The Art Of Saying ‘No’ In Sales

A Sales Executive said, “I made it a policy to say “yes” just about every time, but instead of being rewarded for it, it seemed as though I was being punished. The more my clients heard “yes”, the more they demanded, and the more chaotic my life became.”

Being a sales executive is not easy, he has to manage a lot of uphill tasks and listen to customer query now and then. Sometimes it becomes really confusing for a sales executive to think between, whether he should agree with the client or just say ‘no’ as he might lose his prospective customer when disagreeing with them. Fears make a sales executive to always say ‘yes’ or some think that to maintain the relationship with them is this strategy.

What fears?

  • Fear of losing a client
  • Fear of being judged wrongly
  • Fear of making your client feel bad

In order to make clients happy, a sales executive often say “Yes” to them and therefore forget the consequences caused after saying a “yes”. Research have even found out that those who have difficulty in saying no, are more likely to experience stress, burnout, and even depression.

Most of the time a sales executive words to its customer are not trustworthy but the promises are often broken just like a bubble. When a bubble is blown out it tends to get burst after some time, the same happens when a sales executive promises too many things to its customer, a time comes when it tends to break.

How to overcome these problems? Learn the art of saying ‘No’!!

Check out few tips that can help you in overcoming your fears and how can you say ‘No’ easily to your clients.

Tip # 1 : Know Your Boundaries

Being a sales executive while talking to customers, you should know your boundaries within which you have to talk.

Suppose, while talking to your customers when you turn them down then you have to deal with the consequences which may make you feel irresponsible but what if you say yes and you cannot take that responsibility afterward. So, it is clever for you to say that you cannot do it beforehand. This will not make you any less or weak but instead of taking the pressure afterward you just can say simple lines like,” It sounds like I’m not the best person for this task”.

Tip # 2 : Promise Only That What You Can Fulfill

It is often considered customers are god and some people think that to say no to customers makes them unhappy which might make them loose. But, what is the use of promising unrealistic things when you cannot fulfill it? When you have learned how to say ‘no’ to your customer then the ball is in your court. Making them available even after saying no is the key. But instead of saying yes and you cannot fulfill their demand makes your bad image and may have some ill consequences. You can say, “It is not with me still I will try to look into the matter”.

Tip # 3 : Provide A Long Dedicated Explanation

Every customer may not understand the same way, some may want full details about your product or service so that they may feel assure that they are spending their money at the right place.

Suppose, When your customer is mad at you and want you to look into the matter, then instead of yelling at them and saying yes without giving a thought but provide them the reason of such situation and a lengthy and dedicated one. This will make your customer feel that you are talking genuinely and his money is in safe hands.

Tip # 4 : Don’t Let Customers Push You

Customers often know how to make their work done, even the right or wrong way. When customers force you that is when they want a certain work to be completed and they insist you to do it, even if you are not capable of doing it.

By not letting them push you ultimately helps you, as one cannot work on something forcefully. Be humble, respective and show sweet gestures that make them not to cross the line.

Tip # 5 : Keep A Counter Idea Ready

When talking to your customer, it is not easy for you to always agree with their terms and conditions. There are some or the other points which need to be taken care of.

Suppose, a customer demanded something unusual from you and being a sales executive you have to come up with another counter idea so that your customers won’t feel offended and agree with your another idea. This also makes your side stronger and helps you in making your customer happy.

I Hope after reading these tips, you will remember that saying “no” to off focus requests allows you to focus on those that are in focus.

Some Don’ts While Conversing With Clients:

These are some don’ts which you should avoid while conversing with your client.

The strategy is simple, what you need to do is to be a little respectful and sweet towards your clients. Saying ‘no’ to new commitments makes you focus on the already said ‘yes’ commitments.

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Benefits Offered by DSR Automation

A sales team can make or break your business!!

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A good manager is the one who keeps all the updates of his sales executive. Managing your sales team is quite demanding especially when they go on a field work. It is almost impossible to track their location and daily sales report manually.

This DSR automation helps in assisting your clients’ experience, no matter which business you are doing, this Application will help in tracking your team in a more efficient way.

I hope that now you are already dying to know what benefits a  DSR Automation provides you!!

The DSR automation assists you with some great benefits in tracking your sales team:

Provide Daily Call Report

This DSR automation feature helps an organization provide a real-time daily call report of your sales team. This also helps in tracking your sales team real-time location, when your team visits to one or multiple clients, his real time details get automatically recorded by the software. Also, the software allows marking their attendance from their field location.

The DSR automation helps in targeting

  • Real-Time location of Employees,
  • Mark attendance,
  • Real-Time reporting after every meeting.

Opportunity Pipeline

First of all, you need to know what opportunities need your attention!!

This is the area where sales manager needs to build their focus. Therefore, this DSR feature helps a sales manager to constantly view the sales report of your team by tracking their real-time location. The information acquired allows the manager to keep the track on a number of prospects.

Refine Client Attainment Strategies

The DSR helps in enabling you to correctly identify your communication strategy with your clients. Having a direct access with your clients helps in knowing their behavior and their requirement better. You can reduce the time and cost of identifying that a client is worth pursuing or not.

By analyzing your client, you can obtain insights which will allow you to:

  • close more deals,
  • boost sales, and
  • improve forecast accuracy.

Assist Plan Development Through Data Analysis

When you follow activities of your sales team, you can easily make plans in developing your sales team. The data analysis help in assisting you and this in turn result into the following benefits:

  • Enhanced decision making,
  • Improved sales rates and
  • Better forecast accuracy.

Analyse Real-Time Sales

Well, this is the benefit what you are looking for!! Right?? Well yes, with this DSR you can easily forecast your sales and know the accuracy of the information.

It helps in:

  • Estimating revenue,
  • Determine the opportunities,
  • Paving the way for post-sale product.

Saves your Valuable Time

The DSR Automation feature helps you in saving your precious time and you may utilize that time for some other important business tasks. No matter how many clients you may deal with, each client file can be stored with their relevant details and sales history.

It manages tasks as well as tracks your sales team performance and gives you prominent results.

Lead Aging

Do you have any leads that have been ignored? You have to find out how many leads are in the queue?  Well, a successful manager knows that about 40% to 50% of leads are not worked for the first few days. Knowing how old your leads are, helps in converting or retire the leads.

DSR helps in knowing lead aging for each sales and allows sales manager to spot leads

How ‘IVR and Toll Free Services’ Transforms Small Business Into a Brand?

Each and every business aspires to be a brand someday. Though, rare businesses achieve the feat. Then what makes a business more successful than other? Why is it that two similar type of product are launched and the one which has lesser features outruns the better featured one? It is the difference that transforms a business into a brand.

Just suppose, you are on a road trip and suddenly your vehicle ceases to move ahead. You are unable to figure a way out of there just stuck in the middle of nowhere. What will you do?

To be honest, 99 out of 100 persons will take out their mobile phone and call the person whom they consider helpful for the particular circumstances. The strange thing is that the person whom you would like to call may not be a mechanic or any other help. It is just that psychological comfort that you get after having a conversation with the person and that’s the reason you will probably choose the most selective person.

Being a brand is just like being that friend. You don’t always need to deliver physically but it is more about the psychological comfort that you could offer your customers. IVR and toll-free services are meant for just that.

If you want to succeed as a business, you need to develop an identity that makes you fit for the role of that ‘helpful friend’. In case a customer needs help with anything related to your product or service, he should immediately seek you for help. This will help you in building trust. Just synchronize your services with IVR and toll-free connections, seize the opportunity to impress your customers and you are on your way to glory.

The most important thing that determines the success of a business is ‘How happy the customers feel about the experience?’ You know that your business earns from its customers. And if you can’t keep your customers satisfied with your services, there is no reason for him to choose your services above others? Either give him a reason to choose you or he will choose someone else.

When you lose a customer, you lose one sale, a bit of ‘revenue’ which a sale creates, a bit of profit which that revenue generates and thus, you lose a bit of growth which that profit contributes. This is just for a single customer, multiply it by the number of customers you lost to others and you will have a lot to worry about…

What Makes a Customer Loyal to One Business?
If you want to transform your business, you need to befriend your customers and deliver above and beyond their expectations. For this, it is important to offer them a channel of communication which is meant only for their interaction. This makes sure that your customer has a direct access to you. And to be honest, customers consider it important. The point that we want to evade is connectivity platform. Almost every brand has it’s own IVR and Toll-Free Services.

A business includes a combination of good quality products and high customer satisfaction index. The good quality product can be easily manufactured by regulating the essential quality standards. But to ‘value your customer’ is a psychological entity that has no specific secret. It is just about how the customer feels about your business on whole. Or to be specific, How much satisfied your customer is from the overall experience of the product?

You may find many people who are loyal to ‘a specific brand’, seamlessly infatuated with the charm of that business. Remember, it is not just about the product but a business. This is what we call branding. And let me tell this straight, It is damn difficult to achieve this type of loyalty from the customers. And it is a fact that you can’t attain such status with the help of marketing alone. A Brand is more than just about being well-known, It is about the obsession of customers to own their product.

Communication – A Gateway to Customer’s Heart
Just choose a brand and then closely study its relationship with the customers. Try to figure out what the business does to keep an overwhelming warmth alive in their relationship. You will find nothing but ‘a healthy communication’ which is making the difference. Communication It is an inarguable fact. Many times, we see two similar products from two different brands launched together in the market. One of them is clearly better than the other but still, the less competent product hits the right chord with customers and outruns the considerably better product of different brand in the volume of sales. In such cases, it becomes evident that customer satisfaction can outweigh even the product quality. And thats the reason, you can’t run a business on product quality alone. You have to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers or else they have other competitive quality options that do intelligent communication which infatuates people.

They invoke a ‘special-feeling’ in the mind of their customers. To make a person psychologically opinionated, you need to charm him with your aura. And this is a fact that you won’t gain loyal customers unless your attractiveness transpires into the customer experience.

Remember, it is about psychological satisfaction. The IVR and toll-free numbers are just perfect for the part. You do not be there with him to do it. Just use a proper communication channel and combine it with a prompt response…

Top Things That A Start-up Should Keep a Note On

How can you know that a startup is likely to succeed or not?

Before starting any business, you have too many things to set up and many questions come to your mind. Nothing beats the magic of creating something new from the scratch. To start a business is not an easy task, there are various things involved. And you also have the pressure of doing well to remain long in the market.

A study found, failure rate to be as high as eight in 10 businesses, so it is a worthy question to ask before investing significant time and resources into your new venture.

If you are planning to start a business, then here are some key factors which you really want to keep a note on:

  • Customers’ Retention

Customers are the foundation of any business. Before you start any business you need to find and identify a prospective customer. You have to tell what you can offer to your customers that someone will gladly pay for it. The customer you identify will represent a market that matches your own needs and ability.

It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose. Make sure that your customer gets benefited by your business.

  • Your Product should be self-sufficient

The product you are dealing with needs to satisfy customers needs. You have to accept that the business you do is for your customers. And, it should reflect the quality of your product. Stay focused on solving your customer’s problem.

When you begin to design your product, you have to bring out on what your customer wants, stay vigilant against anything that could represent a barrier to adopting such high switch costs.

  • Look out the Time when you enter the market

Every market has a limited window of time before it expires. When a new thing gets invented, markets are more likely to enter and those who offer solution gets the opportunity of ruling the market. Conversely, there is also a risk in being early to a market. As one doesn’t know what and how it will take them in the future. In the other words, chasing an unproven market can lead to an unknown result.

  • Competition around the market

To say that the startup is competitive is an understatement. All business is competitive, but the world of startups, high stakes and even higher potential for disruptive growth and success makes competition particularly fierce.

When you enter the market, you have to face competition every now and then. It is not easy for a startup to establish its image. You need to focus on your competitor as well.

  • Fulfilling Finance/ Capital

“How do I finance my startup?” – This is the most common and important question asked by a starter before starting a business.

Money is the bloodline of any business. According to a recent study, over 94% of new businesses fail during the first year of operation. Lack of funding turns out to be one of the common reasons of failure. Accumulating capital before starting a business is necessary.

  • Skilled Manpower

You may have a great business idea, a solid plan to implement. But if you don’t have the right team with you, your business may not do well. It is important to have a great set of people around you who work for your business. But, if your team doesn’t have the right balance of personalities, you could soon be closing up the shop.

So, if you are planning to start a new business, you must keep note of these things.


Top 5 ways to manage Unprofitable Customers

What can we do to manage unprofitable customer?

Foundation of any successful business lies on satisfied customers, so managing them effectively is utterly important. There is no doubt that dealing with customers’ demands is difficult. But, there are few customers that are just ‘waste of time’ and referred as unprofitable customers since dealing with them costs companies more than the business they provide.

Could you answer immediately, how many unprofitable customers you have? Um..2, 3 – you probably don’t know. Your company is probably profitable and you are not distracted by an unprofitable customer. But, there are chances that you might have them and you should know how to manage them.

How to deal with such customers ?? Well, the right way to manage unprofitable customers are:

Try this:

1. Sort Your Customers by Revenue

There are some customers which provide you revenue and some don’t. You have to be very clear about this. Increasing the number of customers is a great way to increase your revenue. But, you have to be clear with who provide you more benefit and sort your customers accordingly. Then, look at the breakdown of the costs of serving each of them.

Many don’t even know which part of their company is more profitable, although it is very easy to find out.

2.Look out what brings in business and what keeps it away

Before you start any business, you notice other businesses strategy and their success rates. But instead, you should focus on the customer which will give you best chance to be successful. No matter which services you provide, you need to have a clear group of individuals who would see a value added from your product or service.

Your focus on which customers are bringing in the business and which keeping it away should be managed properly.

3.Make them pay for everything they get

Make your customer pay for whatever they purchase. Suppose, a customer buys a product online and wants special delivery options, packaging or features, all of this is fine as long as they pay for it.

Small businesses often are so focused on maintaining customer relationships that they ignore a basic principle: “Your price must cover the cost”.

Customers are very important for your growth and also necessary to make them pay whatever they purchase. Businesses have found that the customers will stay with them despite price increases from 50% to 70% if you know the technique of how to manage them.

For example, In a restaurant, customer order any food. You can say “We would be happy to serve you, but there’s an extra cost for providing that service”.

This will create an impact and your customer will remain.

4.Negotiate the contract

“I like your product, but the price of the product is way out of line. We’re used to paying half that much”.

Now, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Right?? You have invested a lot of time in making your product and if the customers say such things, it demotivates you and you don’t want to compromise with the cost. This kind of dilemma is not new. If you are doing a business it is necessary to work both the ways i.e. on customers side and on businessman side.

A competitor who finds a creative way to satisfy both the parties can steal the business.

If nothing of the above works, try this:

5.Try getting customers to fire themselves

As of now, you are clear that Customers are everything for a business to run. It is not easy to fire unprofitable customers themselves. One way to do this is to offer different levels of service and allot your unprofitable customers to the lowest level. Give them phone-based support but do not ignore them.

These things will let your customers fire themselves.

Now surely this is an inconvenient truth for many of those who would believe ‘the customer is always right’.

There are some ‘don’ts’ which should not come between you and your unprofitable customers.

  • Do not let your emotions drive you

The first important thing you have to take a note on that do not let your emotion drive you i.e. use data to understand your unprofitable customer. It is possible that a customer has been with you for long and so the idea of disinvestment seems a bit frightful.

Use data to understand that for how many times they were profitable and unprofitable.

  • Do not raise product Prices

Do not raise your product prices as a makeup for losses you incurred because of unprofitable customers. This might make your present customers unhappy. The hike in prices would be viewed as injustice to your profitable customer and this may lead them unsatisfied.

  • Do not doubt the Top-line earnings and Bottom-line Profits

Make a thorough analysis of top line earnings and bottom line profits. It is essential to understand whether the large investment is making profits and contributing to the bottom-line.

It is important to focus on customers profitable to your organization and the ones who give you a headache. Avoid these mistakes and manage your organization well.

After this analysis, your company can know unnecessary baggage and needless expenses.

How business grows with Testimonials?

Do you know what a Testimonial can do for your business? Well, being a businessman you should know the pros of testimonials. If you want to do Business through a website, testimonials can give a huge boost to your business. Testimonials can be used as text, audio, pictures or video formats on your site. You can introduce and promote your product in a more convincing manner.

A testimonial is one of the most effective ways to pitch your product or service to people who have never heard of your business and boost their interest. These are attractive, captivating and appeal visitors interests.

Customer testimonials are powerful motivators because it offers a third person review of your company, offering excitement and insurance to your prospects.

Yes, getting excited? These are very helpful as they help your business grow and highlight the important part which you decide to share with others and is a platform to show-off how others have benefited from your product or service, making it a powerful tool in establishing trust and encouraging potential buyers to take action.

If I tell you some key factors and advantages of testimonial, I will fall short of words as it has a lot of benefit for a business whose revenue and publicity comes from online trading.

Some important high points are:

It lets customers do your marketing

How? Well, Testimonials are the easiest way to enhance your business in a website, as it highlights some important and driving force factors of your website. These play a major role in the overall success of your business and let’s customer post their points of view and details what they think about the product, which you are advertising on the website.

Adds Credibility To Your Business

Business growth and success depends upon how good or bad publicity or advertisement were done in order to attract visitors. With the help of testimonials, it is far more easy to add credible  highlight and what let new customers know more about you by finding out the what other customers feel for you.

Video Testimonials or Picture Testimonials can grab attention of your prospects

A video testimonial is a very interesting and unique. Sales pitch will stand out and grab the attention of your prospects in a disguised manner. Video captivates the mind of user and also delivers a long lasting impact that can not only remain in the mind but also provoke him to go for it

Builds Trust And Enhance Your Goodwill

When customers review your product that what the product has done for them, it builds their trust and also enhances the goodwill of your product and your website. They tell and share their experience about what they have felt for the product and also help other users to know the qualities and give them a knowledge about it beforehand. And also lets visitors become your customers.

Testimonials overcome Dubiousness

A good testimonial has a power to convince even your ‘tough sell’ visitors. Testimonials help in overcoming any doubt or skepticism of your product as the previous customers share their practical knowledge of how the product has helped or changed their life.

These are some of the benefits of Testimonials that boost up your sales and if you are not using testimonials on your website, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful, easy to use and also an economical marketing tool which easily does your product publicity around the globe.

And always remember

“A satisfied customer is the biggest business strategy”.

5 good reasons to compete on value rather than price

“When you sell on price you are a commodity.

When you sell on value you are a resource.”

The first thing that comes to our mind when we go and buy a product is what is the price of the good or service? How much does it cost? What value of our money would we get?

Price and Value are always measured on a weighing scale. Some give more emphasis on value and some on price. But have you ever thought of what one pays heed to?? Well, Price of a product is an important factor as it decides your profits and reflects on demand of the product. Price and demand are inversely proportional to each other. The lower the price of the product, the higher will be the demand and vice versa. But, you should not sacrifice the value of the product when you are accumulating wealth.

In the words of Warren Buffet,

“Price is what you pay and Value is what you get”.

This should be one’s motto to achieve long-term success. For example, a customer buys a product of low price, he will be satisfied only for the time being but if he gets a high-quality product the satisfaction will be lasting.

More than ever before, customers chose to buy from a company not just because it offers a product with a fair price, but also because that company has good values and offering a great quality product. Since price often reflects an important part of what someone gives up, a customer’s perceived value of a product will be affected by a marketer’s pricing decision. An easy way to see this is to view value as a calculation:

Value = perceived benefits received / perceived price paid

What are the Reasons that makes you compete on value rather than price??

The answer to your question are below:

Creates Reliability And Trust

Emphasis on Value causes reliability and trust to your brand. The more your customers trust you the more would be their goodwill.

We all know that customers attitude is often drive by the recent experiences or by the perception of others recent experiences, particularly where service or product reliability is at issue. So, the reliability of supply is clearly the essential basic component in building customers confidence.

Makes your Customers Happy and Satisfied

Customers are the basic foundation for business growth. The toughest job selling value to customers is getting them to picture the full depth and breadth of everything your company has to offer.

As they say “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. Making your customer happy is not a tough job if you are doing your work with honesty and focusing on the value of the product. Because the last thing that will always remain in the mind of the customer is “The product’s value”.

Makes your Targets chose wisely

New companies often make one fatal mistake that forces them to compromise on price. Companies don’t narrow their target market and don’t understand their products likely aren’t for everyone. The business you do and the products you make should be chosen wisely.

For example, if you are selling a Toll-Free number then you cannot target the students.

Target the audience who need it rather than just publicizing anywhere. The more you focus your target market, the more value you can create and offer.

Gains Long Term Goodwill

A valuable product helps in gaining long term success and also results in achieving goodwill of your brand.

Goodwill is difficult to price, but it does make a company more valuable. For example, a company like Coca-Cola, who has been around for decades, makes an avidly popular product based on a secret formula and is perceived positively by the public, would have a lot of goodwill.

The company’s image and goodwill all depend on the value and quality of a product.

Makes Substantial profits you deserve

When you sell a product based on value not just the basic value of your product or service, but the entire experience a customer enjoys. You have added much more in “use value” to their lives than what they paid, while also making the substantial profit you deserve.

Competition on value is a positive experience as it only benefits your customer. Value is always a long term gain and price is short term. So, you decide yourself that you want to focus on price or value.


6 Problems that Small and Medium Businesses Face Today

We live in a generation, where things are changing rapidly especially in business. Even for small businesses, things tend to change more than you expect. You cannot always have the same idea and plan, you have to alter with the changing time.

Start-ups are not prepared for the problems coming their way. Things are never so easy for a small business owner. Every small business owner faces thousands of problems but with the determination and a proper solution they can find the right solution.

You feel the same?? Don’t worry!! Every other person goes through the same problem. And there are certain things which you can avoid and make your business grow.

Every start up company that takes off, has some tales of regret and failure. Both small and medium business have some problems that they face today and needs to be fired out.

Let us take a look at business problems that small and medium business face today.

Wrong Investment

The most common problem faced by small as well as a medium business today is money. Money is a great source and motivation but cannot be taken as the only motivation to work. The biggest mistake, the small businesses do is yearned to earn instant profits. Every small and medium company desire to earn profits and it is absolutely okay to think that way.

Many times the business is conducted in cash, and the owners may not have business credit cards or lines of credit.

If you are starting a business, my opinion for you is to start slowly and patiently. Ensure that you have enough money to sustain.

Problematic Patents

Getting legal rights to your product is as important as starting a business. This ensures that no one can lay claim to it and your idea is secure. You don’t want to be someone like Robert Kearns who has invented an idea and faced a lengthy court case to prove to be his own.

Make sure you don’t suffer from such problem and protect your product or idea through patenting and trademarks.

Getting the Right Partner

Choosing your partner and picking the right person is as important as starting a business. Your business growth and future profits depend upon the knowledge of your partner.

Experts say that choosing your relative or friends as your partner could blur the boundaries and you may not take great decisions together.

Unskilled Team

Lack of knowledge and skills are the top most mistakes made by entrepreneurs. It is important that you have a vast knowledge about the industry you are working on. Lack of knowledge and proper planning might arouse some problems on tackling business.

You must possess the skills before you start a business. You need to go through some of the points before starting up!!

  • technical knowledge,
  • proper research,
  • ask other business owners,
  • read relevant books,
  • websites and more.

You might suffer losses if you don’t acquire too much knowledge and skills before you start your business.

Lack of After Sales Support

Customers play a major important role in the growth of a business. When customers are buying your product, they expect instant customer service with best results. Customers feedback and their questions need to be answered to make them your permanent and happy customers.

Providing your customer some after sales service is the best way to enhance your business. You can use a Toll-Free number and can reach out thousands of your customer.

Marketing Blunders

Marketing is the major and important part of your business. And as you know, you can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything. Marketing your product increases their knowledge among customers and making it favorable and likable.

Once you get a clear idea about where to target your market and your competition, you can allocate a budget for advertising and promote your business. You can also decide which medium to advertise.

These are some of the major problems and ways to tackle with your business, which small and medium business face today.

Let’s put some efforts to make your business grow more!! Get a toll-free number for your business today and let a large number of customers reach you with their queries. This will help you to convert them into leads and make your business grow.


Avoid These Mistakes to Make Your Brand a Success


Establishing your foot in the market is a tough task. When you want to grow your market but fail to do so you begin to lose hope. Like you, there are several other entrepreneurs that want to know how to frame a strategy that works.

As they say “A Brand is not just a logo, website or a business card, it is an experience”. Well, I totally agree with these lines. Branding and its complexities are very wide. You should know what precautions you should take while building a brand name. If people like you, they will listen to you, if they trust you they would be happy to be your customer. This is the magic of branding.

Trusting is a very important factor in building a brand as it helps in people knowing you and it develops trust in them. Being an entrepreneur, building a brand is not easy. It takes a lot of skill, hard work, and a little luck.You have to be careful at every step you take and have to be a little cautious.

Starting an online business begins with filling a need and building credibility. There are some factors that go into making your online business a smashing success and some inaccuracies which you should avoid while constructing a brand. I have listed out 10 mistakes which definitely you should avoid.

No Plan of Action

Before you get an idea to build a brand you must have a plan of action and formal business plans to make your brand a success. Planning beforehand to build a brand helps in the growth of business. Making a strategy and proper approach is essential to take your brand to the heights. The plan should be proper with well-driven proofs, to make it a hit. Give your brand some time to organize and plan an array to make it your success story.

Zero in too much on little things

Steve Tobak, founder of Invisor Consulting, a business strategy firm, and author of Real Leaders Don’t Follow: Being Extraordinary in the Age of the Entrepreneur says “First, you need to get the business off the ground”.

Focusing on little things such as how your logo of the brand looks, how your business card looks, or other such little things which are not required to give your emphasis on. Try to focus on larger perspective rather than giving a thought to this stuff.

Giving bigger thought to money

Well, money is just a number when it comes to building a brand. You should focus on building a high-quality brand rather than focusing on making money. Do not think about branding as a way to put your name out there by just focusing on being famous or making money. Initially, you don’t have to focus on making money. Slowly and steadily you will reach success by keeping quality and making goodwill as the main factor.

Be a copyist to other Brands

If you are starting a new company, you tended to copy or mimic other brands business by taking their ideas or using it as a medium to their own business. Well, I would say a big no no to this. As while creating a brand you have to be original and new. These things attract your customer first.

Customers are very intelligent, they know, who to choose and which brand will give them more benefit. You really have to bring out your original and fresh idea while building your brand. The success of others should not be viewed as a blueprint because what works for one company, won’t necessarily work for others.

Not checking Results

It is possible to become so focused on building a brand name, that you sometimes forget to check in and see the results. Utilize analytics tools to find out how you appear to others. This can save your time and money when you quit using techniques that aren’t successful. Focusing on the outcome and the results will make your brand more upright.

Lack a clear vision

“A question all startups should ask themselves is, ‘what do I want to be when I grow up?’ Aspirations drive decisions organizationally. You need to be clear and definite when you are planning your brand and where you want to take it in future. A clear mindset and vision help you to achieve that what you are hankering for. If a startup can’t envision where they want to go, they can’t make smart decisions to get there.

Fail to choose a good Brand name

You have to be a bit clever when you are choosing a good brand name. A unique brand name helps in deciding your next step. And when a customer doesn’t know about your brand but knows just your brand name i.e. he only knows you by your name. If the name is unique he wants to inquire it further. So, it is the foremost thing which you should focus on. Your brand name should be quirky, extraordinary, noteworthy and more such types of adjectives.

No backup Plan

When you are starting a new plan, be it a business, project, new home, new job or anything; you need to have a backup plan.

As we have discussed it earlier that why you need to have a proper plan before starting up with a new brand and how it helps you further. If a plan fails, be ready with a backup plan which you consider as the next best option.

Neglecting to invest in Brand Development

It is impractical to say that startup companies have a huge amount of money to invest in advertising, marketing, and publicity. Well, let’s be real, developing a brand story and pushing it out are two different things. Startups should make their focal point on the former one rather than the latter one. In developing a brand, it involves more than just marketing which includes sales, advertising, decision-making and more.

Fail to Google yourself

Google is the first search engine, everyone uses first. Have you tried to Google yourself recently? Well, you should do! A large mass of people uses Google as their first search engine and any new thing they hear, they first try to Google it and type in your brand name to inquire more about your company and other details. Now, being on the top of the search list you can create a huge impact on them.

One only tries to open the first link. By keeping on top of the highest search result hits, you can be one step ahead, and ensure that there is no embarrassing or incorrect content connected to your brand name.

Business online presence is important to build up your brand. So why would you compromise your company’s integrity by making avoidable mistakes? By now, you should have got that there is no specific formula to build a brand but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain thing that business can do to help the process.

Here, I want to share the potent line of Steve Forbes which says “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”

Some of the brands that have failed a big time by not avoiding these mistakes!!

Mc Donald

The year’s most upsetting new mascot happened to come from one of the world’s biggest marketers – and was aimed at children! “Say hello to our friend, Happy!” said McDonald’s of its toothy new Happy Meal mascot. Instead, many ran screaming.

Mac Donald’s have been around since 1950’s, slinging hamburgers, fries, milkshakes, Happy Meals; a brightly-colored oasis for busy parents, kids, families, and workers-on-the-go to get something to eat. 40% of Mc donald’s profit comes from happy meals. The trouble was that nobody goes to McDonald’s for sophistication, they go for convenience.


The Samsung story is not new to anyone. Samsung had an explosive year. You know you have a disaster in your hand when it started affecting customer safety and that what happened with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. Due to overheating many devices got burned and leading to customer’s life in danger. Nobody could have thought that a mobile phone could lead to this.

Crystal Pepsi

In 1992, PepsiCo attempted to enter the flourishing “new-age beverages” market with its clear, caffeine-free Crystal Pepsi. The company promoted the product as a healthy and pure diet beverage. While sales over the first year were a strong $470 million, many of the purchases were likely due to curiosity. Not only were consumers not convinced by Pepsi’s health angle, but many cola-drinkers expected a darker beverage. Many customers also felt it tasted just like an original Pepsi.

These brands are of top quality and even then they’ve failed or not worked extremely well. By either doing some silly mistakes or not tried to cope up with the competition or just being very ordinary.

By taking these brands as an example, you should avoid these dumb moves. Buying a vanity toll-free number is a proven way to build your brand.

How ‘Intelligent Communication’ can change the fortune of your business?


When your marketing efforts begin to turn futile your concern becomes obvious….

Establishing your brand name seems to be an uphill task? If yes….read on to explore certain unknown facts about how intelligent communication can be of real help.

Business enterprises strive hard to be recognized as a brand in the market. At times, there are brands which ran successful marketing campaigns but still, their Sales fell short unlike the phenomenal success that their marketing campaigns achieved.

Make no mistake, it is not at all the fault of Marketing tactic. It is just a long term impact caused due to ill communication that failed to leverage the impact created by the Successful Marketing Campaign. This is a clear indication about the critical role of Communication in Branding.

Using Communication as the Soft Power for Branding!

We generally form perceptions about every person we meet. Just on the basis of our interactions with the person, we manage to manipulate the entire personality of the person. The same is true for Businesses too. Smart communication is an equally compulsive attribute along with the Qualitative Services to ensure Customer Satisfaction.

Keeping this in mind, whenever a business communicates to a Customer, it ought to behave as a dignified Organization. And this is really important for any business to present itself as a relevant entity. You must not ignore the fact that customer will perceive an image on the basis of these communications. If, by any chance, the Customer gets a negative impression, it is impossible to overturn it.

  • You are more likely to befriend people if you are a good communicator whereas, an introvert is less likely to develop new relationships with ease. It is a natural truth we is universally accepted by one and all. A business may not expand until and unless it is able to engage more and more people with its Services. Customers prefer better communicators. This is obvious because good communication is essential for development of trust and reliability in every Business-Customer relationship. These aspects are part of general behaviour of every person. We can’t change the fact however much we may try.

This is the same as in case of painting. Once you paint a color on a blank paper, the color impression will remain over there no matter what you paint over it. It won’t just vanish as such.

Similarly, once a negative perception is formed, it will not change. It might fade away by forming an improved impression but it won’t simply get deleted from his memory. So, it is much better to use communication as a soft power for branding your Business or Startup.

If you will give the due respect to a Customer, he will inevitably revert the same. So, Communication could be ‘too perfect-a-tool’ to entice and impress your Customers. Your customers will never jump over you if you interact proactively and always anticipate and reflect an empathy to the person.

This is more satisfying for a person to receive the due respect as a Priority Customer from the Business each and every time he interacts with them. In fact, if you are able to convincingly communicate with a customer, he won’t dishearten with a straight sore ‘NO’. Communication is the basic medium of expression. And that’s the reason communication could just be a softer weapon to develop a good perception, whether if it is about a person or an organization.

Satisfied Customer is the greatest asset of a successful Business!

A business always trying to build a big and loyal Clientele. Whether it is Marketing or Customer Relationship management, a business has to interact with more and more customers on various levels of Business. Smart businesses look at it as an opportunity to win customer’s loyalty.


A successful business rests on three fundamental principles of;


  • Productivity
  • Profitability
  • Compatibility


Unless you can’t prove your compatibility to your customers, you can’t make sure that he returns back to you for the same service over and over again. Truth be told, most of the top brands producing similar products are all equivalent in quality, but they have a different set of clientèle due to different styles of Customer-Relationship Management or Customer Interaction.

Why Proactive Communication keeps a Business ahead of the curve?

Proactive Communication flatters the customers with advanced preparedness. It is popularly said that a proactive Business is the one which reaches the Customer before he turns into a Lead. Though it is a hard target to achieve yet you should never give up.  At least, you can try to stay a step ahead of the customer. It makes for sharper service and satisfies more Customers. Satisfaction and trust which are two basic elements to establish Loyal Customer Base.

Tools for Business Communication – There are many tools which are available for Businesses to interact with their customers conveniently. Cloud based communications have proved very efficient for developing a reliable path of communication between a Business and its Customers. IVRS and Toll free services are competent mode of Business Communication which is not so vulnerable to disturb. Stable mode of communication is always the better ‘go to’ option.

Beneficial aspects of Proactive Business Communication –

  • Improved Service Productivity which adds more weight to product value which is important to increase the demand.
  • Business Continuity Management means the smoother flow of process means more Business in lesser time.
  • Reducing the Mean Time To Resolve

A Business thrives on profitability. This is no rocket science and a well-established fact which most of us are familiar with. But Practically, most Businesses are always fighting for the sake of survival, leave alone ‘Growth’ and ‘Expansion’. The Market is growing more competitive with every passing day.

This goes down to show us the practical reality which most Businesses do not care for. But it results into hardships in the maintenance of their product/service credibility and retains customers for a long time.

We are committed to make business intelligent for you…we thrive only when you start thriving.