1800 toll free numbers

1800 Toll Free is not just a number; it shows the dedication towards customer service by the organization, it shows how a company want to treat its customers and how serious are they with their business.

Enough said!! One might be wondering why they need a toll free number for their business when it is already running fine and getting customers?

Actually this kind of perception was absolutely correct till few years back when technology is old, internet was not there and once you setup a business in your town you can enjoy the monopoly over there, but not any more.

In the age of Internet you will get the competition faster than you have ever thought and there are chances that their products are more advanced than yours. But the only differentiating factor will be how you treat your customers, how much you can pamper them and how happy they are with your services.

Nothing is worse than buying a Rs 50,000/- stuff and paying for every support instance thereafter. Why would a customer pay for getting support or giving a feedback for a product, which he has already paid for? As a consumer this is the biggest pain point and companies can somewhat address it by getting a toll-free number not only for pre-sales but also for post-sales service delivery.


How Ziffy can help?

Ziffy is turnkey service provider for toll-free numbers in India with biggest voice based setup after telcos. Ziffy is product of ZNI Wireless Pvt Ltd, which has a market experience of 10 years in telecom field.

With ZIffy’s turnkey solutions companies can up and running with their toll-free 1800 number in a matter of few minutes unlike other service providers, which first source the service from a telecom company and than sell it to customers.

Ziffy offers professional IVR services, Missed Call alerts (for all missed calls) and Click-to-Call (for website) in a single package to the companies in just Rs 750 per month.

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