Health Care Sector with 1-800 Toll Free: Transform Service, Quality and Delivery of Patient Care

In health care sector doctors provide clinical or medical treatment recommendations to needy people. If there is an emergency, patients contact the local paramedics. The patients, coming to the local hospitals if want to communicate their immediate requirement or complaints regarding ambulance facility or irregularity in treatment directly to the respective heath authorities, should have an 24X7 reachable contact no. for direct communication.

Now various hospitals & blood bank & centers have introduced 1-800 toll free numbers for convenience and accessibility of medical care facilities to the severe patients, poor people and illiterate people too. The patients can not only register their complaints regarding treatment irregularities but can also inform about inconvenience, ill-equipped OPDs or testing labs. Complaints regarding misbehavior of hospital staff and demand for money in lieu of treatment can also be registered through single assistance 1-800 toll free number . Help line Toll Free also reduces illegal medical practices in the hospitals and is also helpful in enhancing the treatment quality by increasing transparency level.

Evolve your hospital’s and doctors’ positive image with trusted solution that is cost effective and delivers the value to patient and also enables always-available patient care systems on the most reliable, industry-proven platform. for customers communication medium should be more interactive and collaborative. From remote areas for disease management, wireless technology is helping to improve healthcare outcomes and address the healthcare worker shortage.
Over the last decade, tele-health in India has been primarily facilitated and driven by government funding. The government now has a major policy initiative in mobile health.

Check out the following link for announcement of Health and Family Welfare Minister Ahmad Hasan on Toll Free no facility in hospitals.

How toll free 1-800 is useful in Hospitals

  1. In health care industry 1-800 Toll free no service is used as single Help line no for various emergency calling.
  2. Doctors will be in direct approach to the respective customers for appointment through IVR application.
  3. Customer may register their complaints on the Toll Free no by selecting the respective option in IVR
  4. Toll free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) panel will update the record of patients calls for long time by providing avenue to hospital management to promote their hospitals by helping and delighting their patients.
  5. 1-800 toll free no. could become the effective medium of mobile health i.e resolving customer’s health problem on a toll free call.

Benefit of availing 1-800 Toll Free no service in Health Care Sector

  1. Customer help line Toll free no works as the convenience and assistance tool for needy patients.
  2. Unforgettable positioning of the Hospital in the mind of target customer segment for providing more convenience way to health care service.
  3. Enhance availability of instant services to needy customer.
  4. Toll Free 1-800 no also works as tool for awareness of various disease in health scenario, thus Doctors may disseminate information to their target segment.
  5. Hassle free appointment accessibility can be provided to the seeking patients by 1-800 Toll free no.
  6. Present the availability by 24×7 at door step of target customer.

Vikram Hospitals
Apollo Hospitals
UP State Health Department

Author: Ms Surya Batham

Toll free 1800 in Travel and Hospitality Industries

Local, national, international, people everywhere are always looking for a great new place to vacation and they will typically start their search on the web.Toll free number allows you to expand your client base nationwide, and provide improved customer service by making it possible for everyone to call you for free.Promote a Nationwide company allows customers from all over the country to contact you. If your number has a local prefix, customers may assume that you serve that local area only. Toll-free numbers make your business seem more accessible to everyone. In the past, toll free numbers required hardware installation and costly service bills each month to maintain it, toll free numbers are now affordable to everyone.Create a Professional Business Image also.

Why customer can call on toll free number of tour & travel companies?
  1. Customer can call because he wants to know about weekend promotions about tour packages
  2. Customer can call on toll free number because  he wants to know about popular travel destination and rates for complete packages.
  3. Company announce offer plans for customers time to time, regarding this customer can call on toll free number.
  4. Customer can call on toll free number regarding thier bookings for holiday package.
  5. Mostly tour and travel companies have multiple branches, we can connect multiple branches with one toll free number.
  6. Obtaining a toll-free number can also make your company seem more professional

Why tours & travel companies use toll free number?

  1.  Announce a weekend promotion
  2. Spotlight a new travel destination
  3. Highlight travel advisories and provide tips for travelers
  4. Promote events in popular travel destinations
  5. Announce new tours or travel options
  6. Increase Results of Advertising
  7. Create a Professional Business Image
  8. Operate a Business from Anywhere a toll free number allows consumers to have incoming calls to the toll free line forwarded to the phone number of their choice.(mobile number or land line number)
Author: Neharika Monga

Free IVR Service and Auto Attendant

This plan is no longer available

Yes, you saw it right. Ziffy is offering (for limited time and to very few customers on first come first serve basis) our Cloud based IVR platform for free of cost i.e. no monthly rental or any other hidden charges.

You will pay only for the calls you will use i.e for incoming calls.

Monthly Rental: Rs 1000  (waived)
Incoming Call Charges (includes call forwarding): Rs 1 per minute
Security Deposit: Rs 1000/-

IVR Number Series: 0522-3xxxxxx

How to start?

To start you need to register an account with Ziffy from and than make a payment of Rs 1000/- towards security deposit (this amount is your maximum credit limit i.e. your monthly bill will never exceeds this amount).

What you will get?

  1. 2 level deep IVR system
  2. Call forwarding on unlimited numbers
  3. 100% call logs
  4. Missed call alerts through email & SMS
  5. Handle 6000 calls at a time
  6. Works 24×7
  7. Subscription Module
  8. Call Back Request Module
  9. Free Click2Call widget for the website (Call Charges of Rs 1.50 per minute)
  10. API calls will be charged @ Rs 1000/- per month per instance
Terms and Conditions
  1. 50 minute usage required per month to keep the service active.
  2. All disputes are subject to Lucknow jurisdictions
  3. Security amount is non-refundable 
  4. IVR recordings should be provided by the customer.


Resell Toll Free 1800 Numbers and become toll free service provider

In India there are 25 Lakhs registered SME & SMB and only few thousands are using toll-free numbers due to it’s activation hassles and recurring variable costs. But Ziffy is changing toll-free industry in India.

You can also be the part of this high growth industry and join the revolution.

Ziffy offer three plans for our partners to join and resell toll-free services across India.

  1. Associate
  2. Reseller
  3. Channel Partner


Every plan comes with different benefits and investment requirements.


Associates are the freelancers who are independent partners for Ziffy. They resell ziffy services on pay-as-you-go basis and take their share from the deal through Ziffy on monthly basis. This partner program is  best suited for individuals who are already working somewhere and looking forward for some extra or side income from their spare time.

Investment Required: Nil (click to register)


Resellers are independent companies who want to increase their product portfolio with Toll Free 1800 number service along with their own products. They purchase services in bulk from Ziffy and then resell to their customers on a white label panel with their own pricing and support.

Ziffy works in the background and provide all services and support to the resellers and the end user will get all support from the reseller.

Investment Required: Rs 20,000 (click to register)

Channel Partners

Channel Partners (termed as ZVP “Ziffy Valuable Partner”) are Ziffy franchise holders. They work on Ziffy’s name and brand and can offer all the services and features offered by Ziffy to their end users. All billing will be done on the name of Ziffy and channel partners will get a good share of the total sale per month.

ZVP are franchise holder for a whole city and all resellers and associates are directly billed by them on behalf of Ziffy. ZVP is provided only to the competent parties those have vast interest in promoting the product and capable of generating good sales per month.

Investment Required: Rs 1,00,000/- (click to register)

Get a virtual receptionist @ Rs 300 per month

  • 20% of all ‘new’ business comes in by phone and 80% of callers will not ring back if they can’t speak to someone – are you missing valuable opportunities?
  • Finding the ‘right’ outsourced partner that you can trust will free up your time as well increase your profitability.

Ziffy Virtual Receptionist (ZVR) gives you confidence that none of your calls will ever get missed.

We take care of each and every call 24×7 along with the unprecedented features like:

  1. Real time call logging.
  2. Professional IVR in your customized voice.
  3. Call forwarding, Missed Call Alerts, Subscription based services available as free add-ons.
  4. 24x7 availability and unlimited* number of call handling per day.


Yearly Rental: Rs 3600/- (Service Tax  & Bank Charges will be extra)

Incoming Call Charges: Rs 0.75 per minute (includes call forwarding to your number).

Billing Method: Post-paid (monthly)

Terms of Service

    • Service will be provided on 0522 series number.
    • Call forwarding is allowed only on one number unless IVR is provided.
    • IVR recording should be provided by the client.
    • Amount paid is non-refundable
    • Usage bill will be provided every 30th day of your billing cycle and due amount should be paid within 3 days.
    • Setup charges of Rs 1000 will be charged extra and initial credit limit of Rs 1000 will be provided to the client.

Launching Subscription Module for IVRS

We are glad to introduce one more module for our IVRS services i.e. Subscriptions.

So what does “Subscription” means?

Subscription is an automated way to create an opt-in list for your users. As per TRAI you can not send any promotional details to the customers, if they are listed on DND or NCCPR registry but you can send them offers if, they have explicitly asked you for that. Therefore by adding subscription module on your IVR you can allow your customers to opt-in for the offers.

How to add in an Existing IVR?

Select the “IVR Settings” tab as displayed on the image above and select the “Subscription” from the drop down under option type. You can check the logs of (un)subscribed users from “Subscription Logs” tab.


Like all other module (i.e. Call Forwarding, Call Back Request and Voice Mail) “Subscription” module is also FREE with our IVR services.