Advantages Of Having Virtual Receptionist

Advantages Of Having Virtual Receptionist

Modern business is reliant on flexibility, availability, and cost efficiency. Customers expect to get exactly what they want, whenever they want, at a price they can afford, so your company needs to get creative to stay ahead of the competition. Many companies now choose to outsource work to virtual receptionist in order to increase productivity. Unfortunately, small businesses aren’t usually able to afford full-time receptionists and customer service reps. This is where a virtual receptionist comes into play. Here are a few of the many benefits offered by a virtual receptionist.

Save Money

As Comparison to a Full Time Receptionist virtual receptionist saves your money. They are able to handle a high volume of calls that are coming into your company at one time. You choose a plan and get billed based on call volume or time, rather than paying a hefty salary and benefits for an in-house employee to sit at a desk 9 hours a day. There are a variety of virtual receptionist services that are available today at great prices, making it an ideal choice for businesses in any field.


With a virtual receptionist, you never have to worry about the receptionist going on break or on vacation. Your phone lines will always be answered during the hours of operation. One of the biggest benefits that a virtual receptionist can bring to your business is the sense of availability to your existing and potential customers.Virtual receptionist will be available at peak times of the day, through the night, or in the morning before you walk in the door. It doesn’t matter if you are in the office or on vacation, your virtual receptionist service will be there.

Customer Satisfaction

Virtual receptionists are able to offer extended hours of service. This is great for business owners who want to open up their phone lines to customers during evenings and weekends, as well as traditional office hours. You are very likely to get a positive response from your customers who will feel like your business is meeting their needs. They will tell other people about your excellent customer service which will help you to build up a fantastic reputation for your business.

Increased Productivity

Another benefit of having a virtual receptionist is that it can help to increase the overall work efficiency and productivity of your business. Directing your telephone calls to a virtual receptionist can have a major impact on your productivity levels. Rather than having to answer your customers’ queries all day, you will be able to get on with other productive tasks such as sourcing products, meeting clients and planning strategies for your business.

Building Brand

When calls are being answered quickly and professionally, it gives customers a good impression. It gives your business a great image that clients will love. The virtual receptionist will answer your calls in the name of your company and will either take a message or relay the call to the right person within your business.

There are many more benefits to a virtual receptionist service, but these five are definitely the most important. In the end, a virtual receptionist service brings an unmatched level of flexibility and professionalism to your business – all while saving you money.

Things to be kept in mind while choosing IVR

Things to be kept in mind while choosing IVR

It has become a common practice for the companies irrespective of sizes to rely on IVR systems to handle large volume phone calls and assist customers with their needs. When your business has decided to implement IVR Solutions, there are a number of factors to look for. The IVR will be numerous callers’ first connection with your company. However, a poorly designed system could do a lot toward making it their last!
Choose an IVR That Can Be Personalized

You expect your agents to provide personalized service to your customers, so you should expect the same from your IVR. Creating customized greetings, messages and prompts, your customer service will be kept at an intimate level.

Focus on the Menu Options

One of the important aspects of your IVR system is the menu options. You should avoid overwhelming callers with many options. Meanwhile, present options in the least complicated way.

Keep It Simple

Use short phrases for menu items and prompts to avoid losing your caller’s attention. If your IVR message will be Simple and Short it will grab your Customer’s attention and make your IVR sound good.

Clarity in Voice

While selecting IVR for your Company you should keep in mind that the IVR recorded should be clear and audible . The voice notes should not be too high or too low. Voice should be recorded at same levels.

Know Your Audience

When choosing IVR software, make sure you have a handle on the target market that will be using your system.Taking your customers into consideration when selecting your IVR software – and optimizing its configuration – will help to ensure that they find it helpful and effective.

Test your IVR

Once you have your IVR configured to perfection, it is time to take it for a test drive. Start by testing your entire IVR structure yourself and taking note on any areas of friction, gaps in options, redundant information, or menus that don’t allow the caller to speak with an agent. Once you have any issues set the selected IVR.

How Cloud Telephony Helps Your Business?

How Cloud Telephony Helps Your Business?

While offering much more flexibility than a traditional phone system, Cloud Telephony is quick, easy, and affordable for any size business. Now a days Cloud Telephony is important for every Business. The main concern for businesses is how to retain existing customers and attract new customers? If you are a small business, then you have to opt a cost effective way. A toll free number is an effective and affordable tool which help you to attract potential customers.

Benefits Of Cloud Telephony that you cannot ignore

Building Brand Image

If you want to build a Brand Image of your Company then Cloud Telephony is the best solution. When a Customer calls and is greeted by a Virtual receptionist “Welcome to XYZ company” it gives a impact on the Customer’s mind and give your Company a Brand Image.

Virtual Receptionist Feature

When your Customers calls you the Call will be answered by a Virtual receptionist that means your Customer will have a communication with the Computer. Allowing your auto-receptionist to run the show is pretty simple. A lot of telephone calls that businesses receive are meant to inquire about common company information. This would include calls about services offered, hours of operation, or questions about a product or service.

Customer Satisfaction

Cloud based telephony systems are user flexible that means 24*7 the service will be available whenever a Customer calls the call will be answered by the virtual receptionist. It make it easy for your customers to reach you when they have any query. It shows that you care your customers. Providing a personal customer service makes a big difference and generates leads.


If you are planning to move your Business from one location to other. Toll free Number 1800 can be moved to any location with your business. The number is yours for as long as you want it, even if you change phone service providers. If you are having Toll Free Numbers you don’t need to worry before relocating your business.

Adopt Toll Free Number and build your Brand Image.

Improve your Agent’s Training by using Call Recording feature

Improve your Agent's Training by using Call Recording feature

Customer expectations for service are constantly increasing. Now, customers expect more than an answer to their question. They want their problems solved quickly and desire a personal interaction with a skilled agent. Call recordings or voice recordings can surely play a crucial role in coaching and training call center agents. It can drastically improve their performance and levels of customer service, thus augmenting overall efficiency and profitability of the contact center.

New agents training

Through Call recording it will be easy for you to train your new agents. Prerecorded calls provide examples of real customer calls and can help new agents to become better prepared. You can easily train your customer by selecting some “difficult customers calls” to show how agents should handle different types of calls and deal with different customers.

Identify Areas of Improvement

If u have no. of call recordings it will be easy for you to detect where your agent’s need improvement . Are they having sufficient product knowledge and do they have proper communication skills are they following all rules and regulations . You can frame in which area they need improvement and train them accordingly.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are important to the company, as well as to the employees. By analyzing the recordings, management can compare employee progress to company standards. Employees can listen to their own calls, and find out their shortcomings. It is often when you listen to your own calls that you will come to know the mistakes that you have made or that you have to work on your tone to keep it pleasant.

Review Good and Bad Calls

If in your team there are some member you are not performing up to the mark can be made to listen to an excellent agent-customer interaction call sample. This will make them understand how to handle calls and how to solve their queries.

They should be also be showcased with an unsuccessful call. And then, the trainer should ask the agent what went wrong during the interaction and how it could have been handled better. This will help them in framing the difference between good calls and bad calls.

Customer expectations for service are constantly increasing. Now, customers expect more than an answer to their question. They want their problems solved quickly and desire a personal interaction with a skilled agent. Call recording surely play a vital role in improving the sales of the business. It can significantly improve agents’ performance and take customer service to the next level.


How to make a perfect IVR Script

How to make a perfect IVR Script

If you are running a business and your company has an IVR system that means first impression is of your Company on most of the Customers or Clients will be from your IVR script and the way that script is presented. Aside from having a professional voice over artist a perfect IVR script is very important so that your caller have a good experience. Your IVR System is like the front door of your business  it’s the first thing people see and the first impression callers get. It’s also a crucial part of your customer communication. When coupled with well written voice prompts the IVR system helps callers navigate your phone system and reach an agent efficiently.

Here are some steps you can follow while writing IVR scripts…

Greet Your Clients

The first thing to be kept in mind while writing a perfect IVR script is that the start should be from greeting your Customer and your IVR script’s opening line should be as pleasant and professional as if you were shaking hands with a new client or business partner for the first time yourself.

Keep It Short and Sweet

The most important thing to be kept in mind while writing a IVR script is Keep It Simple and Short .The time your caller spends navigating your menu is not just their time, but the time you could be more directly engaging them in a more meaningful way. We can all get frustrated with IVR prompts that seem long so in order to keep your callers focused on the menu options you are offering, try and keep your prompts economical.

Simple and Catchy Words

While writing IVR scripts we should keep this thing in mind that the words should be Simple and catchy so it grabs customer’s attraction at once. Such as Company’s name, Department’s name and Operator Extension.

I am sharing a sample Of IVR Script so that it is easy for you design a perfect IVR

Script for your Company

“Hello and thank you for calling *Your Company Name*. If you know the extension of the person or party you wish to reach, please enter it now.  For sales, press 1. For technical support, press 2. For billing and payment inquiries, press 3. For more information on our company, press 4.To speak with a live representative, press 0 at any time. To repeat this message, please press 9.”

According to your need you can change the Script accordingly. They don’t just offer a service by routing callers to the right department or person efficiently. As these IVR scripts give your business a professional image. That’s why it’s really important that you know how to write an effective IVR script.


Why Is Toll Free Important For Call Center?

Why Is Toll Free Important For Call Center?

Having a toll free number is something to offer many advantages to small businesses and professionals throughout the country. Toll free numbers open many doors traditional local phone service cannot provide. The most important thing that a toll free telephone number provides is making your company more accessible to clients, potential clients, employees, and business associates. A toll free number will enhance your business’s image. It will show that you are a successful, professional company, and wide reaching company. Toll free numbers are an important part of successful call centers. The call center toll-free number is usually bundled with powerful features that support inbound, outbound, and blended call centers.

A call center toll-free number provides benefits for the caller as well. As the most important advantage, prospective and current customers are able to call for free when dialing a toll-free number, while your business incurs the cost for them. Because the features behind a call center toll-free number increase efficiency and productivity within the call center, callers are experiencing better call center customer service and speedier results.

And moreover Toll Free numbers are easy to remember and with numbers easy to remember and at no charge to the customer, toll-free numbers allow those who are interested in your commercial activities to reach out to you and access your corporate world and image, also reassuring customers that your company is open to addressing and responding to needs both in pre-sale and post-sale modes.

Toll Free Number comes with powerful features of Audio Conferencing and Call Recording .

There was a time when only advanced phones had the facility of conference calls. However, in the present times, we have come a long way from there. Today, everyone can make use of their phones, tablets and laptops in order to get the facility of conference calls.Toll free conference calling is like a cherry on the cake. It was not long ago when we had to pay monthly bill for the conference calls. People can now connect to a conference call without any need to pay the service providers.

Call recording is one of the standard features that most call center managers look for in a cloud call centers solution. A call center manager can review the calls between customers and call center agents to make sure the agent handled the situation properly. As a call center manager, you want to make sure that your cloud call center solution allows you to review calls live as well as after the agent has completed the call.

Why managing call is the best way to satisfy your Customers

Why managing call is the best way to satisfy your Customers

The most important thing any business need is customer’s satisfaction and if you are running a business obviously you need to interact with your Customers and for that the first thing you need is managing calls . It seriously doesn’t matter what product you are selling if you cannot deal with your Customer’s properly or provide them a proper satisfaction through interaction.

Customers expect a high level of service. Regardless of the quality of the product or service you provide, they will not stay loyal to you on a long-term basis unless you treat them properly before, during and after a sale.

You need to know how to communicate with your Customers how effectively you respond to their demands and how you gather and act on their feedback.

Communicate with your Customers

The best way to satisfy your Customers is to communicate with them and listen to their queries and solve it. The most important objective is to keep your Customers involved and satisfied. Regular interaction with your customers will help build trust and loyalty. If your customers believe that you are communicating with them openly, they will feel their relationship with you is one of mutual trust. Ensure your whole business is focused on meeting customers’ needs. Respond to customer contact quickly and efficiently. This will make them feel their feedback is appreciated and acted upon. Remember that it is easier and more cost effective to retain existing customers than it is to sell to new ones. So, it’s necessary to maintain positive relationship with your old clients.

Tele Executives should be trained

The Tele Executive Staff or the staff who is regularly in contact with the Customers should be properly trained. These staff are the face of your business and they portrait a professional image of your Company in front of others. Training for all staff is necessary. Ensure they know why they are doing their particular job and how it will affect the customer if they do not do it properly. Involving everyone in the business helps them to understand your aims and objectives, also keeping them up to date with customer needs and changing demands.You should encourage your staff to support one another and to work together to meet customer needs.

Take Customers Feedback

So you’ve done everything possible to satisfy your customers. You’ve exerted all efforts to better your products and customer service. You treat customers like kings and queens, and provide everything to match their wants and needs all the time.The first step to fully understand a customer’s perception of your brand is by asking them directly, and the best way to get “the voice of the customer” is through customer feedback.Customers are the most important stakeholders of every business. That’s why it is important to hear their feedback. But collecting customer feedback is just the first step to ensuring a successful customer experience. It’s what you do with the feedback that truly matters.

Things not to be done with your IVR messages

Things not to be done with your IVR messages

Interactive Voice Response(IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and touch-tone telephone keypad inputs.

IVR technology do not require human interaction over the telephone there is a pre recorded message which do act as Virtual receptionist and when somebody calls the call is attended by the customer. The prerecorded message is known as IVR.

IVRs allow your customers to solve their own problems and obtain the information they are searching for without speaking with an agent. Automated customer service made simple.

IVR systems allow companies to easily handle high call volumes. Callers will automatically be directed to the agent or department that is most capable of meeting their needs or will wait in a queue when all agents are busy. Some IVR systems allow the caller the option of having an agent return their call rather than wait in a queue.But there are some points which has to be taken care of before selecting IVR messages.

It Should Not Be Lengthy

IVR should be kept short and to the point so that Customers don’t waste their time and if the IVR is lengthy Customers don’t even want to listen for long. You shouldn’t overload the caller with lengthy pre-queue introductions and lists of things they should have to hand. The best thing is keeping the IVR short and simple.

Don’t Provide Unnecessary Menu Option

It is very important not to provide unnecessary menu option. If several options lead to the same place, dispense with them and your callers will be a little happier when they do talk to you.

Clarity in The Voice

The IVR recorded should be clear so that Customers should understand what exactly is being played . If there will be any problem with the recording in terms of clarity it will spoil your Brand Image and obviously.

Speaking Too Fast Or Too Slowly

Don’t speak too fast or too slowly. Make sure you keep your messages at a pace that everyone can understand.

If you speak too quickly in your messages, customers may not get all the information they need, and they will get frustrated if they have to listen to the message lots of times as they haven’t heard the information correctly.

This is particularly important if you are giving a phone number. At the same time, don’t speak slowly, as customers could lose interest.

Forgetting to provide an exit route

You shouldn’t forget to give customers an exit route. It can be easy to select the wrong option or go through and find you’ve just not selected the most relevant, at which point it’s too late and real frustration can set in.

There has been innovation in the IVR market, and there is good technology available from on-premise and cloud-based vendors. But companies that want to succeed with voice self-service today must continuously invest in their application to ensure that it’s meeting customers’ ever-changing needs. Always you should keep these point in mind if you are thinking about selecting IVR services for your Company.


How Cloud Telephony Profits E-Commerce Industry

How Cloud Telephony Profits E-Commerce Industry

E-Commerce Sector , which started in India in the year 2002, with the start of IRCTC (Online Railway Ticket Booking System),has come a long way. E-commerce business is one place where most of the customers are acquired and maintained , without actually meeting their vendor in person. In such cases, every interaction counts in ensuring smooth customer experience. Especially since more and more customers are choosing to shop online because it is supposed to be convenient and hassle-free. It defeats their purpose, if their virtual transaction increases their stress levels instead. If you have an E-Commerce business, you’ve probably come across a few upset customers too. Read on to discover a few ways to help prevent this.

Free Calls Builds Confidence and Trust

If you are having an E-Commerce Company then the most important thing will be interaction with Customers through Free Calls people will be happy to call you because it will not charge anything for the Customers. Their virtual interaction with your business is based on trust – a trust that can easily be broken by a bad experience. Since there is no physical outlet where customers can meet with you face to face, many opt to resolve their issues or make inquiries over the phone. Giving customers access to your company is an excellent way to build their confidence.

Reduce Operational Cost

Organizations can reduce their operation cost by using Toll Free Numbers. There are also additional benefits which can be offered by Cloud Computing. For instance, start-ups can skip the hardware procurement and capital expenditure phase. They can start their business quickly. What‘s more, most of the Cloud providers will constantly update their software offering and adding new features.

Easier Management

If there are plenty of inbound calls and there is hardly any one to handle them, just imagine the business loss you will incur! If you have such a difficult time managing inbound calls, it is better to go toll free. You will never miss a single call as these numbers are made available with a lot of facilities like call logs, call recordings and missed call alert service. You can record the calls for the quality assurance also.

The term cloud computing is no longer an industry buzzword and signals a transformational shift in how business data and e-commerce applications will be stored, accessed, shared, and transacted online.  These days, toll free numbers are fairly inexpensive so money is less of a factor. So it really depends on your target audience and what you are trying to sell. Are your customers located close to your business geographically? Does selling your product require having a phone conversation with the customer? And if I talk about E-Commerce Companies there is a lot of interaction required with the customers. So, the best way to promote your business is use Toll Free Numbers.


Want to cut down your expenses using Conference Call

Toll Free Conferencing

When it comes to cutting costs, businesses like yours turn to Conference Calling. Conference calling is being used to reduce expenses like travel and saves time. Using Conference Calling can allow your employees more active time and will in turn potentially increase productivity. Use our Conference Calling product as a means to reach out to larger audiences who can participate, regardless of their location, without increased expenses for travel.

Conference calls are an easy way to get more than two people together over the phone. Join people together in few seconds all they need is a phone and a dial in number and you can discuss about any projects or any discussion on any topic which will save your time and money both.

Forget rising petrol prices, train fares and other transportation costs by eliminating the need to travel completely. Stay at the office and organize a conference call to save money and even reduce your carbon footprint.

Save Time

You won’t have to travel to that meeting across the country or get stuck in traffic traveling by car or bus to the other side of the city. Traffic will no longer waste your time, or that of the other attendees. Conference calls give you the flexibility to attend a meeting from wherever you want.

Save Money

How much money did you spend on traveling.  I’m not just talking about airplane and hotel costs. What about gas, mileage and parking, not to mention the cost of your time to get there? Add all that up and it will amount to one hefty bill. Conference calls can eliminate all this and your conference call can amount to just a fraction of the cost or even better it’s Free.

Conference Call With Toll Free Numbers

There was a time when only advanced phones had the facility of conference calls. It was just the three-way type of conferencing. However, in the present times, we have come a long way from there. Today, everyone can make use of their phones, tablets and laptops in order to get the facility of conference calls. Hosting, participating and setting up teleconferences have become absolutely easy nowadays. Toll free conference calling is like a cherry on the cake. It was not long ago when we had to pay monthly bill for the conference calls. People can now connect to a conference call without any need to pay the service providers. This has become possible through toll free conference calls. It has taken the world of business communication by storm as it helps in reducing the cost and time to a great extent and moreover Conferencing is absolutely FREE.