4 Ways Vanity Toll Free Numbers Help Your Business Grow


Let Your Toll free numbers speak your identity…

What is your way to promote a brand? Would you do it effectively or just putting your resources into a drain? For large scale exposure you splurge in print/television advertisements and fail to get so. A memorable vanity number makes things easier for you. Thanks to alpha-numeric Smart phones, these numbers have gained immense popularity. Let us have a quick look at a few ways vanity toll free numbers build your brand without efforts and give you the best value for your money.

Boost Your Advertising Efforts:

A catchy toll free number in commercials, in print or in the Internet can boost your advertising efforts immensely. For instance, think of a TV jingle of any fast food joint when you are hungry flashing a toll free number. You are at once tempted to call on that number. This is what actually happens. People love to connect with your service when they find it easy and free to reach.

A Number That Spells Your Brand:

Tell the people what you do through your vanity toll free number even before they reach you. For instance, if your toll free number spells 1-800-HOT-BURGERS, you are letting people know that you are dealing in selling burgers even before they contact you. This way, more and more people looking for product/service reach you.

Connect You With Customers Directly:

It is simple enough! when your phone number spells your brand (whatever business you may be in from flowers to home insurance.) People tend to contact you on the first priority basis. Also, if your number can spell the mission you are on, they will connect with you emotionally also.

Easy To Remember:

People often complaint of toll free numbers being long. Vanity toll free numbers are memorable and hence take this tension off from minds of the owners.

Why Vanity Toll Free Numbers are More Than Just A Number?

Smart companies are aware of this fact. Vanity toll free numbers are the numbers which are actually meant for building your brand and giving you a large-scale exposure. So, let your number speak your identity.


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