5 Unique Ways Toll Free Numbers Boost Sales


Despite the exponential rise of internet users, the significance of toll free numbers has not lessened. These numbers have become an indispensable asset for businesses whether big or small. 1800 toll free numbers help you gain both credibility and recognization in the market and boost sales. Here are the top 5 unique ways toll free numbers enhance sales. Let us have a quick look.

Improves Overall Customer Satisfaction:

Needless to say, when customers can call you any time without spending any money, they would be happy. This is a great way to retain customers. When your customers face a difficult time reaching you, they become frustrated. With the help of 1800, you can put your customers at ease, as they are exempted of any charge and they can reach you at any hour of the day.

It is Easy to Remember:

These numbers have the same prefix: 1800. After that, four digits are given by the operator. Therefore, toll free numbers are easy to remember. Moreover, there are vanity numbers which are alphanumeric and can be remembered most easily. It is due to this reason that they are a significant marketing tool.

Establishes Your Credibility in the Market:

Yes it is true that people think that only big corporations can have 1800 numbers. So, the credibility and image of even the start up companies enhances greatly when they began to use toll free numbers which in turn result in increasing sales. So, if you are a company working from a basement, you can build your image once you are subscribed to toll free numbers.


Once you own a 1800 number, your location does not matter. Even if you move your set up to some other area, you can retain your old number and it does not affect your customers in any way. Once you purchase it, you are the owner of it and the number remains with you even if you change the service provider.

A Great Marketing Tool:

Toll free numbers help you track your marketing efforts because you can track from where the marketing source has originated. You can track missed, answered and unanswered calls and can use the data to trace your prospective clients.

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