4 Areas Where E-commerce Business Uses Bulk SMS Service


Exponential rise of Internet users has made e-commerce market one of the most lucrative ones. With the convenience and reduced prices attached to it, more starters than ever today are eying the e-commerce business. If you are one of them, have the requisite money to spend then as a first priority you need to subscribe bulk SMS service. Here is why bulk SMS service is the foremost need of your e-commerce business.

What is the Concept of Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is the process of disseminating multitude of SMS messages to the audience that you target. Subscribers can send these SMS either to their existing customers or to the ones who have opted to an SMS list which appears on the site.


By making use of Bulk SMS services you can improve the conversion rate, sell more goods as per the choice of your customers. So, they are used for boosting sales, improving on-site metrics and customer service. In short, you would be able to retain your customers by using bulk SMS services.


Customer Service:

This is the most vital area of any business and so it is for the e-commerce industry. This lets your customer text their queries, their feedback and their comments on your service. With the help of bulk SMS services you can have more customers reaching you with their feedback and hence you can improve your services as per their needs and offer apologies in a smooth way.

Payment Security:

For any e-commerce portal, payment security process can be improved with just 2 factors of authentication. You system ask you for OTP or One Time Password before doing payment transaction and that password come to the mobile number you provide for the security sake.

Shopping Cart:

Registered customers get the alerts via SMS for the process of delivery along with the delivery notifications and update confirmation messages. Regular update service via SMS motivates the customers and they tend to become loyal.

Special Discount Offers:

Whenever you come up with offers and schemes on special occasions you can make this known to your customers with the help of bulk SMS messages. This helps you retain your customers.

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