What is Click-To-Call Service?

Click-to-Call allows your website users to reach you in a single click without dialling any number.

In a traditional telephony environment the user will either can dial your number or submit a form with his contact details and in response the server will place a call to the user (who was requesting it) and one call to the agent and then merge them both.

This solution is good only when you are catering to the local businesses, however when you have a global user-base, a traditional click-to-service will be either too expensive or would not be feasible at all.

ZipCall Click-To-Call Plugin

ZipCall Clcik-To-Call offers virtual IVR service with a website plugin, which enables the website visitors to call the business right from their browser without spending a single paise.

ZipCall is virtual IVR service built by Intueri, Inc. and we are the primary business partner in India to offer these services.

How Does ZipCall Service Works?

Integrating ZipCall IVR service with your website is very easy. You just have to create an account from here and upload the audio files for the IVR.

Once, the IVR is configured you will have to paste two lines of codes on your website (on every page). Check the demo video below to understand how it works.

While traditional telephony based IVR system are good to cater local customers, which are offline, ZipCall is the best option to interact with your online users.

With ZipCall, you will get an intelligent IVR system, which makes your call flow more efficient and your team more productive. Many of the tasks can be automated or distributed based upon the user's input.

For example, when a caller presses 1 the call will be forwarded to Sales, when pressed 2 the call will be transferred to Support. Also, in every option call can be forwarded to multiple users at a time or can be forwarded depending upon the availability of the agent. It can also be configured to automatically create support ticket numbers or fetch data from a CRM and announce to the caller depending upon the caller's number.

All the calls are logged automatically, system can check the availability of the agents and forward the calls based on that, send alerts on missed calls or even announce a "Working hours over" message over the call.

Benefits of ZipCall's Virtual IVR Service

It's free for first 1,000 minutes per month and then you can upgrade to unlimited plans easily. No ongoing expenses, No overhead, control your expenses and improve your agent's productivity with ZipCall's Intelligent IVR service.

ZipCall has a global network which provides best call quality and over 99% uptime. With superior architecture ZipCall offers best connectivity and scalability.

With a moment notice you can increase the number of channels (simultaneous calls) to 1,80,000 per minute (depending upon your plan) without typing a single word on your computer.

Since, you don't have to maintain any server, database, EPABX or network eventually it will save lot of your's time and money along with the man-power.

Our Features

Customer Support

24x7 ticket based customer support.

Call Recordings

Listen to calls in future.

SMS Acknowledgment

Send SMS based alerts to your callers.

Real-time Alerts

Get alerts for Missed & Received calls on your mobile.

Call Logs

Check call analytics in real-time.

IVR Widgets

Ready to use widgets for Complaint management, etc.

Multi-User CRM

Access to CRM for every agent.

Cost Management

Blacklisting & Working Hours setup for cost management.

and more...

No setup cost. Pay monthly or yearly with pay-as-you-go billing. Start with a life-time free account.
Get the service activated within minutes of KYC document verification.
Access your data from anywhere in the world with user based access and real-time reporting.

Frequently Asked Question About Virtual Number

No need to text chat with a customer when you can talk with them for free.

You can receive call on your mobile via ZipCall app only. It is not a traditional phone system and there is no connectivity between your phone number and ZipCall.

To receive incoming calls you will need 3G, 4G or 5G based data connectivity. We recommend to use Wi-Fi to get the best call quality.

They can call you from your website with ZipCall button or via the ZipCall mobile app.

No, you cannot make any international or national calls through this number. This service is not meant for VoIP to PSTN connectivity. However, if your customer has ZipCall app then you can call him using his ZipCall handle.

No, they don't need to install any app to call you. They can call you right from your website or through the ZipCall link, e.g., https://zipcall.us/ziffy

ZipCall IVR service is fully integrated with Intueri CRM. When a customer places a call through ZipCall, the CRM automatically fetch their contact details and creates a lead. The contact detail contains Name, Phone Number, Email and Country.

Yes, it's a pure VoIP service.

No, you can not forward your incoming calls on your phone number. They need to be handled through ZipCall mobile app only.