7 Mistakes that You Make When You Purchase a Toll free Number

10-mistakes-you-commonly-make-while-buying-toll-free-numbers-ZiffyOrganizing your business communications, building your brand image and improving sales, if you have waken up to the benefits of toll free numbers and plan to own it, beware of certain commonly made mistakes. Enumerated here are the 7 such mistakes.

You Search for a Vanity Number On Wrong Websites:

People who take fancy towards toll free numbers tend to make this mistake. However, most of the websites lock up that number so buying from them becomes more of your liability. Not only this, they also offer their expensive plan on that number…Ours is a safe website you can count on.

You Tend to Purchase it from Direct Operators:

Like most of the other people, you tend to fall in the trap as well. You buy toll free numbers from direct operators (BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone etc.). You rely on these big names and think that you would get the best ROI. Contrary to this, you do not get value added services when you purchase from the direct operators. Not only this, buying from

So, always purchase it from a vendor rather than purchasing it from a direct operator to get IVR, missed call alert, call forwarding and much more. Not only this, buying from direct operators cost you more and it is more restrictive.

You Continue With the Same Vendor Despite Having Issues to Retain the Number:

You can change the vendor if you are dealing with issues and can retain the number. Toll free numbers are portable and even if you change your office location from one city to another you will retain the same number. All you need to do is to relieve your number by paying Rs 5000 (amount varies).

Thinking that Vanity Numbers Are Waste of Money:

Vanity numbers give you the best value for money. Though they are ultra-expensive but they are worth it because these numbers help in building brand in a big way. So, it is not a waste of money at all. It gives recognition to your brand. Just come to think of it how strongly people will know and remember you, if your number spells your business.

You Select the Company on Basis of Price Alone:

Do not go for the lowest price. When the vendor offers you the lowest price then either the charges are latent or they are cutting down certain value added services to keep the cost low. So, it is better not to fall in the trap.

You Do Not Test Your Toll Free Number Before Putting it on Advertising:

To prevent yourself from awful headaches, do not forget to call on and test your toll free number.

You Assume Buying Toll free Number is Just About Filling up Form and Making Payment:

Obtaining a toll free number is a process. It is not about filling up a form only. Click here to know what all needs to be done.

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