3 Years of Service with One Year Advance Rental – Triple Blast Offer

Now enjoy 2 years (24 months services free) with one year advance rental with Ziffy 1800 Toll-Free service.

Plan Name: Triple Blast
Service Type: Toll-Free 1800 (with IVR or Missed Call)

Rental: Rs 4500 per month
Payable Term: 12 months
Free Term: 24 months
Total Service Period: 36 months

Total Rental: Rs 54000
Free call per month: Rs 500
Call Rate: 1.75 per minute
Security Amount (Refundable): Rs 5800
Setup (Non Refundable): Rs 2500

Total Payable: 62300
Service Tax: 7700.28
Net Payable: 70000/-

For more details please call 09554443322 or 0522-3098080

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