What is Cloud Telephony?

With cloud telephony, you as a business doesn't have to worry about the infrastructure & maintenance of the servers to handle a large number of calls.

Cloud based telephony solution enables you to run and manage your telephony infrastructure with a click of a button. No setup or management cost and unlimited scalability with ZERO infrastructural cost.

To start with Cloud Telephony, you have to select a number either Toll Free 1800 number or a 10-digit Virtual Number, pay for the plan (starts from Rs 999 for Toll Free Number and Rs 675 for Virtual Number) depending upon the call rates for IVR you want and your expected call volume. That's it; you are ready to receive incoming calls for your business.

Cloud Telephony is a term coined by the telecom aggregators who are using various technologies to offer advanced telecom solution built upon the existing infrastructure offered by the Licensed Telecom Service Providers.

Like Cloud Computing where all the equipment are owned by the service provider and customers pay only for the service and resources they use. Similarly, Cloud Telephony also offers independence from maintaining and building expensive infrastructure.

Resources can be increased and decreased on demand as per the customer's need.

Different markets use different technologies to offer cloud telephony. For example, in developed countries, Cloud Telephony works on VoIP and the players like Twilio and RingCentral are the torch bearers in the market.

However, in developing countries where VoIP is still not well accepted by the regulators Cloud Telephony is offered through PSTN. Where the service provider builds its network on PSTN and offers front end services over the internet. The biggest example is India for this kind of network.

How Cloud Telephony Helps Your Company?

Premium Support

24x7 customer support with instant response.

No Infra Required

Everything is deployed and managed by us.


No single point of failure, unlike other solutions.

Unlimited Scalability

Handle one or thousands of calls simultaneously.

Call Logs

Check call analytics in real-time.

IVR Widgets

Ready to use widgets for Complaint management, etc.

Multi-User CRM

Access to CRM for every agent.

Cost Saving

Blacklisting & Working Hours setup for cost management.

No huge setup cost. Pay monthly or yearly with pay-as-you-go billing. Plan starts from Rs 299 per month.
Get the service activated within minutes of KYC document verification.
Access your data from anywhere in the world with user based access and real-time reporting.

How Cloud Telephony Works In India

Cloud Telephony

The complete cloud telephony service depends upon the telecom infrastructure of Licensed Telecom Service Provider (TSP), which owns the spectrum and switching centers as well as the subscribers of telecom service.

Cloud Telephony Service Providers (CTSP) build their infrastructure over the services provided by the TSPs. CTSP works as an aggregator who took services from multiple TSPs and then builds its application layer i.e., the software to offer Value Added Services.

Almost all the CTSP offers IVR service (Interactive Voice Response System), which works as a middleware to take caller's input over the call and create workflows according to these inputs.

In the above image, we can see that multiple callers are calling on a number, which is then attended by the CTSP's IVR and then according to the caller's input either calls are routed to different agents or the information is provided directly through Text-To-Speech system.

Best Cloud Telephony For Small Business

Advance call management, No CAPEX or infrastructure requirement with auto-fail over feature makes the Ziffy's Cloud Telephony offering best in the market.

Along with all the above features, Ziffy also provide API access to manage the call flow and to integrate with different third party softwares and CRM. With Ziffy's IVRS API you can link the calls with any Social Media platform, CRM, ERP or even to HRMS.

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Advantages of Cloud Telephony For Business


With cloud telephony, you can scale your business telecom infrastructure in a matter of minutes depending upon the volume you are expecting. For example, say if you are running a TV commercial for a month, then obviously your call volume will be higher in that period but not long after that.
If you were having a traditional setup than you would have to add additional equipment to handle that volume and once the campaign is over the same equipment will get wasted.
With Cloud Telephony, you will just have to inform the vendor and they will increase the throughput for your number.


When you buy a service from a telecom operator they give you a single path to connect either via fiber, RF or copper cable to connect with their switching center and in case it gets damaged, then you will have no way to keep your services running.
Any good cloud telephony service provider will always keep multiple connectivities to their data center so that even if one gets damaged or interrupted the services will always keep running.
Setting a similar kind of setup will be very hard for a single company for personal use due to cost and maintenance.


Cost is a major factor because of which, you should always go with a Cloud Telephony service provider instead of setting up your own infrastructure.
Like we discussed about the scalability and redundancy when you set up this just for a single company, it becomes very expensive. Cloud Telephony providers have hundreds of companies to serve so their unit economics always works.
So while from a telecom service provider set up for 30 users will cost you in monthly charges of $1000 in equipments, call charges, maintenance etc, same can be done in few hundred dollars with a cloud telephony service provider.

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