3 Ways Toll Free Numbers Increase Your Marketing Efforts


Taking a plunge into starting a business may seem to be an easy task to you when you are equipped with the right resources. But, there is much more than what’s meets the eyes initially! Setting up a business may be easy but running it smoothly and profitably is not. Toll free numbers boost your marketing efforts and hence make things easier for you. Let us have a quick look:

Organizing Your Business:

People love to try new ideas and products and hence when you start your business you should be prepared to handle a large of customers’ influx for queries (if you have advertised well for a large scale exposure.) How would you handle those large number of calls then? When you are subscribed to a toll free number, you can be rest assured of handling all the incoming calls efficiently as these numbers are available with a variety of features like call forwarding, call logs, missed call alerts. These features let you manage calls efficiently without the need of manpower.

With the help of a CRM panel that is made available with these numbers, you can track, monitor and analyze your calls. Also, with the help of these numbers, you become available everywhere and every time. Not even a single call can be missed which means a better organization of your business calls.

Building Your Credibility in the Market:

However your small company may be, if you are subscribed to a toll free number, you are able to create an image of your company being big, ultra-professional and legitimate. If you are subscribed to a toll free number no one would know even if yours is a one-man operation. People tend to think that you are a big set up with different departments when IVR directs them to dial 1 for support, dial 2 for sale, dial 3…

Keeping Your Customers Satisfied:

As per a survey conducted, people tend to call on toll free numbers more and frequently. Apparently, when customers are exempted from charge they call you more and come up with their suggestions, feedbacks and complaints. This opens doors for improving your services as you would know the needs and demands of your customers better.

This is just a tip of iceberg, once you are subscribed to a toll free number you would explore the many more benefits of it that push your marketing efforts forward. So, fear not of your marketing efforts being failed, you would not prove to be damp squib, if you know the right direction.

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