Rise Above The Ordinary With A Business Toll-Free Number

Few people along with an idea started a company. Initially, they were three members when they decided to open a website and displayed their mobile numbers there, on a business card and distributed among their customers. A few years later, the business started growing and increased their staff to 30 employees and the customers also grew more and more. Now, they were not able to handle all the calls of customers at just one go, most of the time their customers have to hold on phone to talk to the representative. They thought of using a toll-free number. But, changing the number now, will make them lose some of the valuable leads. If they would have thought of having a business toll-free number earlier there situation would have been different from now.

Having a business toll-free number can work wonders for your business. No matter how big or small your business is, it will handle all your calls efficiently and effectively. The calls which are important to you and the time when you get a maximum call is all known easily and you don’t have to worry about the timing at all. This will also help you to ensure, which is the time when you receive the maximum number of calls and you could focus on that timing to make your prospective customers your permanent one.

Today, there is more than 40 million toll-free number in use. Are you in this number or out of it? If not then you must surely make it to the increasing number and increase the record in 2017 as a business without a toll-free number stands nowhere near a business with a toll-free number.

A business Toll-free number has the power to make your company’s brand a fancy one and will improve your company’s goodwill. Having a toll-free number means:

A Toll-Free Number Gives You Identity

When you get an 1800 number, it is solely your business number i.e. you can easily use it for your business purposes and people will remember you with this number only. It will act as a brand for your business and gives you a new identity that is how people will know you. Many popular companies use a toll-free number that most of them are known by it and people know it verbally. 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-HURT-NOW, 1-800-BEACHES are the most popular toll-free numbers that let their business grow higher. And, it’s a fact that these numbers have increased their goodwill and plays a major role in their success.

Your Customers Are Handled More Efficiently

Toll-free numbers maintain your customers more efficiently i.e. when you share your number with your customers, they call you anytime and they always receive an answer from your side. The customers are handled in the simplest and easy way that they like to call you very often and want to buy your product. How well you treat your customers will only make them like your business and will trust you more.

Business Communication becomes Smooth

When your customers make a call, they hear a fancy recorded voice from the other end. This will add a value of your company in front of your customers and they will be propelled to use your services as communication is the key while you talk. If you are available to your customers anytime they call, it will certainly add value advantage to your company and you can make an efficient smooth business call.

Enhance Data with Minimal Error

Being a business owner you have to keep records of all the data about when your customers called you and when they get a reply and are they satisfied or not. These things happen and query raise but what you do? Work on it and try to reduce errors? These facts are very important to get your data right and work accordingly. With good information and data available to you, you will more easily be able to work based on the facts available to you.

A business when takes off, go slow initially and it may be small and you think that you don’t need branding for your business. But, later you realize that wish I would have used toll-free number earlier cause now I have to change my number and all these problems occur.

Make the most of it today, and buy a business toll-free now!

How and Where to Get an Apt Toll Free Number?


Market is deluged with hundreds of toll free companies and resellers that provide you numbers with the same basic features. How do you go about selecting an apt toll free number for your business then?

What Should Matter To You?

Would it be cheap rates that tempt you the most? These days, consumers want service quality along with appropriate pricing. The advancement of T1 lines and their corresponding circuits have allowed the consumers to call different numbers which was no lesser than a dream about a decade back. Now VOIP phones, wireless phones and drives have taken the communication to its zenith.

Why Wireless?

Analysts firmly believe that wireless communication will be the major medium of mass media in the upcoming future because wireless bandwidth is becoming faster and secure. These days, businesses invest in integrating telecommunication products to wireless and web based apps. Toll free numbers have proven to be of great help to several business ventures time and again.

VOIP Companies Providing Toll Free Services:

VOIP companies also provide toll free services which is just like a call forwarding service at a much reduced rate (standalone service provider charges you much more!). But VOIP phones have a major disadvantage. These phones do not give you access to the important government services.

Are Toll Free Numbers Free Actually?

Toll free numbers are being exempted from charges only for the callers, the owners have to pay for them. The minute cost of these numbers has reduced drastically over the years. But, this is just a marketing gimmick. Over the years, toll free service providers have found a number of ways to increase their profits. Minimum monthly minutes, expiring pre-paid minutes and the biggest of all “ Multiple Price Legging.”

What Matters the Most Eventually?

Cheaper plans attract a majority but what should matter eventually is a hassle-free connectivity. After buying a toll free number that suits your business, promote it to get the maximum exposure and then choose a trustworthy toll free service provider with a good track record of satisfied clients. Be wiser to make the right choice and get benefited by the toll free number you own optimal y.

Few interesting uses of Toll Free Numbers


What do you think? Does anyone really care if their call is Toll-Free anymore? Does anyone really pay for long distance anymore? No.

If no one really cares about calls being Toll-Free anymore, why do companies still invest billions on the service? Simple, they get the traits they need to manage their business. They control the routing of calls, where all are they going and when they are conquer, they get all kinds of announcements for business intelligence, and they can approach cloud-based services that help them furnish high-quality customer service.

So…what if I told you Toll-free numbers acknowledge callers to reach businesses or individuals without giving any charge for the call. Toll-free numbers can be dialed directly to your business or personal telephone line and the charges of the call are paid by the called party (the toll-free subscriber) in place of the calling party.

These are very ordinary and have proven fruitful for trades. It presents “free” and advantageous way to contact businesses.

Many companies rely on toll-free services for their thriving businesses. Little do they know, this utility works well for other purposes too.

Below are some features of toll-free numbers used in creative and socially conscious ways:


Did you know? If you once buy a toll-free number, it is all yours; even if you can change providers or change your trades location.

Location doesn’t matter with a toll-free number. If you are going to relocate your business, your consumers won’t even know about! You can still reach to your customers by forwarding your calls to your cell phone or any other cell phone.


A toll-free number enhances your company’s image and gives soundness to your business. These numbers are not just for the big corporations; they are valuable for companies of all sizes, specifically those just proposing a business. It builds trustworthiness between the organization and the customer. You could be working out of your basement and no one would know.

Non-geographic number

non-geographic-3Businesses can have one number to reach the particular department of the company, that may be geographically distributed(starts with an area code).

Non-geographic numbers are easy to remember and it is only one for all the location.

For example: 1-800 Flowers.com.

This company, possessed by flower-shop owner Jim McCann, fills its orders through a florists network and through drop shipments.

It holds a florist-to-florist network and a floral wire service too—all services routed through the vanity toll-free number.

Enhanced data

When a consumer makes a toll-free call to a business, the company can access additional analytical data that would not be surely available if the customer uses a local phone number. Toll-Free Numbers are used by Google on digital click-to-call campaigns. Businesses can approach data about the caller’s search history, geographic location, and the other helpful statistics.

Marketing Tool

Vanity numbers are great for marketing purposes but do you know toll-free numbers help you to better track your marketing efforts?
Hold on..!! Think..! You have a website and a lead generation system. OK..? and what if someone picks up the phone and calls you from anywhere, how do you perceive where they came from?

The toll-free number allows you to create extensions, which associated with a particular campaign. Your toll-free number can act as a marketing tool and as a result can boost your call volume, sales and return on investment(ROI).

So, the toll-free service is very wide for all corporations in sales, support, CRM, survey, polls, subscription, accounts etc.

The elegance of Toll-Free number; Your client may reach you without any calling charges.

It is billed for the subscriber instead of the caller.

Packing and Crafting Services: How toll fee numbers help?


Moving household is a challenging task. When people plan to move they wonder where to find the right packers and crafters, what do they do? Apparently, all the wise people just grab a toll free number directory and start making free calls to arrange for the service all free of cost.

All the budget conscious people think twice before investing in major or minor investments. Moving fragile goods safely without damage is a big task and when the packing and crating service owns a toll free number it becomes no lesser than a boon for you.

Can Be Reached Even At Odd Hours:

If your customer have to pack and go all of sudden at any odd hour of the day, they can reach you if you own a toll free number. You can be reached by them at any time of the day and anywhere. As the numbers come with a number of features like missed call service, call forwarding and IVR.

Make Your Company Look like a Brand:

All the brand conscious people when call on toll free numbers and get to hear a professional IVR, they tend to think high about the service you deal with. Packing and Moving service is one such sector that make your company look like a brand and when they look for a service that can transport their ultra-expensive but fragile goods safely, they rely only on brand.

More Customers’ Acquisition and Retention:

Needless to say, toll free numbers are boon for  start up businesses and this is the biggest of all benefits for all business. This is so because your customers are exempted from any charge and can call you more for resolving their queries. This helps in creating goodwill with them and helps you retain them.


Happy Diwali – Get a Toll Free Number on EMI

HAPPY DIWALI Get a Toll Free Number on EMI


ZNI Team wishes you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!!

Diwali is a festival of Godess Laxmi and for us, all the business owners Laxmi comes from our work and customers. It’s time to offer your customers an unique experience of customer support with an automated, IVR based toll free number and that’s too in your budget.

First time in India Ziffy is launching a toll free number service on EMI (Equal Monthly Instalments)  so that you don’t have to worry about the expenses upfront and pay us as you go along and start earning through it.

Offer Plan Details: (Buy Online)

Monthly Rental: Rs 3000
Setup + Security: Rs 4200
Bank Charges: Rs 120
Total (With Tax): Rs 45,304 for 12 months of service
Call Rates: Rs 0.30 (thirty paise) per minute

EMI Scheme:

Down Payment: Rs 13,200
6 Monthly Instalments: Rs 5,351

Note on EMI Scheme:

Kindly note in EMI scheme we will need 6 post dated cheques from your side. In case of non-payment of EMI even on a single month will result in termination of your account.

For plan details kindly contact us from http://www.ziffy.in/iwant.asp

3 Years of Service with One Year Advance Rental – Triple Blast Offer

Now enjoy 2 years (24 months services free) with one year advance rental with Ziffy 1800 Toll-Free service.

Plan Name: Triple Blast
Service Type: Toll-Free 1800 (with IVR or Missed Call)

Rental: Rs 4500 per month
Payable Term: 12 months
Free Term: 24 months
Total Service Period: 36 months

Total Rental: Rs 54000
Free call per month: Rs 500
Call Rate: 1.75 per minute
Security Amount (Refundable): Rs 5800
Setup (Non Refundable): Rs 2500

Total Payable: 62300
Service Tax: 7700.28
Net Payable: 70000/-

For more details please call 09554443322 or 0522-3098080

Toll Free 1800 Number @ Rs 2500, No Security or Setup Charges

Buy a Toll Free 1800 Number online

Offer Details:

Monthly Rental: Rs 2500/-

Call Charges: Rs 1.99 per minute

Security: Nil

Setup: Nil

Service Tax: 12.36%

Processing Charges: 4%

Total Amount: 2921.36   Buy Now



You can also visit http://ziffy.in/tollfreelist.asp to search them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I get an IVR with this plan?

A. Yes, you will get free IVR hosting with this plan where you can setup multiple call forwarding numbers, different call options and change voice files.

Q. What after making the payment online?

A. Once you make the payment successfully, you will get a call from our side where they will give you a list of available numbers and clear your doubts about the plan.

Q. What is security amount?

A. Security amount is your credit limit, which we generally charge in all plans. However in this particular plan we are not charging any security amount and instead we are giving you a default limit of Rs 500, which you can increase any time when your usage increases this amount. Please note minimum security amount would be Rs 2200 or its multiples.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. No amount will be refunded, however you can discontinue the services after the one month.

Q. Where to contact?

A. Please feel free to contact us on 0522-3098080 between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday or create a support request from http://support.znisms.com

* This offer is only valid if you are making an online payment through the above given link (Buy Now) and valid till 20th October 2012.

Toll-Free 1800 number, Build your brand at just Rs 1499 per month

Plan Name: ZIFFY1499

Rental: Rs 1499
Call Rates: Rs 2.30 per minute (including Call Forwarding)
Free Call Value: Rs 200 per month
Security: Rs 2200
Setup: Rs 2000 (waived with 6 months advance rental)

Service tax 12.36% extra on total amount.


  1. Free IVR Hosting (recording should be provided by customer)
  2. Auto-attendent
  3. Define working hours
  4. Missed Call Alerts by SMS and Email
  5. Real time logs.
  6. Real time usage monitor.
  7. Over the air IVR customization
Register Now or Call 0522-3098080

Terms of Service:

  1. Toll-free number can’t be used in SMS campaigns.
  2. Minimum usage of Rs 50 per month is required to keep the number active.
  3. No special or pricing benefit apart from the activation commission & revenue sharing in case of Reseller account.
  4. All accounts will be direct customer to ZNI Wireless Pvt Ltd
  5. No white label branding will be provided to customer. In case customer required branding than normal rates for reseller i.e. Rs 3000/- rental will be applicable.
  6. Security amount is non-refundable, if the service is terminated before six months.
  7. Minimum billing term is three months.