Free Employee Tracking Software

We always try to offer our customers best value for their money be it via our cloud telephony services where they can track all their inbound calls and agent’s performance or through our partners.

Continuing our endeavor to provide our customers best services we have partnered with Intueri, Inc. the USA based Digital company, which offers Lead Management and Employee Tracking solution across the world.

TeamSpoor provides Employee Tracking and Reporting Automation solution for on-field employees.

Why Employee Tracking Solution for your Company?

Some of the features offered by TeamSpoor Employee Tracking solution are:

  1. Real-time Location
  2. Attendance on the go with Geo-Location
  3. Meeting Status & Visits (With custom forms)
  4. Route Distance Calculator – Get real distance traveled automatically
  5. Employee Productivity Tracking

It will not just track the real-time location of the employee but, it will also enhance the overall productivity of the employees.

Now they can spend more of their time in productive tasks instead of filling up multiple forms at the day end for Daily Sales Report, Conveyance filing and visiting the office to mark their attendance.

What’s in for Ziffy’s Customers?

As a part of Ziffy’s family, you are entitled to get One Year Free Subscription to TeamSpoor Starter plan with ten licenses if your Ziffy’s subscription monthly rental is over Rs 2000/- and three licenses if it is less than Rs 2000/-.

Know more about the Employee Tracking service from TeamSpoor website.

IVR Service Provider

Ziffy is India’s leading and only IVR Service Provider, which can provide you IVR service on Toll Free or on a 10-Digit Mobile Number known as Virtual Numbers.

What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response System, which enables your callers to dynamically interact with some pre-defined options like “1 for Billing” or “2 for Sales”, etc.

IVR also enables you to integrate your database with the system, so that it can check the status of caller or make the IVR more personalized.

What is the Role of IVR Service Providers?

In the era of Adams & Eve, the customers need to install expensive equipment on the premises to enable such sophisticated features but Cloud Telephony has changed the way system works.

Now through an IVR  Service Provider, you can rent a number, which already has the advance IVR solution and necessary software to run a 1 user service to thousands of users call center in a matter of minutes.

It eliminates the CAPEX, which was required to set up such a complex system and replaces it with the Cloud-Based Call Center application, which can be accessed through a simple Web-based panel.

IVR Service Cost

IVR is not a very expensive service itself, however the main cost depends on the medium on which you are taking the service e.g. on a Toll Free number it will be costly as you have to pay for the incoming call charges of a Toll Free number as well as for the IVR, while the same service on a Virtual Number will cost you much less even in the longer run.

For more details please feel to contact us from here.

Cheap Toll Free Number Options for a Startup in India

Startups are always cash constrained, and they look for ways to save some more money while optimizing the current resources and there is nothing wrong in it as the startup is all about hustling with what all you have.

Toll Free numbers are the utmost important tool for a startup to start building their brand while managing their customer’s queries on the phone as each and every missed call from a client is an opportunity lost for the business.

With the rise of Cloud Telephony and hosted IVR solutions startups can leverage the technology to handle all their telephony requirements with a low monthly price.

For example, Ziffy Cloud Telephony system offers Toll Free IVR numbers as well as Toll based 10-digit IVR numbers starting from just Rs 1,000/- per month, which includes hosted IVR, real-time call logs, SMS and email alerts, Multi-User CRM panel and advance and complex IVR flows to integrate telephony with client-side databases.

How can a startup buy a Toll Free number with dirt cheap price?

Since Toll Free numbers are used as a branding tool as it builds a bridge between the organization and the customer, which shows how much the company cares about their customers. So it is very important that a startup should choose a Toll Free number, which is easy to remember and a service provider, which can provide the highest uptime for the service.

Deciding a Toll Free service provider solely on the price point i.e. how cheap service it can provide can backfire as they may run off anytime making your Toll Free number a zombie and eventually portrays a bad picture for your company.

Get a service provider who has the best features, proven uptime and decent prices in comparison to the market.

To know more how you can utilize the Cloud Telephony with a Toll Free number please feel free to contact us from here.

Cheap Toll Free Number In India – Holi Offer

Enjoy the Holi with your family and let Ziffy handle your business calls 24×7 while building your brand with a Toll-Free Number.

This special Holi plan is available until 28th Feb 2018 only for Toll-Free 1800 numbers in India.

Plan Name Holi2018
Monthly Rental Rs 1000
Term 12 Months
Free Call Value Per Month Rs 300
Call Rate Rs 1.8 per minute
Net Amount Rs 12,000
Taxes Rs 2,160
Total Payable (For One Year) Rs 14,160

What will you get with the plan?

  • Free Professional IVR
  • Call Recording
  • SMS Alerts
  • Real-Time Call Logs
  • Calls are free for the Callers.

For more details feel free to contact us.

If you are looking for a toll-free number for your business then this is the best time to get started. For just Rs 1,000 per month, you can get a professional cloud telephony system for your company, which will handle your calls 24×7.

More advance toll free 1800 number plans are also available for sophisticated contact center setups without involving any CAPEX.

You can call 18002005777 or 9554443322 to get a free demo of toll-free 1800 IVR system.