Why your business need an IVR

business-ivrIVR is an interactive voice response that is automated by the computer system and allows people to connect with the computer’s database, that can be via emails, fax etc., usually it is the telephone.

We all are aware of the concept of the call centers… Do we..??
‘Press 1 for sales’,’Press 2 for marketing’… Yeah..?? Remember..?

The IVR service firstly deployed in the 1970s for the use of call centers, but it was too expensive and with the complicated technology.
Now it’s being a decade later that the technology became more affordable, cost effective and able to used with voice recognition.
Voice recognition helps your customer to collect information without wasting their time with prerecorded messages in detail.

For Example: If you call any operator’s (such as airtel, vodafone, BSNL, idea etc.) customer care and want to know about your balance and validity then IVR helps you to reach the particular destination of information and with the help of the computer’s database, and the voice recognition feature, announce your balance details with validity (if applicable).

IVR is of two types, usability depends on the demand:

  • Inbound IVR: use to automate the calling answering process.

For example: ‘Press 1 for DTH’,‘Press 2 for the Internet’,‘Press 3 for other assistance’ etc.

  • Outbound IVR: use to take the feedback from the customer.

For example: After solving the customer’s query, you can make an automated IVR call to the customer and ask ‘Press 1 if you are satisfied or Press 2 if you are not satisfied.’

Why only IVR?

Grab every call

Your every call is an important one as your customer. You may miss a big order call but now you will never miss any call whether your phone is switched off or not with you for some reason. IVR services give you a list of all the customers who called you and whose call was missed.

Intense fight

There are many companies are in hurry to grab the attention of the customers but unfortunately, they fail because of the low budget.

Although the multinational companies don’t give attention to the individual customers but they use large marketing budget and images to grab their attention to them.

But what about the small businesses, what should they do…??
They do not have the high budget and have any image in the market too.
The IVR services are not less than a boon for them. Now they can provide all type of customer service in their low budget.

Enhances company’s image

You undoubtedly want to impress your caller and convey a big company image but you do not want to expense too much like a real receptionist. Through the IVR services, you can handle the calls for multiple departments and project a professional business image by providing the extension for each function.

Location doesn’t matter

No matter where you are, you can manage the call routing to your home, mobile or any other number. Enjoy your convenience and never miss your crucial phone call too.

MIS (Management Information System)

Don’t worry..! If you are out of papers. IVR services come up with call logs, call recordings and notifications features for each call. Now you do not have to remember what details you gave to each of the prospects.

Number ends with your business

Suppose your business grows and you want to move your business. But if you are dealing with your customers by your regular phone numbers, what would you do now..? You may call each and every customer and inform about the relocation…. Don’t you think it’s going to be very hectic and impossible..??
The IVR services give you a solution for this, now your number will never change doesn’t matter what is your office location.

IVR services are all about No Hardware ! No Software ! As Easy as your Email 🙂

Few interesting uses of Toll Free Numbers


What do you think? Does anyone really care if their call is Toll-Free anymore? Does anyone really pay for long distance anymore? No.

If no one really cares about calls being Toll-Free anymore, why do companies still invest billions on the service? Simple, they get the traits they need to manage their business. They control the routing of calls, where all are they going and when they are conquer, they get all kinds of announcements for business intelligence, and they can approach cloud-based services that help them furnish high-quality customer service.

So…what if I told you Toll-free numbers acknowledge callers to reach businesses or individuals without giving any charge for the call. Toll-free numbers can be dialed directly to your business or personal telephone line and the charges of the call are paid by the called party (the toll-free subscriber) in place of the calling party.

These are very ordinary and have proven fruitful for trades. It presents “free” and advantageous way to contact businesses.

Many companies rely on toll-free services for their thriving businesses. Little do they know, this utility works well for other purposes too.

Below are some features of toll-free numbers used in creative and socially conscious ways:


Did you know? If you once buy a toll-free number, it is all yours; even if you can change providers or change your trades location.

Location doesn’t matter with a toll-free number. If you are going to relocate your business, your consumers won’t even know about! You can still reach to your customers by forwarding your calls to your cell phone or any other cell phone.


A toll-free number enhances your company’s image and gives soundness to your business. These numbers are not just for the big corporations; they are valuable for companies of all sizes, specifically those just proposing a business. It builds trustworthiness between the organization and the customer. You could be working out of your basement and no one would know.

Non-geographic number

non-geographic-3Businesses can have one number to reach the particular department of the company, that may be geographically distributed(starts with an area code).

Non-geographic numbers are easy to remember and it is only one for all the location.

For example: 1-800 Flowers.com.

This company, possessed by flower-shop owner Jim McCann, fills its orders through a florists network and through drop shipments.

It holds a florist-to-florist network and a floral wire service too—all services routed through the vanity toll-free number.

Enhanced data

When a consumer makes a toll-free call to a business, the company can access additional analytical data that would not be surely available if the customer uses a local phone number. Toll-Free Numbers are used by Google on digital click-to-call campaigns. Businesses can approach data about the caller’s search history, geographic location, and the other helpful statistics.

Marketing Tool

Vanity numbers are great for marketing purposes but do you know toll-free numbers help you to better track your marketing efforts?
Hold on..!! Think..! You have a website and a lead generation system. OK..? and what if someone picks up the phone and calls you from anywhere, how do you perceive where they came from?

The toll-free number allows you to create extensions, which associated with a particular campaign. Your toll-free number can act as a marketing tool and as a result can boost your call volume, sales and return on investment(ROI).

So, the toll-free service is very wide for all corporations in sales, support, CRM, survey, polls, subscription, accounts etc.

The elegance of Toll-Free number; Your client may reach you without any calling charges.

It is billed for the subscriber instead of the caller.

6 Things You Should Keep in Mind To Reap The Maximum Benefit of IVR

Despite the fact that it has been proved to be a cost-effective solution, time-saver and a great tool to improve efficiency, IVR has been used so poorly by the businesses that reaping even half of its benefits would not be possible for them. Given here are the six best practices that give you the optimum benefit of it.


Keep it Simple, Easy and Clear to Use:

Put yourself into the shoes of your customers and just come to think of this! Would you like to press a lot of buttons and spend a long time on your phone? Obviously no. so, make your IVR as simple as possible and useful to the customers. The more simpler you make it, the better it would be.

Keeping the Decision Tree Shallow Helps:

The thumb rule of keeping IVR system works but you should make very sure that the options you keep on the branch should be less than 3 or less. More options as well as the customers both have to wait and they can get overwhelmed which in turn may lead to their forgetting the earlier options. Making trees deeper than the 3 branches can make the callers feel trapped and the whole system will prove to be futile.

Keep it Refreshed:

Like any other thing you use, your IVR also needs periodic attention so that it can stay optimal and you reap its optimum benefits. If you do not refresh the IVR system periodically, it would not be updated as per the needs of your callers. So, make a plan to review periodically and keep on updating IVR every 3-6 months.

Keep the Option of Reaching the Live Agent Open:

Being trapped in an IVR system as a caller is very disgusting. So, there are many companies that have to give callers the option of reaching live agents when they require. If the IVR system you have installed addresses the concerns of the callers properly then an agent would not be needed. However, if any caller needs a live agent he should have the option to do so.

Use the Words Rationally:

Directing callers to the company’s website to get their problems resolved is stupid because in all the probability, they have visited your site before reaching to you. So, suggesting them to go back to the site is stupid.

Avoid Giving Marketing Information During a Call:

Do not give up to the temptation of marketing during phone calls. Callers dial the number to make queries and selling at that time is going to nag them. So, better avoid it. Most of your customers view it as a complete waste of time.

IVR can prove to be one of the most powerful branding tools only if it is used wisely. If you want to create a positive impression of your company in the minds of your customers, start following the above given six practices and get the optimum benefit of it.

What Makes an IVR System Indispensable for Your Business?


So, yours is a small business unit and you have constrained resources? Do you run short of manpower and want to save money? If yes, then IVR is the right solution. Answering phone calls require a lot of time and not all calls deserve a trained worker. Then why should you invest in hiring manpower for the purpose? Smart companies are switching to IVR these days. Have you done the same?


Also known as Interactive Voice Response, IVR is a technology which allows a computer to interact with humans. In this technology, pre-recorded voice present information before the callers. To put it in simpler terms, IVR is an automated telephony which interacts with the calling party, collects the information and also routes calls to the recipients.

Why IVR?

There are certain FAQs which customers normally ask like office hours, phone directory and tech support queries. These questions are answered by  IVR so that customer service reps, tech support and salesmen can focus on other productive work. By subscribing to IVR services, companies are able to save a good amount of money.

Available 24X7:

IVR is a machine and hence it does not sleep. So, your customers can reach you any time of the day. Besides round the clock availability to your customers, IVR service can make your company look big. It is like an aura even for a small scale business.

Can You Get Tricky With IVR:

Undoubtedly, IVR system establishes a positive image of small scale companies that cannot splurge infrastructure. If you want the optimum benefit of IVR then you can you add several menu options for the different departments, all leading to the separate voice mail boxes.

In long and short, IVR is need of the hour for every business unit these days. If you are a smart investor looking for a business set up, then go for an IVR system. Gone are the days when IVR was a privilege of large telecom companies that could afford the software, hardware and a large staff to run in house IVR systems. Seriously considering to enhance brand image of your business? Look no further and get a professional voice for your business. Get IVR!

Toll Free and IVR Simplified in Just 7 Sentences!


  • Toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that are absolutely free for the callers whether they call from a mobile phone, land line or skype. They can call free on these virtual numbers from any geographic locations (excluding overseas) and from any network. Owners of these numbers have to pay for these incoming calls as per the plan they have selected.
  • These numbers are just virtual numbers which do not require any set up. These numbers can ring or forward to the local number specified by you it could be your existing land line number or any cell phone.
  • To get toll free number activated on your existing equipment, you do not have to make any changes to your present number.
  • Toll free numbers that spell the name of your company is a “Vanity Number.” The pricing of these numbers is no different. But these alphanumeric numbers or any particular sequential series cost you more because they are easy to memorise and hence tend to increase the response rates. These numbers are used during the advertising campaigns.
  • Toll free numbers are portable. So, if you plan to move your business to another state, you can do without changing your number. Also, you can switch to a new service provider any time.
  • The pre-recorded voice that is played when you dial a toll free number is called IVR. With the touch of  your phone’s keypad, the voice directs you to reach your destination point.
  • When you purchase a toll free number from an operator then you do not get the facilities like IVR and neither you get the the facilities like calls logs and call forwarding etc. So, it is always better to buy from a cloud telephony service provider to let you manage your calls much more efficiently.

How to Make the Optimal Use of Toll Free Numbers You Own?


You spend time, efforts and money on marketing techniques and have added a toll free number to make the maximum number of customers reach you. But, are you sure that you would be able to manage all the incoming calls and get their optimal value in the form of incessant leads? Here are certain tips to make the optimal use of toll free number you own.

Organizing All the Calls:

With the help of online account manager, you can monitor the inbound phone leads easily and effectively. There are features like voicemail, notification settings, caller ID, call forwarding, blacklisting, white listing etc. By viewing the call history, you can analyse the calls based on their volume, origin and talk time. This will help you track your callers, where are they from and how long they have been in conversation with.

Chalking Out the Strategy:

A hard-core sales strategy does not work. You should try nurturing your relationships with the customers. A welcoming IVR and the subsequent call forwarding to the respective departments make things easy and convenient for them. Moreover, for them you are always available no matter your employees are in the office.

Trashing the Junk and Cold Calls:

One of the biggest problems that you come across when you exempt call charges is that you get tons of junk calls and have to pay them also. You can avoid wasting your money and time on junk calls by blacklisting those numbers.

Most important of all, before you subscribe to a toll free number you should know your requirement and budget because the plan can be subscribed accordingly.


5 Common Business Problems Solved by IVR


Gone are the days when pre-recorded prompts are used, today smarter companies are cashing on technology and using IVR to improve customers’ relationships. Let us have a quick look at how this interactive voice response solves 5 commonly faced business problems.

Problem 1: Your Customers Are Going Unheard:

Since IVR is the interaction of humans with machines, so whenever customers call you,they can reach you irrespective of time and then the calls are forwarded on the cellphone numbers of your sought after departments. This means you are available 24X7 for your customers and they can reach you any time of the day.

Problem 2: You Lack Adequate Manpower:

You do not need any for handling calls! With IVR, you do not real receptionist. IVR can handle a huge number of calls efficiently. So, checking account balances, enquiring about the business locations  or checking about available products become easy. Moreover, real manpower is error prone and cannot work as efficiently when there is a huge call flow.

Problem 3: People do not Know You:

You are new to business or virtual and hence you face a difficult time because people do not know you. IVR creates a positive impact on the minds of callers and give them the impression of your being a big company having multiple departments.

Problem 4: You can not maintain good customer relations.

IVR solutions can be personalized to please your customers. It is good to be addressed by your name. This lets your customers feel valued and helps you build a bond with your customers. The companies with customer centric approach make sure to use IVR.

Problem 5: Your products or services lag behind in the market:

Know why this happens? This happens because you are grossly unable to collect feedback. The IVR surveys are conducted on a large scale to provide customers with just the kind of products/services they need.


4 Ways Vanity Toll Free Numbers Help Your Business Grow


Let Your Toll free numbers speak your identity…

What is your way to promote a brand? Would you do it effectively or just putting your resources into a drain? For large scale exposure you splurge in print/television advertisements and fail to get so. A memorable vanity number makes things easier for you. Thanks to alpha-numeric Smart phones, these numbers have gained immense popularity. Let us have a quick look at a few ways vanity toll free numbers build your brand without efforts and give you the best value for your money.

Boost Your Advertising Efforts:

A catchy toll free number in commercials, in print or in the Internet can boost your advertising efforts immensely. For instance, think of a TV jingle of any fast food joint when you are hungry flashing a toll free number. You are at once tempted to call on that number. This is what actually happens. People love to connect with your service when they find it easy and free to reach.

A Number That Spells Your Brand:

Tell the people what you do through your vanity toll free number even before they reach you. For instance, if your toll free number spells 1-800-HOT-BURGERS, you are letting people know that you are dealing in selling burgers even before they contact you. This way, more and more people looking for product/service reach you.

Connect You With Customers Directly:

It is simple enough! when your phone number spells your brand (whatever business you may be in from flowers to home insurance.) People tend to contact you on the first priority basis. Also, if your number can spell the mission you are on, they will connect with you emotionally also.

Easy To Remember:

People often complaint of toll free numbers being long. Vanity toll free numbers are memorable and hence take this tension off from minds of the owners.

Why Vanity Toll Free Numbers are More Than Just A Number?

Smart companies are aware of this fact. Vanity toll free numbers are the numbers which are actually meant for building your brand and giving you a large-scale exposure. So, let your number speak your identity.


How to Acquire a Cheap Toll Free Number that Works Best for Your Business?


With an increasing number of business concerns waking up to the benefits of toll free numbers, there is a sudden spurt in demand. The first apparent question that creeps in the mind of the customers is how to acquire a cheap toll free number. Given here are certain tips that should be kept in the mind to acquire the cheap and the best deal.

Know Your Requirement First:

Do not commit the blunder of just buying any plan. The first and the foremost thing is to know your requirement first and select the plan as per your usage and the industry type. Companies can also customize plans according to your demand. So, get the best value by selecting what you need exactly.

Do Not Get Fooled by the Term “Free”:

Businessmen know this term is tempting enough and therefore they use it for their own benefit. Actually, nothing comes for free! The charges are either remain hidden or taken the other way round. So, do not get fooled by this term. Making a thorough research is more important. Comparing the plans, features and facilities offered by the various vendors would help you get the best deal. So ask for the quotation first. Do not get fooled by the term free.

Do Away With the Redundant Features:

Yes! there are plenty of features and most of them may or may not prove to be redundant to you. Call waiting, call blocking, click to call and many more. These additional features may or may not be used by you. So, get the burden of being charged etc. by availing only those that you need actually. If you are out for campaigning, missed call service would solve your purpose. Some people go for voice mail services only while others go for a toll free number only.

For Campaigning Missed Call Service Does the Needful:

Gone are the days when old conventional advertising methods were used for advertising. More businessmen prefer using toll free numbers for campaigning these days. However, if cost savings is in your mind, missed call service will do the needful.

Most importantly, make the optimum use of the CRM panel that is made available to you along with the toll free numbers. This panel helps you monitor, analyze and evaluate calls. A majority of people either do not use it or do not know how to use it properly.

All you need is a little patience, a little more research and a lot rationale help you acquire a cheap toll free number that can benefit you optimally.

How’s and Why’s of Toll Free Numbers that You Search For


What are Toll Free Numbers?

Also termed as free phone numbers, toll free numbers are the numbers that begin with a country code. In India, they begin with a four digit code 1800 and international toll free numbers begin with a 3 digit code: 800, 888, 855, 844 etc. These numbers allow the callers to reach businesses free of charge. Toll free numbers are virtual numbers that are activated on your existing mobile or land line number. So, they:

  • Do not require any hardware or software installation.
  • They are portable.
  • They are made available with a CRM Panel where all the incoming calls can be monitored, tracked and analyzed.
  • Calls on these numbers are exempted from any charge irrespective of your geographic location country wide.

How Do Toll Free Numbers Work? Why They are Exempted from Charge?

As soon as toll free numbers are dialed, they are recognized by Service Switch Point (SSP) in the telephone network by its 1800 prefix, prompting it to query the SCP or Service Control Point. The point has all the routing instructions of the callers. Hence, instead of callers subscribers of the toll free numbers have to pay for the calls.

These numbers are absolutely free for the callers whether you make calls from a mobile phone or land line. Even call from Skype to a toll free number is also exempted from charge. Also, toll free numbers are free irrespective of your geographic location. You can talk as long as you want and can make as many calls as you want. This is so because calls are routed to a different line and hence the subscribers has to bear the expenditure.

Where Would I Get Toll free Number?

If you plan to purchase a toll free number, do not be in a haste as you may land into a huge trouble. Of course! the market is deluged with vendors and to make the right decision is a really difficult. You should know your usage and select the plan as per your usage and budget. Do not commit the blunder of buying it from direct operators. But, if you choose to purchase it from direct operators like Airtel, Reliance or other big names, you would not be able to get value added services like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call logs, call recordings etc.

How These Numbers Help in Building my Brand ?

Just come to think of this! When you dial a toll free number and a pre-recorded voice guides you to your sought after destination. You tend to have a positive impact of that company however small it may be, you think that the company has several departments.

How Would I Get a Toll Free Number?

The process is simple and easy but it is not about filling up of form and making payment only. Check out the process here.

Why Toll free Numbers Are So Long?

These numbers are long because they are divided into different segments. The first four numbers depict the code of your country. For instance, 1-800 is the country code for India another four numbers depict the numbers of the operators and the final 4 numbers can be chosen by the client.