6 Common Real Estate Problems Solved by Toll Free Numbers


Owing to the rising demands for shelter, real estate is booming like never before. Needless to say, the competition has risen in the same proportion. So, trying new strategies to retain and manage customers gives you an edge in the market. What if you would be able to lessen the call drop rate, track missed calls and manage database efficiently? With the help of toll free numbers and IVR service you would be able to sustain in the market that is deluged with real estate service providers.

With the help of Advertising You Are Flooded With Queries But Missing Leads……

Now what? ….

You Get a Nationwide Number That can Handle 6K Calls at a Time:

With the help of a single toll free number which would be able to handle 6000 calls at a time. The calls are absolutely free for the callers and these can be forwarded to hundreds of different people which means you never miss a single call.

Your Callers are Reaching You and Getting Irritated by Busy Tones:

Now What?……

No busy tones..get multiple channels

This is the problem with the traditional PBX which irritates the customers and keeps them at bay. With the help of toll free numbers you never get any busy tones as there are multiple channels and therefore calls are answered immediately.

You Lack Manpower and hence missing calls.

Now what?

IVR and Call forwarding solve this problem.

If you lack a real receptionist or your staff remains on field then you tend to miss leads. With the help of IVR and auto attended, all the calls are attended automatically without the presence of a real person and then these calls are forwarded to your the staff of the respective departments on field.

You Cannot Track Calls and Have Difficult Time Promoting Yourself:

Now what?…

With real call logs you can collect all the database and use it for re-marketing.

CRM panel does it all for you. With the help of this panel, you can monitor all calls you receive. The real time call logs helps you to monitor and analyze all calls and can make use of it in re-marketing.

Your Agent/broker, customers annoy you.

Now what?……

Call records is a rescue

You can record all the calls held between agent/broker and customers for future reference which would leave no scope of contention.

In short, CRM solution provided with toll free numbers are tailor made to automate the complete real estate process.

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