3 Biggest Myths About Vanity Toll Free Numbers Debunked!


Ultra-expensive, not meant for small businesses and all catchy numbers are already taken! There are a few myths about vanity numbers that need to be dispelled. All those who have taken a fancy towards vanity numbers but have wrong notions about them, need to clear their vision. Yes, it is true that owing to certain prevalent myths about vanity numbers, a lot of small business owners shy away from buying them. Debunked here are a few myths.

Myth 1: Vanity Numbers are Not For Small Businesses.

Small businesses and start ups think that vanity numbers would not be a great option because of the high costs attached to it. These businesses think that they need to reach a certain level before they consider buying vanity numbers.

Truth: Vanity Numbers are for All, irrespective of size.

A good industry specific vanity number makes customers think highly about you. No matter what the size of your company is. If you own a toll free vanity number, you would be able to boost the image of your company. These numbers are associated with the successful companies. One option that can prove to be great for small and local business units is to license a vanity number for specific geographic area. This way, your expenditure would be bore by others in the market and you would reap the benefit.

Myth 2: Vanity Numbers are Ultra Expensive.

Truth: They give you the best value for money.

If you consider the value that you get for the investment you make in purchasing them then you would find vanity numbers cost effective. This is so because the response rates are much higher and therefore if you run advertising campaigns, you reap much more benefits than the investment you have put on for purchasing these numbers. They are memorable and people associate a good repute with it!

Myth 3: All Catchy Numbers Are Not Available As They Are Already Taken.

Truth: No, they are specially ordered and take a little longer.

People are discouraged by the fact that vanity toll free numbers are displayed in the billboards and TV ads. They think that these numbers are normally not available. But this is not true. Yes, these numbers are ordered and take it take a little more time to set up these numbers but believing that these all are taken is a wrong notion.

Myopic views can cloud your vision. So, do not be under wrong impression and get a vanity toll free number today from a reliable vendor.

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