Happy Diwali – Get a Toll Free Number on EMI

HAPPY DIWALI Get a Toll Free Number on EMI


ZNI Team wishes you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!!

Diwali is a festival of Godess Laxmi and for us, all the business owners Laxmi comes from our work and customers. It’s time to offer your customers an unique experience of customer support with an automated, IVR based toll free number and that’s too in your budget.

First time in India Ziffy is launching a toll free number service on EMI (Equal Monthly Instalments)  so that you don’t have to worry about the expenses upfront and pay us as you go along and start earning through it.

Offer Plan Details: (Buy Online)

Monthly Rental: Rs 3000
Setup + Security: Rs 4200
Bank Charges: Rs 120
Total (With Tax): Rs 45,304 for 12 months of service
Call Rates: Rs 0.30 (thirty paise) per minute

EMI Scheme:

Down Payment: Rs 13,200
6 Monthly Instalments: Rs 5,351

Note on EMI Scheme:

Kindly note in EMI scheme we will need 6 post dated cheques from your side. In case of non-payment of EMI even on a single month will result in termination of your account.

For plan details kindly contact us from http://www.ziffy.in/iwant.asp

Buy Toll Free Numbers Online in India

Buying  a Toll Free number for your business is just a 5 minute process, thanks to Ziffy. If, you are looking to buy a toll free number for your company or website with cheap call rates and best in class services than look no where and click here.

It’s just 5 minute process, which includes:

  1. Search and select the desired toll free number
  2. Select a plan
  3. Create an account
  4. Make Payment
  5. Scan and send your documents via email
  6. And you are ready to roll.

UNO3K: Best Toll Free 1800 Plan

Plan Name: UNO3K

Call Rate: Rs 0.30 per minute

Rental: Rs 3000 per month

Term: 12 months advance

Setup: Rs 2000

Security: Rs 2200

Total Payable: Rs 45,304/- (with tax) (Buy Online)

Terms and Conditions (Plan Specific)

  1. 10 minute maximum call duration per call.
  2. Two calls per hour from same number.
  3. 1000 Minutes of free calling per month