Virtual Numbers with IVR for your Small / Home Business

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  1. Are you working from home or a solopreneur?
  2. Don’t want to give out your personal number to your business contacts but also reluctant to carry multiple devices?
  3. Having trouble finding out missed calls while attending an important meeting?
  4. Do you want to track how many calls your employees received for the campaign you ran on radio or local news paper?

If your answer is “Yes” for any of the above questions than you need a virtual number from Ziffy.

A virtual number works like a normal mobile number i.e. 09565636563 or 09554443322 but with many advance features like:

    • Auto call handling with pre-set IVR.
    • Advance call forwarding depending upon business hours.
    • Call routing to multiple users depending upon their¬†availability.
    • Real time call logs.
    • Instant missed call alerts via E-mail and PushAlerts (Android & iPhone) as well as on CRM panel.
    • A CRM panel to manage your call records.
    • 24×7 availability.
    • Can handle up to 6000 calls at a time.

How to get started?

You can either purchase the plan online or else call us on 0522-3098080 and one of our representative will guide you through activation process.

Plans and Costing?

Currently we are running a special promo offer:

Rental: Rs 3600/- per year
Setup: Nil
Security: Rs 1000 (your credit limit, refundable)
Call Rates: Rs 0.75 per minute

Ready to purchase? Call 0522-3098080 or Click Here

Launching Toll Free 1800 IVR Call Back Service

We are proud to launch yet another toll-free product, which will save your significant costs and still provide toll-free 1800 number flavour to your customers.

How it will work:

We will setup an IVR on 1800 Number. Customer listen to the IVR and press 1. Once the customer press 1 his call will be disconnected and details will be sent to the business owner through e-mail and via PushAlert (android) app as well as on the CRM panel.

No call forwarding will be allowed on this service.

Monthly Rental: Rs 799/-
Security: Rs 2200
Term: 6 Months, Setup: Rs 2000
Term: 12 Months, Setup: Rs 1000 (Rs 1000 discount)
Incoming Call Rate: 1.25
Call Forwarding: No
IVR: Yes (only 1 level)
Service Type: Toll-Free 1800

Service tax (12.36%) and bank charges (Rs 120) will be extra.

For more details please contact from