3 Ways Cloud Telephony Rescues Education Sectors


It would be no exaggeration to say that the cloud telephony has brought a revolution in the education sector. If you own an education sector and wondering what purpose these numbers would solve for you, here is a quick look at how this technology has proved to be a boon for the education sector you run.

Gathering of Information Gets Unorganized During Admissions:

Admission time is the peak time and handling of calls & queries require a lot of manpower. Not only during the admission time, the same thing happens at events like declaration of results. That apart, manpower is error-prone and can result in the accumulation of unorganized information.

Heave a Sigh of Relief. How?

With the help of cloud telephony, the whole process can be automated. This results in yielding the reports and analysis which can provide really helpful insights. Not only all your calls will be answered efficiently but your institute would also be projected as an institute that endorses state-of-the-art technology.

Difficulty in Conveying Information to the Patrons:

This is one indispensable task for any educational institute. Patrons need to be conveyed information regularly whether about the presence, progress etc. of their ward. Sometimes the staff also need to communicate among themselves.

Heave a Sigh of Relief. How?

Cloud telephony facilitates the subscriber with Bulk SMSes and also make the posting of these SMSes easy & affordable. Apart from that, you would get the facilities like:

  • Generation of a comprehensive report.
  • Content archival
  • Analyzation of responses automatically.

Deluged With Queries During Peak Periods:

There are certain peak periods like result declaration, admissions, seminars etc. when you are likely to deluged with a large number of inbound and outbound calls. Most of the queries are customary and you need to employ manpower for answering those queries repeatedly.

Heave a Sigh of Relief. How?

Growing smart with technology is a better option. Make your callers interact with a voice response to answer the common queries. This way no real person is required and the calls are handled more proficiently and professionally. Besides this, cloud telephony services are provided on a subscription basis and hence the plans can be modulated as per the needs of your customers which is impossible with the conventional telephone.

Most importantly, this is a hosted service and therefore there is no requirement of infrastructure. The numbers that you are provided with are virtual and can be activated on your existing landline or mobile number.

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