Why your business need an IVR

business-ivrIVR is an interactive voice response that is automated by the computer system and allows people to connect with the computer’s database, that can be via emails, fax etc., usually it is the telephone.

We all are aware of the concept of the call centers… Do we..??
‘Press 1 for sales’,’Press 2 for marketing’… Yeah..?? Remember..?

The IVR service firstly deployed in the 1970s for the use of call centers, but it was too expensive and with the complicated technology.
Now it’s being a decade later that the technology became more affordable, cost effective and able to used with voice recognition.
Voice recognition helps your customer to collect information without wasting their time with prerecorded messages in detail.

For Example: If you call any operator’s (such as airtel, vodafone, BSNL, idea etc.) customer care and want to know about your balance and validity then IVR helps you to reach the particular destination of information and with the help of the computer’s database, and the voice recognition feature, announce your balance details with validity (if applicable).

IVR is of two types, usability depends on the demand:

  • Inbound IVR: use to automate the calling answering process.

For example: ‘Press 1 for DTH’,‘Press 2 for the Internet’,‘Press 3 for other assistance’ etc.

  • Outbound IVR: use to take the feedback from the customer.

For example: After solving the customer’s query, you can make an automated IVR call to the customer and ask ‘Press 1 if you are satisfied or Press 2 if you are not satisfied.’

Why only IVR?

Grab every call

Your every call is an important one as your customer. You may miss a big order call but now you will never miss any call whether your phone is switched off or not with you for some reason. IVR services give you a list of all the customers who called you and whose call was missed.

Intense fight

There are many companies are in hurry to grab the attention of the customers but unfortunately, they fail because of the low budget.

Although the multinational companies don’t give attention to the individual customers but they use large marketing budget and images to grab their attention to them.

But what about the small businesses, what should they do…??
They do not have the high budget and have any image in the market too.
The IVR services are not less than a boon for them. Now they can provide all type of customer service in their low budget.

Enhances company’s image

You undoubtedly want to impress your caller and convey a big company image but you do not want to expense too much like a real receptionist. Through the IVR services, you can handle the calls for multiple departments and project a professional business image by providing the extension for each function.

Location doesn’t matter

No matter where you are, you can manage the call routing to your home, mobile or any other number. Enjoy your convenience and never miss your crucial phone call too.

MIS (Management Information System)

Don’t worry..! If you are out of papers. IVR services come up with call logs, call recordings and notifications features for each call. Now you do not have to remember what details you gave to each of the prospects.

Number ends with your business

Suppose your business grows and you want to move your business. But if you are dealing with your customers by your regular phone numbers, what would you do now..? You may call each and every customer and inform about the relocation…. Don’t you think it’s going to be very hectic and impossible..??
The IVR services give you a solution for this, now your number will never change doesn’t matter what is your office location.

IVR services are all about No Hardware ! No Software ! As Easy as your Email 🙂

Boost Profits With Toll Free Numbers


Being an entrepreneur the first thing that creeps into your mind are profits and boosting revenue for your company. There are palpable reasons why toll free numbers are helpful in boosting overall revenue of your company. Let us have a quick look at how:

Is Your Company Tired of Losing Valued Customers?

There can be multiple reasons of losing your customers and your inaccessibility is one of the biggest reasons. Do they remember your phone number? Do your customers think twice before calling you repeatedly specially if you are located out of their cities? Yes, they do and in a world where people maintain hectic schedule, your phone number is hard to remember.

So What Can You Do?

There is one clear-cut solution for retaining your customer. Subscribe to a toll free number. When your customers are exempted from charges and can call you free of charge irrespective of your location nation wide then they tend to call you more and are likely to become your prospective customers.

Not only this, all toll free numbers have a common 1800 (code for India) and a 3-4 digit common numbers controlled by operators. So, your customers need to remember just 4 numbers. Moreover, if you choose a vanity number that can spell your company name or the business you deal with then you can create your brand image in a big way without investing more!

Saving is Earning! Isn’t it?

You can save a great deal of money. Buying a toll free number means that you are cutting down on costs of heft monthly bills you pay. You do not need to pay anything for maintenance of the number as this is done by the service provider. That apart, you need not incur any cost on installation of hardware and can activate these numbers on your current land line or mobile numbers.

Needless to say, more queries means more prospective customers and that means more leads which eventually means more profits!


5 Unique Ways Toll Free Numbers Boost Sales


Despite the exponential rise of internet users, the significance of toll free numbers has not lessened. These numbers have become an indispensable asset for businesses whether big or small. 1800 toll free numbers help you gain both credibility and recognization in the market and boost sales. Here are the top 5 unique ways toll free numbers enhance sales. Let us have a quick look.

Improves Overall Customer Satisfaction:

Needless to say, when customers can call you any time without spending any money, they would be happy. This is a great way to retain customers. When your customers face a difficult time reaching you, they become frustrated. With the help of 1800, you can put your customers at ease, as they are exempted of any charge and they can reach you at any hour of the day.

It is Easy to Remember:

These numbers have the same prefix: 1800. After that, four digits are given by the operator. Therefore, toll free numbers are easy to remember. Moreover, there are vanity numbers which are alphanumeric and can be remembered most easily. It is due to this reason that they are a significant marketing tool.

Establishes Your Credibility in the Market:

Yes it is true that people think that only big corporations can have 1800 numbers. So, the credibility and image of even the start up companies enhances greatly when they began to use toll free numbers which in turn result in increasing sales. So, if you are a company working from a basement, you can build your image once you are subscribed to toll free numbers.


Once you own a 1800 number, your location does not matter. Even if you move your set up to some other area, you can retain your old number and it does not affect your customers in any way. Once you purchase it, you are the owner of it and the number remains with you even if you change the service provider.

A Great Marketing Tool:

Toll free numbers help you track your marketing efforts because you can track from where the marketing source has originated. You can track missed, answered and unanswered calls and can use the data to trace your prospective clients.

5 Common Business Problems Solved by IVR


Gone are the days when pre-recorded prompts are used, today smarter companies are cashing on technology and using IVR to improve customers’ relationships. Let us have a quick look at how this interactive voice response solves 5 commonly faced business problems.

Problem 1: Your Customers Are Going Unheard:

Since IVR is the interaction of humans with machines, so whenever customers call you,they can reach you irrespective of time and then the calls are forwarded on the cellphone numbers of your sought after departments. This means you are available 24X7 for your customers and they can reach you any time of the day.

Problem 2: You Lack Adequate Manpower:

You do not need any for handling calls! With IVR, you do not real receptionist. IVR can handle a huge number of calls efficiently. So, checking account balances, enquiring about the business locations  or checking about available products become easy. Moreover, real manpower is error prone and cannot work as efficiently when there is a huge call flow.

Problem 3: People do not Know You:

You are new to business or virtual and hence you face a difficult time because people do not know you. IVR creates a positive impact on the minds of callers and give them the impression of your being a big company having multiple departments.

Problem 4: You can not maintain good customer relations.

IVR solutions can be personalized to please your customers. It is good to be addressed by your name. This lets your customers feel valued and helps you build a bond with your customers. The companies with customer centric approach make sure to use IVR.

Problem 5: Your products or services lag behind in the market:

Know why this happens? This happens because you are grossly unable to collect feedback. The IVR surveys are conducted on a large scale to provide customers with just the kind of products/services they need.


30 Magic Words That Persuade Your Customers


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5 Good Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Toll Free Number


So are you one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who dream to be a boss of their own and coming across several hurdles? You do not know what plans and strategies would work best for you..Need not worry! Find out why investing in a toll free number should be one of your priorities. Here are the 5 good reasons