Get a free virtual number for business

Free Virtual Number with IVR

Yes, you saw it right. Get a virtual number with IVR for your business to handle any number of calls or forward those calls to any number of agents and all your usage bill will be paid by Ziffy. What it means is you don’t have to pay for the calls you receive or handle […]

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How to get toll free number for business

How to get a toll free number for business

With the Jio’s entry in the telecom market, the call charges have almost vanished, and every operator is now offering unlimited free outgoing calls. This raises a question whether anyone should invest in a Toll Free number or not? Why do we need a Toll Free number for business? Toll free number not just give […]

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Toll-Free Number Get For Free

Our Double Dhamaal plans are back for Toll Free number and Virtual Numbers with IVR service. Double Dhamaal plans for Toll Free numbers with IVR service offers you free 12 months of service with each plan when you buy a 12 months service. Similarly, in case of Virtual numbers too you will get twelve months […]

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