5 Questions About Toll Free Numbers that Everybody Asks


Do you wonder why during economic turmoil and recession, demand for toll free numbers increases abruptly? The reason behind this is apparent. By including 1800 toll free number in their contact list, several businesses have gained an edge in the market. Being toll free is the simplest, easiest and the cheapest tool which can help you attain your business goals.

Q: Why going Toll free means more customers to your business?

Absolutely Free Incoming Calls.

Some people are apprehensive about it. Toll free numbers are absolutely free. Whether they are called from a landline, from a mobile phone and yes they are free even when called from Skype. No matter in which part of country you are located and from which network you are using to make calls. Toll free numbers are free for all. The greatest of all benefits is reaped by support and customer care departments. When you make your customers call you free, the chances of your getting potential customers increase manifold.

Q: How Does a Toll Free Number Build A Brand Image?

You can select the plan according to your business.

A: Toll free numbers help building your brand image because they represent your brand. When you choose a vanity number that represents your brand or your company, it helps in branding and you can use them during campaigning. Toll Free Numbers are 1800 HOTDOGS are easy to remember and give a definite boost to your business.

Q: Why no hardware is required?

No hardware is required because calls are operated on cloud platform

There is no hardware required for setting a toll free number. No equipment, no wires and nothing. These numbers just need to be activated on your present landline or mobile number.

Q: How can my staff manage a great influx of calls efficiently?

You get multiple lines that run parallel along with call forwarding and call logs feature.

When your business is toll free, you do not miss even a single call. This is so because multiple lines run parallel. Any incoming call coming to you get automatically forwarded to an executive who is free to talk. So, the callers never get busy tones. With the help of call logs you can check out who all have called you. You can then screen the calls and answer the calls which you think can become your prospective buyer.

Q: How a toll free number is flexible to use?

You can terminate the service anytime if not satisfied.
When you purchase them you do not need to sign any agreement. So, just in case if you are not happy with the service you can just terminate it. Not only this, you can also switch to a new service provider and do not have to change your phone number.

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