You don’t need Ziffy Cloud Telephony services

Yes, you don’t need ziffy cloud telephony services if you don’t want:

  1. Welcome audio prompt greets the caller with your company’s name.
  2. Input specific call forwarding (Press 1 or 2 …. 9) with IVR.
  3. 100% call logs on real time basis
  4. Multi-user CRM panel for call management
  5. Multiple call forwarding numbers for failover
    1. Cyclic – Even distribution of calls
    2. Straight – One by one call forwarding depending upon the sequence
  6. Time based call forwarding i.e. different numbers for office hours and different number for after working hours.
  7. Time based audio prompt for after working hours.
  8. Readymade templates, which includes
    1. Subscription: To let users subscribe to your service via IVR
    2. Call Back Request:
    3. Complaint Registration: Caller will get automated complaint number and you will be informed via e-mail.
    4. API Support: To get the caller details on your software/website.
  9. Missed and received call alerts via SMS and e-mail for future reference.
  10. Limit number of calls can be received per hour from a same number to check the abuse from unwanted elements.
  11. Blacklist unwanted and abusive callers so that they can’t call you.
  12. White-listing feature allows you to receive calls only from a specific set of users.
  13. Set working days and hours so that caller will be informed about the same.
  14. Detailed report will be sent via an email everyday, which includes you call pattern, call received and missed.
  15. Check your usage online anytime.
  16. Cloud telephony allows you to receive up to 6000 calls at a time.
  17. No expense on hardware or software at your end.
  18. Click to Call widget for website, which allows your site visitors to call you back without paying a paisa.

Still not convinced? Let us know your requirement and we will get back to you with best possible solution. Visit iWant

Your Wish, Our Command. Customized plan as per your requirement

Your wish is our command. Since every person has a different requirement than why stuck with a ready made plans for your telephony requirements?

Ziffy has launched an innovative service iWant, which allows you to customize the complete plan.

Just visit and let us know your requirement and we will get back to you with a customized plan according to your needs.

For more details please feel free to call on 09554443322 or 0522-3098080.

3 Years of Service with One Year Advance Rental – Triple Blast Offer

Now enjoy 2 years (24 months services free) with one year advance rental with Ziffy 1800 Toll-Free service.

Plan Name: Triple Blast
Service Type: Toll-Free 1800 (with IVR or Missed Call)

Rental: Rs 4500 per month
Payable Term: 12 months
Free Term: 24 months
Total Service Period: 36 months

Total Rental: Rs 54000
Free call per month: Rs 500
Call Rate: 1.75 per minute
Security Amount (Refundable): Rs 5800
Setup (Non Refundable): Rs 2500

Total Payable: 62300
Service Tax: 7700.28
Net Payable: 70000/-

For more details please call 09554443322 or 0522-3098080