4 Myths About Cloud Telephony Debunked!


Now that you know the basic differences between the traditional phones and Cloud PBX, there are certain myths that need to be dispelled. So, if you are using the old and traditional PBX and have several queries pertaining to the cloud PBX then given here are certain myths which you need to be debunked.

Myth 1: If my old phone system is fine and working well then it is better to stick to that because cloud PBX is expensive.

When you consider factors like maintenance of PBX, ever increasing carrier fee and cost of the changes that are made at time of the expansion and relocation & much more. if you calculate all the above and if you weigh the advantages of  cloud telephony, you would find the later valuable.

Not only this, if you wait for forced change such as equipment at the reduced rates or the closing or merging of the present telephony provider, then this rushed changeover can cost you dearly as it results in possible downtimes.

When you switch to Cloud Telephony, you will have an edge in the market apparently. Moreover, when you switch to the clouds, there would not be any installation charges and you do not need to pay any maintenance costs as the number would be virtual and can be activated on your present phone number.

Myth 2: Cloud PBX is not better than any cell phones:

The best of all Cloud PBX services have apps which connect your mobile phones into office phones. This gives you mobility and the advantages of a full business phone system. You can then use your Smartphones as a business extension wherever you want to go, you can reroute the calls at your will. On the contrary, you can not use your personal mobile number for business so you cannot get business calls when you travel.

Myth 3: All the phones break down, cloud PBX must be the same. If the services of cloud telephony go down then?

If your premise based system begin to malfunction, you are left with no option other than redirecting your main number to mobile phone from your carrier. In case of a cable cut also, you will be down. On the other hand, you get 99.99% reliability in written from cloud service vendor. Apart from that in the hosted systems you can login remotely via an app on your Smart phones as the result of which you are never down.

Myth 4: When i need cloud phones, i need to re-cable my premises.

If you have Category 5 or better network computer cable, you do not need to. Most of the cloud telephony service providers facilitate you with the apps that can be installed on Smart phones like I Phone or Android phones. This will enable your Smart phone operate act as cordless with no additional costs.

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