Want to make your Customers feels great

Want to make your Customers feels great

Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. In this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers has never been more important. Making your customers feel important is a tremendous step in building customer loyalty. How do you know what customers want in order to feel important? While each individual is different, there are six definitive ways you can make your customers feel important every time they interact with your business.

If your customer service representatives are unsure how to make your customers feel more comfortable with your company, we have six tips to get them started.

Genuinely Interact

Talk to your customers as you would in person, not like you would in a press release. Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell 4 to 6 people about their experience. So that’s a way to significantly influence the word of mouth about your business. Address your customers by name, and tell them your name at the very beginning of your interaction.

Respect Your Customers

Keeping your patience is key to giving your customer the time to air out their issue. And, in turn, it creates the opportunity for you to help resolve the issue and make them comfortable. The more comfortable the customer is the more likely they’ll share valuable feedback that can help prevent similar issues from occurring again in the future.

Always Listen

When listening to your customers, take into account what changes your organization should make from this feedback, and then follow through. Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization, and not dealing with the reasonable requests could cause backlash.

Build Trust

No matter your size, keep your customers in the know when it comes to positive and negatives changes to your products and services that affect them. It’s crucial to tread lightly when making changes to your products and services because your customers have become accustomed to what you’ve already got.

Follow Up on Promises

Manage the expectations of your customers to ensure realistic goals are set and can be met. By remaining consistent in your messaging, your customers will learn what they should expect from you in the future.

Making customers feel important also means that you anticipate their needs. Think ahead of your customers. Know what your returning customers need are and be ready to meet them. Though you may not know all the needs of new customers, try your best to read them and anticipate what they may need. Do not be afraid to ask what else you can do to make them happier. Always say “Thank You”. Valued customers are your loyal customers. Make the effort to make them feel important. With each positive impact you make on a customer, you will be rewarded – not only with their business, but by referrals and a reputation that precedes you.

Characteristics of a good Customer Support Executive

Characteristics of a good customer support executive

When it comes to providing the best possible service to your customers, the people you hire will make all the difference. Many customer service managers make the mistake of hiring new reps without much discernment and end up with a staff that is just “doing a job” rather than serving the customers.

There are certain customer service skills that every employee must master if they are forward-facing with customers.

Without them, you run the risk of finding your business in an embarrassing customer service train-wreck, or you’ll simply lose customers as your service continues to let people down.

To ensure you get the best possible people for your customer service positions, we have some basic skills your customer service employees cannot be without.

Clear Communication

In addition to good listening skills, customer service representatives must have the ability to communicate thoughts and information clearly and concisely. Customer service staff may need to communicate with customers through a variety of venues: in person, on the phone and through email or written correspondence. It is very important that the people who come in contact with your customers daily are able to convey your policies and products to customers efficiently and accurately.

Active Listener

Customer service representatives need to be able to listen to a customer’s problem, accurately assess the issue and find the best possible solution. Good listeners typically make some of the best customer service employees because they are most likely to understand what a customer needs quickly and accurately.


Patience, as they say, is a virtue, and one that anyone that deals with customer service issues must have. Managing one customer’s question while simultaneously responding to another via email can be enough to make most throw down their headsets and never look back. Handling customers with care is a special and important quality to have regardless of your role.


The faster you resolve a problem, the happier your client will be and the lower the cost per call will be. And while you shouldn’t rush through a customer’s problem, there should be a level of efficiency to quickly get to the root of the issue by determining the best solution.

Be sure that everyone on your team is familiar with the company’s customer service policies and automate what can be automated.

Thirst for Improvement

We all can get the tendency to be complacent when we do the same job over and over. You want your employees to be hungry and step up their game helping customers. Do your part by offering training, resources, and incentives to help with customer service.

Creative Mind

The best customer service rep’s always have a creative solution to the toughest problems in their back pocket. Irritated customers, no-show products, slow-going troubleshooting… all of these tough situations call for creative solutions from time to time. Being able to come up with a creative solution that will satisfy a customer, while costing the company as little as possible, makes the difference between a good service rep and a great one.

Stay Positive

When dealing with a difficult customer, it can be challenging to stay positive. But it is an absolute must for good customer service representatives. You can also remind yourself that the person on the other side of the phone isn’t actually upset with you. They’re upset with the company or brand that you represent.  Instead, smile, stay upbeat and remind yourself that you’re there to serve the customers and make them as happy as possible.

Toll Free Numbers and Click to Call services

Toll Free Numbers and Click to Call services

Click-to-Call is a service you can add to any web page that lets your web visitors enter their phone number, tab a call button and the Click-to-Call service will instantly call back the web visitor on the entered phone number and connect the call to your mobile or company phone number. It is a powerful solution that can easily be installed on website to integrate Click to Call service that allows your visitors to easily get in touch with you and ask their questions or gain information about the service or product they are looking for.

Our Click To Call Service, is a unique way to exceed your customers’ expectations and create a positive customer experience. It gives quick and accurate respond to customers’ queries. Click to call services make your website as a Toll Free Website. If you sell anything on line, a toll-free number is an asset to your business. Even in the age of cell phones, an 800 number gives your business credibility if you are selling items across the country or world. Setting up this service is surprisingly easy and inexpensive.If you relocate, your 800 number can easily follow you to your new location for free. Just be sure to notify the phone company of the move. A mobile-friendly alternative to a toll-free number is the click-to-call button, which can easily be added to your website. To be connected with you by phone, a customer simply clicks a link or button on your website that brings up the dialer on their smart phone.

Click to call services helps in

  • Generate better selling opportunities for consumers in the “purchase” phase of decision making.
  • Improve customer perception of your business.
  • Quickly provide answers or help customers accomplish their goals.
  • Generate calls for better customer service with a real person.
  • Provide more information than can be made available on line.
  • Make it easy to accomplish the major reasons for calling a business such as booking appointments/reservations or checking business hours.

As Click-to-Call becomes more of a fundamental aspect of the consumer-focused Websites of today, those that lack the ability may find that visitors to their sites are leaving to look for the competitor that offers this direct line to a live agent. Considering the benefits for all involved, Click-to-Call technology is too valuable to be ignored.

Protect Your Business with Cloud Telephony

Protect Your Business with Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony means, you do not have to deal with telephony jargons, knowledge of how telephone works as long as you know what you want your telephone to do! Big data is now the key to business success. Businesses have to dig into the data very carefully to be able to stay healthy in the market. An entity working upon sensitive data should stay up-to-date with industry trends and always available to the required resources. As the importance and quantity of the data grew, the probability of data loss raised exponentially.

Moving cloud communications is actively helping companies to grow faster and gain competitive advantage in their respective markets. It enables increased control and scalability of communications, the ability to deliver superior customer service and a healthier cash flow.

Protection from Environmental Issue

Flood, fire or any kind of power outage can happen anytime. You need a telephony solution you can rely on and which will hold your business together during a difficult period, With Cloud Telephony solutions, all the critical elements are located physically on service providers’ network at different sites. This implies that critical functions such as voice mail, auto-attendant can be accessed from any remote location. If any serious environmental issue arises, phones can be connected to IP network from any remote location and business continues to stay normal.

Network Management

Ziffy offers you exhaustive network management that gives detailed documentation and helps to clearly understand network functioning which enables businesses to quickly resolve the issues. All hardware is maintained by the operator and there is a much lower amount of personnel needed to run the network. So, any kind of server failure or network issue can be easily identified and resolved.

Protecting Company’s Reputation

Business is all about how much trust is there between you and your client. Business clients, partners may lose trust in business if primary constraints are not met due to downtime. The organization may end up facing a lawsuit from unhappy customers. But Cloud Telephony solution enables businesses to access data in the cloud and ensures that reputation of the company is not degraded.

Businesses are shifting towards Cloud Telephony, proven by the fact that there were more hosted seats connected in the first half of 2016 than there were for the entirety of 2015. A cloud telephony system makes a business lean and helps them to refocus on the areas of core competence.

How Vanity numbers helps in Advertising

How Vanity numbers helps in advertising

Vanity numbers are telephone numbers that are especially selected to convey a message in the digits of the telephone number themselves, or selected to be easy to remember. Vanity toll free numbers are a great marketing tool to use for businesses of every size. Vanity numbers are any phone numbers that you select uniquely to provide either an easy number to remember, or numbers that spell out a message related to your brand. A toll free vanity number makes for a great brand building tool. A toll-free vanity number is easily remembered by the target audience.

Vanity toll free numbers are a great solution to advertise your business.  Marketing efforts and brand reputation are essential for business growth and success.  Vanity numbers tell consumers who you are, what you do and how they can reach you.

Benefits From Using Vanity Numbers for Advertising

All the large corporation uses Vanity numbers. These large corporations uses vanity numbers for years, and continue to use them, giving their customers an easy number to remember and way to reach them.

According to a recent study, vanity numbers can actually double recall rate over traditional numeric telephone numbers. The study also found that,  72% of consumers correctly recalled the vanity 800 number after hearing one 30-second radio advertisement, compared to the 5% of consumers who recalled the numeric toll free number.  Premium toll free vanity numbers give your brand image the boost you’re looking for, while offering a convenient way for your customers to reach you.

Implementing a vanity number into your radio or television commercial, does not have come at a high cost, either. Some service providers offer these at the same price as a regular toll free number. Additionally, vanity toll free numbers are free for the caller.

When you have a vanity toll free number, you have the advantage of advertising with it. Like we mentioned above, these numbers are easier to remember than other toll free numbers so when you’re advertising with it, it’s more likely that your audience will remember it. With a vanity toll free number, advertising on radio and television commercials is shown to be very effective. Because your memorable number will be announced on the radio and shown on the TV, it gives potential customers another avenue to see your business

Grow Your Real Estate Business With CRM Solutions

Grow Your Real Estate Business With CRM Solutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) software will help you to find new buyers, manage old buyers, grow sales and client base, and build a rich real estate business using many seamless features of Agile CRM that will give you the power to automate your daily tasks easily. In the commercial real estate market, relationships come first. Many experienced real estate agents have their own methods for keeping track of client records, marketing leads and data. While this may work for the individual, for a company it’s not ideal.


CRM solutions should be adjustable since every company is different. Every type of business has its own specifics and unique business processes, so the software should be adjusted to their specific marketing and sales approaches as well as to their customers’ needs.

Follow up leads

Perhaps the best feature of a CRM system is the ease with which you can follow up leads. Agents in your office can store all their information in one place, create appointments, set notifications for follow-up calls and more. Also, because it’s in a centralized location, all your employees can use the system to help someone on the spot by sharing client information for optimum results and obtaining access to details even if a colleague is in a meeting, at an appointment, sick, on holiday or no longer at the company.


Setting goals for agents is a great way to motivate them to hit higher sales figures, and putting these into a CRM is an easy way to track progress. Also, the CRM lets workers easily organize their workload and set targets so they can visualize what they need to do and by when.

Offering marketing and sales features

Today’s CRM solutions can be used to create sales strategies and plan marketing campaigns. The best CRM software for real estate combines sales and marketing for better lead tracking, data visibility and for scheduling marketing and sales activities in advance.

Is your Business launched then what next?

Is your Business launched then what next?

Many people believe starting a business is a mysterious process. They know they want to start a business. Starting a business is a big deal. Given how much is at stake, it’s not a decision to undertake lightly. After you have successfully launched its not the time to get relaxed. There is a lot of work you have to do to ensure your business launch is set up for its best chance at success. You need to work more hard and implement whatever strategies you have planned for the business. Apart from the usual marketing strategies/tools that every entrepreneur would consider, here’s what you should try next on your mission to create a successful brand.

Double-check your preparations

You have planned everything about your new product or services and you do also have a plan how to present it in front of your consumers. But you need to re check everything your plan for the business launch. Do you need any changes in your website considering both appearance and functions. Is the business ready to fulfill multiple orders in a timely fashion.

It’s better usually to wait until your business is ready rather than figuring it out as you go and running the risk of offering a bad product or services.

Hear Your Customers

Your Business totally depends on your Customers. Your business can smartly dominate the existing competition in the market with ‘reciprocal’ customer loyalty,  a premium relationship established to benefit the brand and the consumer. Being the ‘new’ face in the market, your brand needs to go street-smart; follow your customers wherever they go; even your happiest customers will need a push every now and then, but the good news is – they’ll soon become incredible brand.

Analyzing Your Competitors

The competitive analysis is a statement of the business strategy and how it relates to the competition. The purpose of the competitive analysis is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within your market, strategies that will provide you with a distinct advantage, the barriers that can be developed in order to prevent competition from entering your market, and any weaknesses that can be exploited within the product development cycle.

Adopt Cloud Telephony

There are many reasons why an enterprise might want to adopt cloud computing.With cloud telephony, small companies and start up companies see savings, while larger companies see mounting costs over a long life cycle. But cloud agility is appealing. Establishing healthy communications system will help customers feel like they really have a voice. Ensure your business makes the most of cloud communications to project customer centricity and enhance your brand’s professional outlook.

Replace your traditional systems with cost-effective cloud communications to streamline inbound and outbound calls and you will never miss a business call, seamlessly integrate with your CRM, leverage your brand image, facilitate personalized interaction and spark customer engagement to create an overall buzz, generate more leads and be the brand your customers ever wanted.


Call Routing with Toll Free Numbers

Call Routing with Toll Free Numbers

Call Routing enables you to direct incoming calls to your business to specified answer points. Call Routing can provide an increased level of customer service, and allow you to deal with calls in the most efficient way possible. The relationship you have with your customers is the foundation of success, therefore by focusing on call routing techniques like this, it is possible to manage thousands of calls continuously without compromising customer satisfaction. Call Routing can identify where callers are ringing from, and then make decisions on how to direct calls based on rules you have created for your business.

Routing menu options

You can also allow your customers to select where they want to be transferred to. If you set up a pre-recorded menu, the customer can then go directly to the appropriate answer point. This gives the customer more control over their communication and also makes your business seem more professional. It’s vital to ensure your customers have a smooth and seamless phone experience as the first point of contact with your business. A well tailored phone menu helps give them that experience.

No call disruptions

There is nothing worse than transferring customers to a line that is busy. With cloud routing, calls are spread evenly among the customer service department so that the chances of a customer being placed in a boundless queue is low. The cloud service guarantees business continuity and operates consistently 24*7.

Reduces Operating Cost

The call routing software is simple to install and the set up fees are minimal. You save a lot of money if you use Call routing feature with Toll Free Number and that money can then be freely invested into other company improvements.

Phone greeting

Another benefit of Call Routing is that you can customise multiple phone greetings for anyone contacting your business. This ensures your brand message comes out the way you want it to, every time. It also means their initial contact with your business is a professional one. You can be assured they’ll be experiencing a warm and inviting tone, as you’ll have control over the pre-recorded message.

Call Routing allows you to make the most of your incoming calls and maximise sales. Route calls based on your company’s business hours, automatically transfer callers to the nearest store, pre qualify leads or ensure that calls are always getting handled by the best call centre.

How to convert your Prospective Customers Into Client

How to convert your Prospective Customers Into Client

Firstly let me explain what is Prospective Customers .Someone who is not yet a customer, but who has the potential of becoming one. If you own a candy store and a child walks in, but has not yet made a purchase, they are a prospective customer and if child purchases a Candy then he will become your Customer. Despite being able to have tens of thousands of connections via social media, email, and blogs, the importance of building relationships has never been more important. Why? Because connections in and of themselves do not make your cash register ring. However, when you cultivate connections, you can build real relationships, and you can turn a prospect into a long-term customer. Here’s how to convert your prospect into Customer.

Ask Questions

When you ask a question it requires your prospect to reply. Try something along the lines of, “It has been over a week since we have heard from you. Have you had a chance to go over the materials and make a decision?” This is a good way to apply the pressure while also opening up the dialogue to discover questions or concerns the prospect might have.

Quick follow-up

Often times a simple follow-up email or phone call asking your prospects if they have any additional questions will get them back into purchase mode. This is a great way to quickly convert them into a customer before too much time passes.

All of the leads that your company generates through your website should be immediately contacted and you should also follow up with them and after a couple of days later, offering to answer any questions that they might have.

Listen to Your Prospects

Listening is more than hearing. If your prospect tells you that she needs something more from you, think about how you can meet that need. Of course, not everyone is reasonable, but don’t reject requests out of habit because you’ll miss an opportunity to bring more value to your audience.

Solve Problems

Prospects don’t care about how amazing your product is. What they need is to solve a problem. Be clear with your prospect about how your products or services can help her. If you provide an easy solution, right when she is feeling pain, she’ll be an instant convert.

Interact on Social Media

While social media may feel like broadcasting to an empty theater, it becomes more of a conversation once you build your following. When someone comments on your updates, acknowledge it. Depending on the social site, you may even look for people who discuss issues related to your product and dive into the conversation in a meaningful way. Remember, only comment if you can help.
All of these practices, in their essence, help you earn your prospect’s trust. When someone who trusts you becomes a customer they will stick with you over time. You build relationships through repeated actions, and living your brand promise. When you continuously demonstrate your trustworthiness, your customers will depend on you and refer you to others.

Extra features you get with Toll Free Numbers

Extra features you get with Toll Free Numbers

Communication with customers & prospects is the key for any business to take the lead. It is necessary to keep an easy way for customers to reach. Toll free number is used to engage customers & make it easier for them. They can reach you any time without being charged. This is the reason why marketers prefer toll free numbers. This is a valuable tool for businesses of all types. With tons of exceptional features, which comes free with our Toll Free 1800 number and 10-digit virtual mobile number you can offer your callers world class experience over the phone. Our features are designed keeping you and your business in mind.

Call Logs

You can view a complete record of incoming and outgoing business phone calls, including the name of the caller, the number or extension dialed, and the time, date, and duration of the call with the Call Log facility with Toll Free Numbers. Call Logs helps in Track expenses, transactions, billing, and other business metrics and search logs by date, date range, type of call (voice or fax), and whether the call was inbound or outbound.

Call Recording

Our Inbound Call Recording service can record any or all of your inbound calls so you can play them back and download them at anytime. Some businesses are required by law to record their inbound calls, but the service is also widely used by businesses and organizations of all types and sizes looking to monitor and improve call handling. When your calls come in, your callers will initially hear this: ‘Please hold while we connect your call, please note that this call is being recorded for training and monitoring purposes’. The call then carries on as normal, but the whole time both sides of the conversation are being recorded. As soon as you’re finished you can login to your account and review and download the call recording through your online web Panel.

CRM Panel

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are designed to compile information on customers across different channels or points of contact between the customer and the company which could include the company’s website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials and social media. CRM systems can also give customer facing staff detailed information on customers’ personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

Call Routing

When your customers are spread out all around, handling their inbound calls can be a logistical nightmare. It is crucial to be able to answer those calls quickly and efficiently. Call routing setup can be altered and modified at any time. If you experience high call volume, you can respond in an instant to ensure your customers are properly serviced. All routing to a single phone is one thing, but if you want true power at your fingertips, you cannot do better than multiple call routing paths. It is a quick and convenient way to ensure no customer ever gets left behind.

Call Alerts   

If you are busy and you  couldn’t attend the calls. Even don’t want to check CRM. You do don’t have to worry we will send you SMS, Email and App based push alerts for every call received or missed. So that you can call them back or can store their number for future reference. Our SMS services can be used for different purposes like to get the reviews, surveys, polling etc and cover various segments of any business for e.g. promotional activities, internal management, Alerts, updates etc.

IVR Widgets    

Interactive voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows humans to interact with the computers using recorded voice . IVR allows customers to find answers to their own inquiries by speaking (using the company’s speech recognition software) or giving inputs via a telephone keypad. Customer calls in your company. Call is answered, not by conventional receptionist but by an electronic receptionist, an automatic attendant. The answer your customer gets is, “Welcome to ABC Company. Dial the extension number of the department or person you want to reach” by a recorded voice. And thus it goes on giving you options. A successful businessman is the one who reaches out to the audience, leaves a lasting impression and continues to engage customers and as your business is different why not present it in a different way to the audience.