Packing and Crafting Services: How toll fee numbers help?


Moving household is a challenging task. When people plan to move they wonder where to find the right packers and crafters, what do they do? Apparently, all the wise people just grab a toll free number directory and start making free calls to arrange for the service all free of cost.

All the budget conscious people think twice before investing in major or minor investments. Moving fragile goods safely without damage is a big task and when the packing and crating service owns a toll free number it becomes no lesser than a boon for you.

Can Be Reached Even At Odd Hours:

If your customer have to pack and go all of sudden at any odd hour of the day, they can reach you if you own a toll free number. You can be reached by them at any time of the day and anywhere. As the numbers come with a number of features like missed call service, call forwarding and IVR.

Make Your Company Look like a Brand:

All the brand conscious people when call on toll free numbers and get to hear a professional IVR, they tend to think high about the service you deal with. Packing and Moving service is one such sector that make your company look like a brand and when they look for a service that can transport their ultra-expensive but fragile goods safely, they rely only on brand.

More Customers’ Acquisition and Retention:

Needless to say, toll free numbers are boon for  start up businesses and this is the biggest of all benefits for all business. This is so because your customers are exempted from any charge and can call you more for resolving their queries. This helps in creating goodwill with them and helps you retain them.


How Missed Call Alert Service Helps You Generate More Leads?


To put it in the simple terms, the Missed Call Alert (MCA) service is used by the subscribers to get notified for all the calls they miss when they are unreachable. With the help of call logging and notification system, they are informed about the parties which have called them when they were not reachable.

In which Segments Missed Call Alert Service?

Basically, it is a web based application that keeps the customers engaged. Apparently, businesses use this service for the purpose of lead generation because with the help of this service they can never miss a single call or queries. They are used for:

  • Voting
  • Polling
  • Customer feedback
  • Opt-in process
  • Verification

How the Service Works?

  • In missed call alert service, the subscribers get a dedicated number.
  • When customers call on that number, they receive an auto confirmation SMS that thank him for calling and informs that their number has been registered.
  • Numbers of the callers are stored in database.
  • Executives can then call back soon to understand the requirements or concern of their customers.

Important Features of Missed Call Alert Service:

  • It is a hassle-free and easy way to retain all the prospective clients. After dialling the phone calls cut automatically after dialling.
  • It is cost-effective way as it costs nothing for the callers.
  • The service can be activated both on mobile and land line phones.
  • Real time notifications are sent via SMS and emails.
  • It can be easily integrated with SMS and Emails, IVR.
  • Easily integrated with SMS, IVR & Emails.

How Missed Call Service Means More Business?

The rule of thumb in every business remains the one and same. “Grab more customers to get more profits.” But, this is just not enough! If you want your customers to get converted into subscribers and want to bring more profits to your business, you should try using missed call alert service.

With the help of missed call service alert you can convert your customers into subscribers. Normally, customers are those who avail both your goods and services just once but subscribers means recurring business. So, in order to expand your business you need to have subscribers. Indeed, with the exponential rise of Internet users, a lot of technologies like email marketing, bulk SMS etc. are being used to grab the potential customers. But, always remember that your customers are as busy as you are. Taking this point into consideration, missed call service becomes the shortest and the easiest path to reach your customers.

What Other Benefits Can it Have?

The process of missed call alert service is just a cakewalk. You just need to provide your customers a number and with one ring, the call gets disconnected itself and that number gets saved in the database from that very moment.

Cost Effective Way to Grab Customers:

Apparently, missed call service saves a huge amount of money because it requires a huge investment and maintaining a single database. Compare it with other modes of advertising!! So start investing other important resources and save money.

Put Your Customers At Ease:

With the help of these numbers you can put your customers at ease as if they are busy they just need to drop a missed call to you and that’s it! So, the shortest path to reach your customers is a missed call service.

Make Your Customers Subscribe You!

Your customers are not required to fill any long and tedious forms and reaching you with the help of just a ring puts them at ease especially if they maintain a hectic schedule.

In short it is quick, effective and dependable…smart marketers listening?

How Are Toll Free Numbers Disconnected and Made Available to Others?


It so happens sometimes that when you check with the instant 800 Lookup or dial a toll free number, it is found to be disconnected. These numbers are in the transition period and said to be in the “Aging Process.” and they are returned to the available pool so that new users can order them.

Why Toll-free Numbers Are Disconnected?

Needless to say, toll free numbers get disconnected either when subscribers cancel the number or fails to pay for the number in the given time frame. The number gets disconnected and go back to the operators where new subscriber can order. But what happens in the meantime?

What is Waiting Period?

Waiting period is the period which is meant for giving the previous owners a substantial amount of time to retrieve their old number. This is also done with the purpose of cutting down the possibilities of wrong numbers. Sometimes the owners retrieve their numbers but most of the time they do not.

What Are You Looking For?

So, if you have taken a fancy towards any number, you must be on a look out. But, yes even if you are all out to seize them at the earliest opportunity, it takes a considerable time and effort. That apart, they would definitely cost you more than the other ordinary numbers. It is important to note that there are certain grabbers that seize these numbers for selling or renting these numbers at a fabulous amount.

There are certain instances when phone companies disconnect toll free numbers internally only and do not disconnect them in the national database. These numbers which are disconnected only locally do not find place in the aging process.

Why There is Such a Huge Demand of Special Toll-free Numbers?

The biggest reason of toll free numbers being in such a huge demand is that it brings more customers to your business or supporters to the cause that you are promoting. The vanity toll free number proves to be no lesser than a boon to your brand image! So, grab the asset before someone else grabs it!

Boost Profits With Toll Free Numbers


Being an entrepreneur the first thing that creeps into your mind are profits and boosting revenue for your company. There are palpable reasons why toll free numbers are helpful in boosting overall revenue of your company. Let us have a quick look at how:

Is Your Company Tired of Losing Valued Customers?

There can be multiple reasons of losing your customers and your inaccessibility is one of the biggest reasons. Do they remember your phone number? Do your customers think twice before calling you repeatedly specially if you are located out of their cities? Yes, they do and in a world where people maintain hectic schedule, your phone number is hard to remember.

So What Can You Do?

There is one clear-cut solution for retaining your customer. Subscribe to a toll free number. When your customers are exempted from charges and can call you free of charge irrespective of your location nation wide then they tend to call you more and are likely to become your prospective customers.

Not only this, all toll free numbers have a common 1800 (code for India) and a 3-4 digit common numbers controlled by operators. So, your customers need to remember just 4 numbers. Moreover, if you choose a vanity number that can spell your company name or the business you deal with then you can create your brand image in a big way without investing more!

Saving is Earning! Isn’t it?

You can save a great deal of money. Buying a toll free number means that you are cutting down on costs of heft monthly bills you pay. You do not need to pay anything for maintenance of the number as this is done by the service provider. That apart, you need not incur any cost on installation of hardware and can activate these numbers on your current land line or mobile numbers.

Needless to say, more queries means more prospective customers and that means more leads which eventually means more profits!


6 Things You Should Keep in Mind To Reap The Maximum Benefit of IVR

Despite the fact that it has been proved to be a cost-effective solution, time-saver and a great tool to improve efficiency, IVR has been used so poorly by the businesses that reaping even half of its benefits would not be possible for them. Given here are the six best practices that give you the optimum benefit of it.


Keep it Simple, Easy and Clear to Use:

Put yourself into the shoes of your customers and just come to think of this! Would you like to press a lot of buttons and spend a long time on your phone? Obviously no. so, make your IVR as simple as possible and useful to the customers. The more simpler you make it, the better it would be.

Keeping the Decision Tree Shallow Helps:

The thumb rule of keeping IVR system works but you should make very sure that the options you keep on the branch should be less than 3 or less. More options as well as the customers both have to wait and they can get overwhelmed which in turn may lead to their forgetting the earlier options. Making trees deeper than the 3 branches can make the callers feel trapped and the whole system will prove to be futile.

Keep it Refreshed:

Like any other thing you use, your IVR also needs periodic attention so that it can stay optimal and you reap its optimum benefits. If you do not refresh the IVR system periodically, it would not be updated as per the needs of your callers. So, make a plan to review periodically and keep on updating IVR every 3-6 months.

Keep the Option of Reaching the Live Agent Open:

Being trapped in an IVR system as a caller is very disgusting. So, there are many companies that have to give callers the option of reaching live agents when they require. If the IVR system you have installed addresses the concerns of the callers properly then an agent would not be needed. However, if any caller needs a live agent he should have the option to do so.

Use the Words Rationally:

Directing callers to the company’s website to get their problems resolved is stupid because in all the probability, they have visited your site before reaching to you. So, suggesting them to go back to the site is stupid.

Avoid Giving Marketing Information During a Call:

Do not give up to the temptation of marketing during phone calls. Callers dial the number to make queries and selling at that time is going to nag them. So, better avoid it. Most of your customers view it as a complete waste of time.

IVR can prove to be one of the most powerful branding tools only if it is used wisely. If you want to create a positive impression of your company in the minds of your customers, start following the above given six practices and get the optimum benefit of it.

Why Cloud PBX is a New Itinerary For Call Centers These Days?


Owing to multi-dimensional pressure which is caused either by the changing compliance frameworks or by the bewildering service level agreements, call centers always look out for software solutions. No wonder, why Cloud PBX has become a rage. More call centers than ever today are eying Cloud telephony because of high scalability, flexibility, security and cost effectiveness. But there is much more than what meets the eyes. Let us see why Cloud PBX has become indispensable for your business rather than just a matter of choice.

Operational Efficiency: How A Cloud PBX Increases it?

Call routing, call screening, automatic call distribution, call screening, call tracking and a lot more. These features tend to increase the operational efficiency. Tracking of calls is important not for maintaining the quality of services but for the security reasons also. Call tracking software ensures that your customers get the right resolution that they look for. This is a great way to get the customers satisfied by and large.

Calls of the Agents Can Be Recorded:

Call recording is another great feature of cloud telephony. The software is capable of capturing details like name of the agent, date, Caller-ID, DNIS, file size etc. The recorded files can then accessed over the Internet anywhere and can be downloaded to the local drive for future reference.

Know the Status of Call Queues:

Knowing the status of call queues is no more a problem. With virtual numbers knowing the status of queues is made easy. Call managers are able to see whether the agents are active, on hold or idle. Not only this, watching out whether the agents are adhering to the SLA laid down by their clients or not.

Fly-Call Recording: What is this? How it Helps?

Fly-call recording is the feature provided to record calls for the quality purposes. This enables the agent to know how they sounded on the calls, where they went wrong and whether they need improvement.

Increasing operational efficiency and productivity becomes all the more easy with the Cloud PBX. Imagine a situation when all the telecom needs of your company is catered proficiently and you do not miss even a single call! So, due to the reasons apparent, an increasing number of call centers have trashed the old traditional PBX and have switched to the clouds.

4 Myths About Cloud Telephony Debunked!


Now that you know the basic differences between the traditional phones and Cloud PBX, there are certain myths that need to be dispelled. So, if you are using the old and traditional PBX and have several queries pertaining to the cloud PBX then given here are certain myths which you need to be debunked.

Myth 1: If my old phone system is fine and working well then it is better to stick to that because cloud PBX is expensive.

When you consider factors like maintenance of PBX, ever increasing carrier fee and cost of the changes that are made at time of the expansion and relocation & much more. if you calculate all the above and if you weigh the advantages of  cloud telephony, you would find the later valuable.

Not only this, if you wait for forced change such as equipment at the reduced rates or the closing or merging of the present telephony provider, then this rushed changeover can cost you dearly as it results in possible downtimes.

When you switch to Cloud Telephony, you will have an edge in the market apparently. Moreover, when you switch to the clouds, there would not be any installation charges and you do not need to pay any maintenance costs as the number would be virtual and can be activated on your present phone number.

Myth 2: Cloud PBX is not better than any cell phones:

The best of all Cloud PBX services have apps which connect your mobile phones into office phones. This gives you mobility and the advantages of a full business phone system. You can then use your Smartphones as a business extension wherever you want to go, you can reroute the calls at your will. On the contrary, you can not use your personal mobile number for business so you cannot get business calls when you travel.

Myth 3: All the phones break down, cloud PBX must be the same. If the services of cloud telephony go down then?

If your premise based system begin to malfunction, you are left with no option other than redirecting your main number to mobile phone from your carrier. In case of a cable cut also, you will be down. On the other hand, you get 99.99% reliability in written from cloud service vendor. Apart from that in the hosted systems you can login remotely via an app on your Smart phones as the result of which you are never down.

Myth 4: When i need cloud phones, i need to re-cable my premises.

If you have Category 5 or better network computer cable, you do not need to. Most of the cloud telephony service providers facilitate you with the apps that can be installed on Smart phones like I Phone or Android phones. This will enable your Smart phone operate act as cordless with no additional costs.

What Makes an IVR System Indispensable for Your Business?


So, yours is a small business unit and you have constrained resources? Do you run short of manpower and want to save money? If yes, then IVR is the right solution. Answering phone calls require a lot of time and not all calls deserve a trained worker. Then why should you invest in hiring manpower for the purpose? Smart companies are switching to IVR these days. Have you done the same?


Also known as Interactive Voice Response, IVR is a technology which allows a computer to interact with humans. In this technology, pre-recorded voice present information before the callers. To put it in simpler terms, IVR is an automated telephony which interacts with the calling party, collects the information and also routes calls to the recipients.

Why IVR?

There are certain FAQs which customers normally ask like office hours, phone directory and tech support queries. These questions are answered by  IVR so that customer service reps, tech support and salesmen can focus on other productive work. By subscribing to IVR services, companies are able to save a good amount of money.

Available 24X7:

IVR is a machine and hence it does not sleep. So, your customers can reach you any time of the day. Besides round the clock availability to your customers, IVR service can make your company look big. It is like an aura even for a small scale business.

Can You Get Tricky With IVR:

Undoubtedly, IVR system establishes a positive image of small scale companies that cannot splurge infrastructure. If you want the optimum benefit of IVR then you can you add several menu options for the different departments, all leading to the separate voice mail boxes.

In long and short, IVR is need of the hour for every business unit these days. If you are a smart investor looking for a business set up, then go for an IVR system. Gone are the days when IVR was a privilege of large telecom companies that could afford the software, hardware and a large staff to run in house IVR systems. Seriously considering to enhance brand image of your business? Look no further and get a professional voice for your business. Get IVR!

3 Biggest Myths About Vanity Toll Free Numbers Debunked!


Ultra-expensive, not meant for small businesses and all catchy numbers are already taken! There are a few myths about vanity numbers that need to be dispelled. All those who have taken a fancy towards vanity numbers but have wrong notions about them, need to clear their vision. Yes, it is true that owing to certain prevalent myths about vanity numbers, a lot of small business owners shy away from buying them. Debunked here are a few myths.

Myth 1: Vanity Numbers are Not For Small Businesses.

Small businesses and start ups think that vanity numbers would not be a great option because of the high costs attached to it. These businesses think that they need to reach a certain level before they consider buying vanity numbers.

Truth: Vanity Numbers are for All, irrespective of size.

A good industry specific vanity number makes customers think highly about you. No matter what the size of your company is. If you own a toll free vanity number, you would be able to boost the image of your company. These numbers are associated with the successful companies. One option that can prove to be great for small and local business units is to license a vanity number for specific geographic area. This way, your expenditure would be bore by others in the market and you would reap the benefit.

Myth 2: Vanity Numbers are Ultra Expensive.

Truth: They give you the best value for money.

If you consider the value that you get for the investment you make in purchasing them then you would find vanity numbers cost effective. This is so because the response rates are much higher and therefore if you run advertising campaigns, you reap much more benefits than the investment you have put on for purchasing these numbers. They are memorable and people associate a good repute with it!

Myth 3: All Catchy Numbers Are Not Available As They Are Already Taken.

Truth: No, they are specially ordered and take a little longer.

People are discouraged by the fact that vanity toll free numbers are displayed in the billboards and TV ads. They think that these numbers are normally not available. But this is not true. Yes, these numbers are ordered and take it take a little more time to set up these numbers but believing that these all are taken is a wrong notion.

Myopic views can cloud your vision. So, do not be under wrong impression and get a vanity toll free number today from a reliable vendor.

Toll Free and IVR Simplified in Just 7 Sentences!


  • Toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that are absolutely free for the callers whether they call from a mobile phone, land line or skype. They can call free on these virtual numbers from any geographic locations (excluding overseas) and from any network. Owners of these numbers have to pay for these incoming calls as per the plan they have selected.
  • These numbers are just virtual numbers which do not require any set up. These numbers can ring or forward to the local number specified by you it could be your existing land line number or any cell phone.
  • To get toll free number activated on your existing equipment, you do not have to make any changes to your present number.
  • Toll free numbers that spell the name of your company is a “Vanity Number.” The pricing of these numbers is no different. But these alphanumeric numbers or any particular sequential series cost you more because they are easy to memorise and hence tend to increase the response rates. These numbers are used during the advertising campaigns.
  • Toll free numbers are portable. So, if you plan to move your business to another state, you can do without changing your number. Also, you can switch to a new service provider any time.
  • The pre-recorded voice that is played when you dial a toll free number is called IVR. With the touch of  your phone’s keypad, the voice directs you to reach your destination point.
  • When you purchase a toll free number from an operator then you do not get the facilities like IVR and neither you get the the facilities like calls logs and call forwarding etc. So, it is always better to buy from a cloud telephony service provider to let you manage your calls much more efficiently.