3 Ways 1800 Toll Phone Numbers Solve The Problems of Tours and Travel Industry


Whether it is about booking a holiday, a hotel room, a flight or hiring a car, contact numbers on the booking sites are hard to find. Numbers with a STD prefix keep the callers at bay because travel industry is one such industry where you expect customers from far and wide. More customers calling you for myriad purposes apparently means more business. Here are the 5 ways your travel and tour business see a boom when you subscribe to toll phone numbers.

Call Management is Difficult During the Holidaying Season:

With more and more people viewing holidaying and leisure as a way to be stress free, tours and travel industry is thriving like never before. Needless to say, a huge customer influx is accepted at such a time. How do you manage such a large number of calls in the holidaying season?

Need Not Worry!

When you are subscribed to free phone numbers, you are provided with a CRM Panel that can let you track each and every incoming calls. Your callers never get busy tones because several channels run simultaneously and you can handle at least 6K calls at a time. Moreover, you get all the details of the calls missed, can forward them to your executives that are not present in the office.

Customers With No Net Access Cannot Book Online:

You tend to lose customers from the areas where there is no net accessibility and customers think twice before calling you because of the pricey prefix of your phone number.

Need Not Worry!

With the 1800 prefix your customers can be free of any tension of being charged for booking hotels or tickets. Net inaccessibility do not matter to them.

Your Staff Tends to Remain in Field and You Cannot Monitor their Efficiency:

Travels and tours is one such business where the staff needs to be on their foot to generate leads. Though your staff remains in field but you cannot monitor what they do and whether they carry out their work effectively.

Need Not Worry!

Yes! true..you can track all the leads they have generated, clients they have met, can forward calls to them and much more with the help of CRM Panel.

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