Did You Know These Terms Related to Cloud Telephony?


Hosted PBX?

As the name itself indicates, a hosted PBX is a phone system which operates in the clouds and hence there is no need of a physical PBX. The virtual numbers get activated on the existing mobiles or landlines.

They are highly scalable, easy to manage, cost effective and perfect for the businesses of all sizes.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

Whenever you dial a toll free number the computerized interactive voice that you listen is IVR. The interactive voice allows computers and human interaction either through the use of Voice commands or DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency). Callers are prompted and guided by the PBX when IVR is activated like “Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support etc.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP):

VOIP refers to the technology which allows voice and multimedia to be delivered over Internet Protocol (IP) networks like Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The technology is available on computers and devices having Internet access.

Voice Broadcasting:

The days of conventional calling are over and during campaigning, institutes and organizations make use of voice broadcasting. In this technology, message is recorded and broad casted to a list of phone numbers in a fraction of seconds. Voice broadcasting services are given mainly for the purpose of campaigning.

Origin Dependent Routing:

This is the situation when subscribers demand that the inbound calls should originate from a particular state only and not from all across the nation.











5 Good Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Toll Free Number


So are you one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who dream to be a boss of their own and coming across several hurdles? You do not know what plans and strategies would work best for you..Need not worry! Find out why investing in a toll free number should be one of your priorities. Here are the 5 good reasons

3 Useful Tips to Improve Sales Using Social Media


Social Media Marketing has shown a boom in the recent times as more businesses than ever are waking up to its significance in boosting sales and building strong with the customers. But, just posting in the major social media platform is not enough. Reaping the optimal benefits of social media needs efforts and a well planned content strategy. Let us have a quick look at certain useful tips and tricks that can let you make the best possible use of social media marketing.

Build Relations With the Top Engaging People:

There are certain people who show up on your feeds consistently. These people are known as the top engagers and to reap the optimum benefits, these top engagers either like, comment, share your posts regularly. Let them know that you praise their support and treat them especially. But, that does not mean you should stop trying for those who are non engaged. Running campaigns and contests capture the interests of all.

Building on line relations are just like building relations in the real life, if you stop making efforts to stay in touch with your visitors, your brand would not be endorsed and as the result of which you will lose referrals and sales.

Explore What Your Customers Actually Want:

Put on your efforts to find out what your customers want actually. Take a look at insights and see which of your posts are the most engaging. When you are able to zero in on the most engaging posts, you would be able to frame a social media strategy that can drive in the maximum number of visitors.

People do On line Window Shopping. Make Your Social Media Platforms Virtual Window Display:

Window shopping leads to sales eventually and similar go true with on line shopping as well so try to make your social media pages a virtual shopping window. You can highlight an intrigue idea to engage people or can make the page visually appealing by posting the images that attract the eyes. Make yourself visually attractive so that people can find you easily.

Last but not the least, aim at providing opportunities for user-generated content. Let them speak their mind of and reward them for doing so. By this way, you will see the spurt of people reaching you and eventually it will meet your goal of improving sales.

How Will You Get Toll Free Numbers?


Whether you plan to open a business a unit or just want to set up a virtual shop, the eventual aim of all businesses is to sell. Toll free number is a key that can make your business thrive. There are multi-pronged benefits of toll free numbers that are all the more apparent.

Right from organizing your business to generating leads and building brand image, the benefits of toll free numbers are hard to ignore. No wonder that more businesses than ever today are switching to these numbers and have a one question creeping into their minds and that is how to get toll free numbers?

How Will You Get Toll Free Numbers?

It is simple, easy and quick!!

You are waken up to the benefits of toll free numbers and want to get hold of one for your business but wonder how. Worry not! it is a simple process. If you have all the requisite documents and know your requirement, you are here to go!

What Documents Would You Need?

You need a couple of documents to be eligible for the subscription. Here is a quick look of what all you need:

  • Incorporation certificate ( Proof of your company’s registration)
  • Address ID Proof
  • A Purchase Order
  • You need your partner’s Address ID proof and Partnership Resolution Letter if yours is a partnership firm. If yours is a Pvt Ltd. company you need a Board Resolution Letter.

What Comes Next?

Step 1:

Once you have all the documents with you, you need to select a toll free plan sent to you by the vendor as per your usage and budget. Companies keep in coming up with offers from time to time. So keep tabs to get the best deal.

Step 2:

If you have selected the best suited plan (plans can be customized also to suit your needs.), you are there to go. Select a convenient payment gateway, make the payment, accept the terms and conditions of the vendor and your number gets activated in a couple of hours.

No Hardware or software installation, just get your number activated on the present mobile or land line equipment that you are using. Activating virtual number on your current hardware does not affect your present calls.

Think wisely can make your business grow in leaps and bounds by switching to the clouds and going toll free.


How Improving Sales Become Possible With Toll Free Numbers?


So, you are smart enough to own an official website, but are you aware of the fact that most of the people quit your website without making any purchase if they do not find a toll free number? This is because of the reason apparent. Toll free numbers encourage your customers to call you because they are exempted from the call charges. When more people reach you, your product/service will be in direct conversation. Here are the reasons why these numbers can help in generating more leads, improving sales and can prove to be the best ROI.

Monitor and Track Your Marketing Campaign Efficiently:

To test whether toll free numbers are effective marketing tool or not, you can run your different marketing campaigns using different numbers and see in which campaign you have got the best ROI.

To make your marketing campaign successful, you need a toll free number. If you indulge in multiple market campaigning then obtaining a toll free number is more like a necessity for you. Not only this, you can also monitor your incoming calls and this will let you predict the growth of your business proficiently.

Boost Your Customer Satisfaction:

You have certain working hours. Apparently, no office remains open all through the day. With the help of toll free numbers you can make yourself available round the clock. They can call you any time of the day. This helps in enhancing customer satisfaction as they can reach you at the hour of their need.

You Never Miss a Single Lead:

When your customers call you and you remain busy on other calls then you tend to miss a lead. In 80% of the cases people do not call back unless they are very desperate. When you are subscribed to a toll free number, your customers do not get busy tones ever as several lines run in parallel. Not only this, you can track all the missed calls and get the database of the clients that have called you through the day.

CRM Panel Allows Analyze Calls and Monitor Vital Statistics:

With the help of CRM or Customer Relationship Management Panel you can analyze all the inbound calls. All the calls that you receive, the calls that you have missed, what time of the day maximum customers call you and much more.

Apparently, toll free numbers are the most valuable advertising tactic. These numbers tend to receive more consumer attention than the other contact numbers and hence increase leads, generate sales and prove to be the best ROI.


5 Problems of Online Businesses Solved by Toll Free Numbers!


More businesses than ever today are cashing on the power of Internet. With a little investment, virtual businesses can gain an edge over the businesses that have physical existence. Henceforth, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur and have budget constraints, starting online business is the best thing that you can do. Next, buy a toll free number and get a regular influx of customers. Wondering how? Given here are the 5 reasons to invest in toll free numbers. Let us have a quick look:

You Are Virtual! Worry Not!

Let Interactive Voice Response Create Your Brand!

Since you are virtual and people cannot see your splendid infrastructure, inventory, manpower or anything. Let IVR be your identity! When people call you, a professional interactive voice tends to create a positive brand image. So, even if you are a beginner and cannot splurge in infrastructure, let the people calling you have the impression of yours being big and having several departments.

You Cannot be there 24X7! Worry Not!

Track Each Sales and Support Call:

With the help of several features that are made available with the toll free numbers, you can track all sales and support calls. So, worry not even if nobody is present physically to attend the call, the database of missed calls can be seen on the CRM panel and hence all the calls can be tracked.

You are Unknown and People Do Not Reach You. Worry Not!

Make them Reach You Free of Cost:

When your business go toll free more people reach you from far and wide because they know that they do not have to pay anything for it. This will boost sales and helps you understand your customers better.

You Have a Difficult Time Tracking Sales and Transactions. Worry Not!

Let CRM Panel do this for you!

With the help of CRM panel that is made available with the toll free number, you can track the sales and all the transactions that you make in a month. Not only this, you can keep track of all the vital statistics and analytics at the end of month.

You Cannot Sustain A Huge Competition. Worry Not!

Understand and Analyze Your Customer Needs Better and Stay Ahead

With everyone joining the fray of online business, you tend to face a tough competition. Making your business toll free helps you to be a forerunner because you can understand and analyze your customers needs better, can track all the leads and can create a huge database of customers.

Online businesses are growing rapidly and in the near future these businesses are going to witness a huge boom. So, once you are smart enough to open an online business, become smarter by going toll free.

How CRM Panel of Your Toll-free Number Drive-in Sales and Retain Customers?


CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management that helps in custom retention and improve your relationship with customers. But, do you know when you buy a toll free number you are provided with a comprehensive CRM panel which can help you manage all the database of the incoming calls and hence helps in managing your business communication smoothly. Let us have a quick look as to how CRM Panel helps retain your customers.

Get All the Details of Inbound Calls:

If you are expecting a large number of inbound calls and lack a proper channel to manage them you tend to lose leads. This is the first sign which indicates that your business needs a CRM channel. How many calls are answered, how many calls are rejected and how many went unanswered. As a subscriber, you can see all this on your CRM panel. You can gauge the flow of incoming calls and vital statistics that at which time of the day people call you the most.

You Can Trace All the Details of Prospective Customers:

With the help of CRM panel, you can trace the details of the customers calling to you when you can track the details of your customers you can generate leads which can become your potential buyers.

Get Insight into Your Customer’s’ Preferences:

CRM is a good way to get a complete insight into what your customer prefer. This helps in nurturing your relationship with your customers. With the help of feedback you can improvise your services and boost sales. This also means a better interaction with your clients.

Do Away With Tedious Reporting System:

With the help of CRM panel, you can manage all the vital data, analytics and statistics of your customers and hence you can do away with the tedious reporting system. That can save tons of paperwork and resources.

Now, without being physically present in the office, get all the insight of your callers, keep them happy and keep your business organized with the help of CRM panel. Be a smart entrepreneur, save money, save time, save efforts and drive in more sales. Think different and come out to be a winner. Let a better business management tell your success saga!

5 Reasons to Buy Toll Free Numbers for Your Educational Institute Today!


Among so many other sectors, education sector is one such sector that need to manage a huge database. Taking this fact into consideration, more education sectors than ever today have felt the need to buy toll free numbers. If you also own an educational institute where tracking and analysis are becoming an uphill task then toll free number is what you need. Enumerated here are the 5 good reasons for that. Let us have a quick look.

Do Away With a Huge Manpower:

There are certain occasions like admissions and declaration of results when institutes need to handle a large number of queries. Not only this, handling of calls by manpower results in the accumulation of unorganized information. Toll free numbers can automate the process. This is so because these numbers are made available to the customers with plenty of features like call logs, call recordings, missed call alert etc that prevent a huge loss of data.

Communication With Patrons Becomes Easy:

Conveying information to the patrons is a regular task of all the educational institutes. With the help of toll free numbers, you remain updated with the information like who all have called you through the day and this in turn helps in keeping the communication process smooth with the patrons. Apart from this, with the help of Bulk SMSes they can be updated with the latest information. Also, archival of content and generation of report become easy.

Handling of Inbound Calls Efficiently:

Admission and result declaration are the two peak seasons when a sizable number of calls are expected. Subscription to a toll free number means handling of the calls more efficiently and professionally. There is no need of manpower for handling customary queries. When callers are interacted with voice response there is no need of a real person.

Never Get Busy Tones During Admission Procedure:

Admission time is the most crucial time for any educational institute. When several lines run parallel, users never get busy tones and the calls can be handled efficiently. The services can be modulated as per the needs of the subscribers which is not possible in the case of traditional PBX.

Best Value for Money:

Since toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that can be activated on your present land line or mobile phones so you need not invest in any infrastructure. These services are available on subscription basis and can be modulated as per the needs of your institute.

Know the Right Facts Before You Buy Toll Free Numbers


That they build your brand and prove to be the best value for the money are the two reasons that compel you to buy toll free numbers. But, there is much more than what meets the eyes actually! Whether you are a beginner with limited resources or a well-established business unit, get to know how it initiates business growth, how it helps in expanding marketing reach and how it keeps your business organized. Unleashed here are certain facts knowing which toll free numbers would no longer be a mysterious concept.

Gain 84% More Leads:

When your brand is yet to establish, you face a real tough time in generating leads. As per a recent study conducted, toll free numbers increases lead generation by 84%. This is so because they are easy remember, they do not cost anything to the customers. Besides this, you know that a majority of your customers remain busy. With the help of IVR or Interactive Voice Response facility that is provided along with toll free numbers, they can reach their destination without wasting their time.

Require Neither hardware Nor Software:

Toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that can be activated on the existing devices (landline, PBX, mobile). Henceforth, you need neither hardware nor software to buy toll free numbers which means you need only a little monetary investment. In fact, the mere upfront costs you will incur are the costs associated with calls only.

It Builds Brands for Sure:

Just come to think of it! When you call a company and get guided by a virtual receptionist to your destination, how do you feel? It is apparent for you to think high about the company. Not only this, toll free vanity numbers can spell your brand name and hence prove to be an effective marketing tool. Big companies invest a fairly good amount on marketing. Just buying a toll free number can make a sea of difference to your brand. For instance, 1800-Ziffy is a number that can give you the brand recognition from far and wide.

You Cannot Miss Leads:

This is so because toll free numbers come with a lot of features like call logs, call forwarding, missed call service and a lot others. These all features enable the subscribers to keep track of all the callers and hence missing leads become next to impossible.

More businesses than ever are waking up to the fact that toll free numbers empower their business. If you think that it is high time to trash your traditional phones and buy toll free numbers….be in touch.

How to Get a Toll Free Number for Your Business?


Most of the businesses today is waking up to the fact that toll free number is a brand creator. Reducing the perceived geographic distance and taking away the financial onus on the customers are the two apparent benefits of toll free numbers. Though they are easy to obtain, but most of the business owners, especially the startups with low budget wonder how to get a toll free number that they can easily afford and that can prove to be a boon for their newly started business.

If you are one such businessmen who are looking for buying a toll free number and do not the requisite procedure, this article is meant for you.

What All Do You Need?

Though toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that do not need hardware installation and can be activated on your existing landline or mobile number but still, there are certain things that you need to know to get toll free numbers.

  • You need a computer and net accessibility.
  • You need phone numbers for the set up of call forwarding.
  • A business phone line
  • One ID proof, one address proof and one proof of the registration of your company.

What Comes Next?

  • Once you have all the documents ready with you and have an existing landline or mobile equipment, you need to either have a debit or a credit card or at least an existing bank account to make the money transaction feasible.
  • Next, you need to decide what the format of your toll free number should be. The first four numbers is the country code. For instance, 1-800 is the code for India. The companies that are out to promote their brand can choose vanity numbers like 1-800-Ziffy. Since vanity numbers are customized, they are expensive, but create a strong brand image.
  • Some businesses need international access on their toll free numbers while others restrict foreign calls because of the high costs of charges attached to it. So, unless you have very high foreign clientele it is not wise to go for international access on your toll free numbers.
  • Once you have subscribed the number, you need to have either credit or debit card to set up monthly payments. Always bear in mind that when need to subscribe to a toll free number, you need to furnish all your business information and also a phone number that can be registered with the vendor.
  • Once you have submitted all the requisite documents and made the initial payment, you can sign in and set up the phone service. You can choose call forwarding to multiple numbers and can set your virtual receptionist that can route the calls of your customers. You can also choose the option to set up voice mail and can avail tons of facilities like call logs, missed call service that can help manage and organize your business communication smoothly.

Once you know the significance of toll free number for your business, stop wondering where and how to get a toll free number. The process is simple and the benefits are plenty!