Unlimited Toll Free 1800 Plan

Yes, you asked it and we act on it…. Introducing Toll-Free 1800 Unlimited Plan first time in India.

Plan Name: UNLIMTD*
Yearly Rental: Rs 42831.63 (all inclusive, no hidden charges)
Call Rate: Rs 0

Service Type: 1800 Toll Free Number

To buy visit http://www.ziffy.in/iwant.asp or call 09554443322 or 0522-3098080


*Fair usage policy apply. Not for personal use.
Simultaneous Calls: 1
Max Call Duration: 10 minutes
Duplicate Calls (per hour): 2

Completely revamped MIS panel

We know, we had the most boring MIS panel but now things have changed 🙂 thanks to all our esteemed users and their valuable feedback.

We have updated the panel with new and simple design so you don’t get lost in it and get to the things you are looking for.

Go check it from the same MIS link you used to visit to get the most valuable data.

We are still listening and welcome your valuable feedback.