7 Myths About Cloud Telephony Debunked


Gone are the days when employees had to work from the office 10am-6pm. Those conventional days are over now. These days employees need a flexible system that can be operated from anywhere. Cloud telephony has empowered the business organizations with flexibility. Without the use of hardware or cables you would be able to manage calls from far and wide. Let us have a quick look at some of the myths and truths related to Cloud Telephony.

Myth 1: Managing calls need a dedicated IT Support person.

The only thing that you need is a cloud telephony service and nothing along with it. You do not need any additional technical person for running the setup. Everything is managed by the vendor.

Myth 2: You need a hefty investment.

No, it is just a myth. An internet connection is all you require. Thereafter, you can select a package according your budget and business needs.

Myth 3: Cloud telephony is the newest technology.

The technology is growing at the fastest pace. All the big and small companies need cloud telephony to organize their calls.

Myth 4: The process of set up is complicated and takes a lot of time.

The process does not require a hardware and therefore there is no need of phones and cables etc. There is only one time setup of software that is normally free of cost.

Myth 5: Migrating your toll free number is a hard nut to crack.

You can retain your old toll free numbers if you migrate your business from one place to another. You would only have a short-term downtime while migrating your system to Cloud Telephony.

Myth 6: This is an automated process and no support is required.

Yes it is true that a majority of its aspects are automated. However, a technical manual support is always required which is provided by the vendor.

Myth 7: The technology is meant for start up tech companies

Cloud telephony is used by both small and big companies. So, it is wrong to say that it is meant for the beginners only. Microsoft has invested 90% of their R&D budget on the Cloud Telephony. Even the big firms consider it as a wise investment.

What all Advanced Features You Get With Cloud Telephony?

  • Interactive voice response
  • Voice mail
  • Voice recording
  • Call forwarding
  • Call distribution


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