5 Reasons to Buy Toll Free Numbers for Your Educational Institute Today!


Among so many other sectors, education sector is one such sector that need to manage a huge database. Taking this fact into consideration, more education sectors than ever today have felt the need to buy toll free numbers. If you also own an educational institute where tracking and analysis are becoming an uphill task then toll free number is what you need. Enumerated here are the 5 good reasons for that. Let us have a quick look.

Do Away With a Huge Manpower:

There are certain occasions like admissions and declaration of results when institutes need to handle a large number of queries. Not only this, handling of calls by manpower results in the accumulation of unorganized information. Toll free numbers can automate the process. This is so because these numbers are made available to the customers with plenty of features like call logs, call recordings, missed call alert etc that prevent a huge loss of data.

Communication With Patrons Becomes Easy:

Conveying information to the patrons is a regular task of all the educational institutes. With the help of toll free numbers, you remain updated with the information like who all have called you through the day and this in turn helps in keeping the communication process smooth with the patrons. Apart from this, with the help of Bulk SMSes they can be updated with the latest information. Also, archival of content and generation of report become easy.

Handling of Inbound Calls Efficiently:

Admission and result declaration are the two peak seasons when a sizable number of calls are expected. Subscription to a toll free number means handling of the calls more efficiently and professionally. There is no need of manpower for handling customary queries. When callers are interacted with voice response there is no need of a real person.

Never Get Busy Tones During Admission Procedure:

Admission time is the most crucial time for any educational institute. When several lines run parallel, users never get busy tones and the calls can be handled efficiently. The services can be modulated as per the needs of the subscribers which is not possible in the case of traditional PBX.

Best Value for Money:

Since toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that can be activated on your present land line or mobile phones so you need not invest in any infrastructure. These services are available on subscription basis and can be modulated as per the needs of your institute.

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