customers or to the ones who have opted to an SMS list which appears on the site.


By making use of Bulk SMS services you can improve the conversion rate, sell more goods as per the choice of your customers. So, they are used for boosting sales, improving on-site metrics and customer service. In short, you would be able to retain your customers by using bulk SMS services.


Customer Service:

This is the most vital area of any business and so it is for the e-commerce industry. This lets your customer text their queries, their feedback and their comments on your service. With the help of bulk SMS services you can have more customers reaching you with their feedback and hence you can improve your services as per their needs and offer apologies in a smooth way.

Payment Security:

For any e-commerce portal, payment security process can be improved with just 2 factors of authentication. You system ask you for OTP or One Time Password before doing payment transaction and that password come to the mobile number you provide for the security sake.

Shopping Cart:

Registered customers get the alerts via SMS for the process of delivery along with the delivery notifications and update confirmation messages. Regular update service via SMS motivates the customers and they tend to become loyal.

Special Discount Offers:

Whenever you come up with offers and schemes on special occasions you can make this known to your customers with the help of bulk SMS messages. This helps you retain your customers.

Why Toll Free Numbers Give You an Edge Over Your Competitors?


Once you have left your job and decided to earn as much as you want, you explore all the possible ways to set up a profitable business. Whether you have made up your mind to not join a business or have left the job to start a business venture, there are certain things that you need to pay heed to.

Not everybody is blessed with a business mentor, so it is important to chalk out a strategy that can keep you rolling in the direction. Know what? a toll free number gives you an edge in the market? If you want to explore why a toll free number should be your first and foremost investment when you plan to start a company, here is a quick look.

Encourage Customers to Call You More and Frequently:

This is the first and the most apparent benefit. Satisfied and loyal customer base help your business grow stronger. When they call you free, they are encouraged to call you more and frequently. This in turn helps you strengthen your after sales service as you get their regular feedback and can resolve their complaints. If Customer is a King, let him feel so by making him reach you free.

Your Business House Owns it:

Another vital advantage that is known to many is the fact that as per a ruling of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in 1993, your business house can own the toll free number that it has subscribed. So, a toll free number is more like your brand identity.

Can Track Your Customers:

Your overhead costs tumbles down drastically, once you purchase a toll free number. Toll free numbers normally records all the incoming calls with their respective numbers and names on the consent of the subscriber that proves to be of immense help for tracking customers. Also, using this feature you can run successful campaigns.

Make You Look Professional:

A toll free number makes you look professional. Even if you are an online entrepreneur or work from home entrepreneur, you can make yourself look professional with a toll free number. Whats more! you can catapult your brand by choosing vanity number and fixing your company’s name after the prefix 1800.

There are plenty of businesses which have gone on record and confessed that toll free numbers have been a real blessing to their business.

Why Call Drops Rate is Higher in India? How Would You Save Your Business?

Why-Call-Drop (Blog)

Considering the fact that even in the present era of Smart phones 80% of the revenue is still generated from the voice segment, you can better imagine how badly call drop issue can hurt the telecom industry.

India is the second largest telecom market in the world. It has over a billion subscribers and hence it is a giant market for the telcos across the atlas. However, inferior quality of network, lack of the latest technology, fragmented spectrum, financial burden on the market players are responsible for call drop issues.

TRAI has set the call drop benchmark at 2% as 100% call retention is next to impossible. As per a recently conducted survey, there is a two-fold increase in call drops on 2G networks and almost 65% on 3G networks. The call drop rates in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi is the highest. Let us explore the reasons behind these frustrating call drops and find the right solution.

Fragmented Spectrum:

In India, frequency allocation is fragmented and individual operators hold only small chunks. The average spectrum available with the operators in India is just 13-15 MHZ. This is abysmally low when compared to 60-100 MHZ in China. India has just 0.1 MHZ spectrum per million of its population and European countries have 3-6 MHZ.

Debt Burden:

Due to high price of the spectrum and infrastructure, the debt burden on telcos rose to 3.5 trillion. Apart from that, telcos also pay a major share that is almost 25% of their revenues as tax. Owing to this debt burden, the market players are reluctant to upgrade technology and infrastructure.

Strict Regulations:

In India, the radiation norms are much more restrictive. Limitations put on the capability of towers to serve a large number of subscribers and the towers being sealed in all the major cities due to health concerns are responsible for a high call drop rate. That apart illegal jammers on which telcos have no control makes the scenario worse.

As long as poor network infrastructure in India does not improve, 100% call retention will be no more than a day dream. However, you can still save your business by making communication hassle-free for your customers. Subscribe to a toll free number and get all the ins and outs of who all have called you throughout the day. Let call drop rates not affect your business adversely.


How do Toll Free Numbers Work? Why are They Free?


Do questions like why toll free numbers are free, how do these numbers work etc. creep into your mind? These are actually virtual numbers because they are redirected by service provider to a physical land line number of the owner of that particular number.

Why Toll Free Numbers are Exempted from Charge?

When you call a toll free number, the call is actually forwarded to or routed to one or more physical land line of the owner of that number according to the configuration. They are hence not chargeable to the caller. Business or the companies that own those numbers may configure that calls geographically to be received at different land line locations or they may even configure them to be received at different land line locations depending on the time of the call.

Cannot be Used for Making Calls by the Owner:

Owners of that numbers cannot use those toll free lines for making an outgoing calls as these are just virtual numbers and can receive incoming calls only and do not have fixed land line attached to them.

A Toll free number is just like a remote call forwarded number. No installation, no additional line or no special equipment is required. All the basic features like caller ID, rollovers, Voice mail and call forwarding work similar as if the caller has dialed the local number.

How Are These Numbers Beneficial to the Users?

These numbers are of great use to the  companies owning them as they project the image that these numbers are customer-friendly. These numbers are universally recognized and customers respond these numbers with 1800 or 800 prefix. Apart from that, business can relate these numbers by connecting them to their brands. For instance, a food joint owner can choose to place 1800-NAME OF THE BRAND or 1800-EAT HEALTHY. These numbers are called toll free numbers and have become pretty popular with the exponential usage of alphanumeric phones.

Did You Know These Facts About Toll Free Numbers?


Toll free numbers increase lead generation by 40%

Number Portability Feature Can be Availed:

Need to shift your business unit to a new city or to another country and want to retain your old number because it has become your identity. You can! Number portability feature is available. So, you can retain your old number when you plan to shift your business unit to a new place.

Track and Analyze the Channel Receiving Maximum Return On Investment (ROI):

With the help of toll free numbers you can track and analyze which channel of your business is receiving maximum (ROI) or Return on Investment and you can then frame a business strategy to boost that particular channel.

Virtual Numbers Let You Track Source of Incoming Calls:

The biggest advantage of toll free numbers is that you can track the source of incoming calls that proves to be very beneficial when you run an ad campaign.

Missed call Service Do Not Let You Lose Your Customers:

You can have a list of the people making calls if their calls are missed. You can also decipher your business and extract its insights like how your previous marketing campaign fared, source of the leads and much more (Real-time analytics).

You Can Make Calls Using Your Website:

With the help of click to call feature, customers can make calls from your website. All you need to do is to incorporate the widget on your official website.


How Do You Get Toll Free Numbers for Your Business?


So, you have started a business set up and waken up to the fact that a toll-free number is your first priority but wondering how would you obtain it? Unleashed here is the answer of this much sought after question. Let us have a quick look.

Assigned on First-come and First Served Basis:

These numbers are assigned on a first-come and first served basis. There is a national computer database that holds significant information about which toll free numbers are available and which are already taken.

What are Responsible Organizations?

Responsible organizations are toll free service providers which have access to the national database that contains all the vital information pertaining to the status of toll-free numbers. The customers interested in buying toll-free numbers contact Responsible Organization and work with that organization to obtain a toll free number which can cater their business requirements.

What are Spare Numbers?

Apparently, numbers are either available or unavailable (working) for sale. Available numbers are called Spare numbers which are available on a first-come and first served basis. These numbers can be reserved by any Responsible Organization. A lot of companies are interested in obtaining vanity numbers. These numbers are an important asset for buyers as they spell the name of your company or the service you deal with. For instance, (1800- BUYOLDCARS). These numbers are made available to them on additional charges. These numbers are not released to the general public for re-use.

How Do the Numbers Get Freed Up?

Your toll-free service providers also known as carriers hold numbers for a couple of months (normally up to four months) after they disconnect your number. This is done so to ensure that the number which got disconnected recently are not tossed back immediately to the spare status. This waiting period assures that the new customers would not have to deal with numerous calls of the last service subscriber.

So, when you think it’s high time to build your company’s image and have more customers calling to you, get a toll free number from a vendor you can trust on. Go through the plans they provide meticulously, offers they have and make a thorough online research about the service provider you choose.


History and Interesting Background of Toll-free Numbers


How long have you been using toll-free numbers for your business to generate leads and for facilitating customers’ communication? Do you wonder from where these numbers have originated? Given here is a quick view about the history and its interesting background that you would like to know.

Though these numbers have become pretty common these days, but  when they were introduced, they had brought a sea change in the telecommunication industry and a whole new world of opportunities for generating leads was opened for the business enterprises.

When and Why Toll-free Numbers Came into Being?

It was in 1967 that AT&T had created the first toll-free number 800 for the purpose of reducing extra human operators who used to get overwhelmed by the collect calls that they processed on a daily basis. Initially, the service was known as INWATS (Inward Wide Area Telephone Service). Sheraton Hotel Chain was the first business to adopt the system of toll free numbers in the year 1970.

What was Data Base Communication Processing Method?

Roy.P.Weber coined the term Data Base Communication Processing Method for the modern toll free number used by the enterprises. AT & T did not expect that in a few decades, toll free numbers would become a significant part of the marketing strategies for innumerable small and big businesses.

AT &T Was the Sole Proprietor Till 1984:

Till 1984, AT&T was the sole proprietor of toll-free numbers. It was in 1991 that AT&T ordered implementation of number portability process and this had increased competition in the market. It was something great because it had allowed the subscribers to switch the carriers and retain their original numbers. Many phone carrier service provider offered these numbers and soon consumers had a variety of options to choose. Many phone carriers began to offer these numbers and that led to the origin of vanity numbers.

7 Magic Tips That Can Make Your e-Commerce Business a Super Success!

It’s an era of Internet. Agreed? People want to capitalize on the fact that there are more number of people shopping online than ever before and hence the concept of e-commerce is much talked about. The e-commerce economy is anticipated to maintain its upward trajectory and it is poised to grow in the years to come. So, if being successful in business is your long-cherished dream, establishing e-commerce set-up will ensure your success. But, wait! you need to focus on the following useful tips to achieve your goal.

Rushing the Launch Is a Blunder:

Know what? Those who cannot achieve success in e-commerce business do this blunder. They rush the launch of their websites. The best thing is to purchase your domain and throw a captivating “Coming Soon” page. Be prepared with all the requisite groundwork first like (content, SEO, social media, paid advertising etc. )

Users Should be Your Prime Focus:

Your customer would not be able to feel, touch, smell or even see your business. Right? So, do not let this be your drawback. You can do away with this drawback by offering your customers  appropriate pricing and giving them offers like free shipping. You can also consider making checkout process easier with simplified shopping carts.

Testing Is Indispensable:

Testing and analytics is a must. If you have plans to launch an e-commerce business you will have to invest in testing and analytics. There is no other option. Figure out what’s working, what’s not before keeping products on shelves.

Incorporating Social Elements:

Do not forget to include social elements on your e-commerce sites. There are several things to incorporate like testimonials, product reviews, social logins, follow buttons and much more.

Keep Mobiles in Mind:

If your e-commerce websites are not designed keeping mobile and tablets in mind, you would vanish in a few years from now on.

Be on Top of the Search Engines:

Competition is every time high and therefore you will be apparently lost in the crowded space if you are not on the top of the search engines. So, if you need to stand out in this harsh competition, you will have to hire a professional SEO company.

Get Toll-free Number for Your Business:

Since you are virtual, a toll free number is a must for you. IVR services go a long way in building a positive impact on the minds of those who cannot see you.