Brand Building with Vanity Numbers

vanity-numbersWhen you talk about the brand value then everything should be unique and special that no other local or brand can have. Same apply to the numbers, they should be singular and easy to remember so that your audience can quickly recall your brand name with the contact number.

Vanity numbers are fancy numbers (or toll-free numbers), they are in easily remembered sequence and ended with repeated digits such as Dominos (6888 6888), Pizza Hut (3988 3988), OLA Cabs (3355 3355), Just Dial (88888 88888) etc.

Does vanity number really make your business prominent ?

    • According to the recent study vanity numbers can improve:
      • Recall rates of billboard ads by 84%.
      • Nine times more effective broadcast advertisement.
    • After hearing, 72% of people can exactly recall the number what they heard.

Above research clearly indicate that the vanity numbers not only implied a sense of trust but also improve a prospect’s recall ability, that they will pick up the phone and call when they need your goods or services.
No matter what is your company size, your clients have been conditioned to associate 1-800 telephone numbers with large, established, and trustworthy businesses.

How to get the vanity numbers ?

All you need to do is select the provider and contact them to choose your number. However in the past, security of vanity telephone number was not simple as it is today, this is all possible because of the internet and online telephone services.
You don’t have to worry that the particular number can only equip by the particular provider. Because all providers access the same database, so they all have the identical numbers. You can choose your own provider based on pricing, availability, and customer satisfaction.

Vanity numbers will not take the place of your local telephone number instead of your provider points all your incoming calls from your direct business line to your vanity number. This process is extremely simple and seamless for both consumers and for businesses.

In addition, you will always have to give your audience at least a reason to call you. Vanity numbers help you the most because when you advertise, people will swiftly recall these numbers that’s why 90% of Americans have used toll-free numbers to contact a company after watching an advertisement.
They boost consumer recall rate and make existing advertising far more effective.

3 Biggest Myths About Vanity Toll Free Numbers Debunked!


Ultra-expensive, not meant for small businesses and all catchy numbers are already taken! There are a few myths about vanity numbers that need to be dispelled. All those who have taken a fancy towards vanity numbers but have wrong notions about them, need to clear their vision. Yes, it is true that owing to certain prevalent myths about vanity numbers, a lot of small business owners shy away from buying them. Debunked here are a few myths.

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Things You Should Know About Toll Free Numbers but Do Not Know


There is nothing new about the concept of toll free numbers yet there is a huge number of subscribers that are not familiar with their basics and therefore they often end up in choosing the wrong package or a service that does not meet their requirements. Let us have a quick look at some of the things which business enterprises should know but they do not know.

Vanity Numbers: What are they?

To put it in layman terms, vanity numbers are the contact numbers that are used by business firms for advertising. The basic purpose of these vanity numbers is to promote name of the company through contact number. Besides the three-digit prefix code that represents the service provider, rest of the numbers represent name of your company or the products that you sell. For instance, a number 1800-EAT-HEALTHY informs the people that this is a contact number which belongs to a food joint.

How These Toll-free Numbers Work Actually?

Toll-free numbers work just like the traditional land line numbers, they differ in their charging system. These numbers allow the calling party to make calls absolutely free of cost. But, the subscribers need to pay for the incoming call charges. However, all vanity numbers are monitored by a central association and the subscribers need to consult toll free directory to get an idea about the numbers available before him.

Which Connection Should You Choose?

Most of the subscribers prefer either new or dedicated connection for their toll free numbers. However, if you opt to convert your present landline connection into toll free connection, several risks like line distortion and connection failure can be reduced.

How Can You Get the Right Number?

Those who are looking for toll free numbers which can help them promote their organizations and can improve their services should have a quick look at the following tips:

  • You have the option of choosing one vanity number for the same office and also have the option of choosing the same number with different types of location codes.
  • Choose only a licensed service provider. This will let you register your company in the vanity number directory.
  • Always make it a point to subscribe for more than one channels or missed call service so that you do not miss the calls of any of your valuable customer that can be a good prospect for you.