Reasons to add Click To Call Services on your Webpage

click-to-callBefore taking new service, the customer doesn’t know anything about it, do a lot of research online before they make a purchase or commit.
How can your small business engage the visitor if you do not have any attractive way to engage them?
A click-to-call service can do the trick. CTC also called click-for-talk or click-to-dial, is a technology that converts web traffic into voice telephone connections using Voice over IP.
It is a CRM technology because CTC service offers immediate voice connectivity in real time i.e. click-to-callback, where the visitor who is browsing a company’s website can leave their phone number to which a representative can call back.
Either way of using click to call is – it is an interactive button on the web page when you click on the button, initiates a call from the visitor’s computer to a specific phone number or extension.

Click-to-call services can be added everywhere like web pages, emails, text ads, online banner ads. Here are some reasons why you should add CTC services:

Easy Approach
Now your customer can easily access you because it is all free for the customer and they do not have to dial a number from their mobile or press more buttons to reach on the live operator. CTC simplifies the calling process, in one click your customer can reach you. All the caller needs are a web browser (where the number will display) and a microphone (to speak and listen) on their device.

Appease your customer
CTC can provide customer satisfaction because when your customer wants to inquire about the payment, refunds, delivery or other support services, prefer to talk over the phone rather than other communication channels like text messages or emails.

Boost your revenue
According to Jupiter research, this technology can increase your revenue by 45 percent because now it is easy for your customer to connect you. On average, companies have experienced 100 percent of an increase in the revenue by using the CTC technology.

Click-to-call is less expensive because a click-to-call voice call is placed over the internet, there are no tolls to pay. So don’t pay for calls you receive, callers can contact you using a regular local-area-code phone number. This saves your customer and your small business money too. That’s why CTC is helpful on e-commerce and product support pages.

Toll Free Numbers and Click to Call services

Toll Free Numbers and Click to Call services

Click-to-Call is a service you can add to any web page that lets your web visitors enter their phone number, tab a call button and the Click-to-Call service will instantly call back the web visitor on the entered phone number and connect the call to your mobile or company phone number. It is a powerful solution that can easily be installed on website to integrate Click to Call service that allows your visitors to easily get in touch with you and ask their questions or gain information about the service or product they are looking for.

Our Click To Call Service, is a unique way to exceed your customers’ expectations and create a positive customer experience. It gives quick and accurate respond to customers’ queries. Click to call services make your website as a Toll Free Website. If you sell anything on line, a toll-free number is an asset to your business. Even in the age of cell phones, an 800 number gives your business credibility if you are selling items across the country or world. Setting up this service is surprisingly easy and inexpensive.If you relocate, your 800 number can easily follow you to your new location for free. Just be sure to notify the phone company of the move. A mobile-friendly alternative to a toll-free number is the click-to-call button, which can easily be added to your website. To be connected with you by phone, a customer simply clicks a link or button on your website that brings up the dialer on their smart phone.

Click to call services helps in

  • Generate better selling opportunities for consumers in the “purchase” phase of decision making.
  • Improve customer perception of your business.
  • Quickly provide answers or help customers accomplish their goals.
  • Generate calls for better customer service with a real person.
  • Provide more information than can be made available on line.
  • Make it easy to accomplish the major reasons for calling a business such as booking appointments/reservations or checking business hours.

As Click-to-Call becomes more of a fundamental aspect of the consumer-focused Websites of today, those that lack the ability may find that visitors to their sites are leaving to look for the competitor that offers this direct line to a live agent. Considering the benefits for all involved, Click-to-Call technology is too valuable to be ignored.

Click2Call in India


We are glad to launch Click2Call service, which connects your website visitors with your sales or support executive in just one click.

Our Click2Call service is API based and hence can be integrated with your website’s look and feel. Some exceptional features of the service are:

  1. Toll free for your website visitor
  2. Easy to configure with our REST API
  3. Available 24×7
  4. Add IVR on it for a professional image.
  5. Add multiple failover numbers in case primary number is busy.
  6. Handle over 9000 calls at a time with our cloud based services.

Click2Call call flow

Setup: Nil

Security: Rs 2200/- (your maximum bill limit)

Call rates: Rs 2.20 per minute (it includes two calls, one to your customer and second call to your customer care executive).

To buy or for more information please dial 1800-200-5777 (missed call) or call on 0522-3098080