7 Unknown Facts About Toll Free Numbers That You Would Love to Know


Social media, emails and toll free numbers have become more of a necessity than a matter of choice. No business can imagine to thrive without these three. However, myths surrounding the toll free numbers cloud your vision and you cannot take the right decision. Let us have a quick look at 10 vital facts about the free phone numbers that you do not know.

  • 1800 is a prefix for all the toll free numbers that you buy in India. International toll free numbers have 800, 888, 866, 877 as prefixes.
  • You own your toll free number once you are subscribed to it.
  • These numbers are portable and hence if you change the service providers you can retain your old number.
  • Toll free numbers have been around in the market for more than 35 years.
  • There are vendors that offer you lucrative packages which will look you tempting but yes you should beware of the hidden charges which may surface in only when they are billed.
  • You are provided with a Custom Relationship Management Panel with all toll free numbers that helps you analyse, monitor and track calls. You can check the call logs and track the missed calls.
  • Refrain from purchasing toll free numbers from direct operators, if you do so then you would not be given the facility of IVR, call forwarding etc.

How Toll Free Number Works?

Toll free numbers can be customized as per your budget and needs. Gone are the days when error-prone staff used to handle the calls manually and you tend to miss leads after the office hours. Once the number is dialed, the Service Switch Point (SSP) of the telephone number recognizes it as a toll free number by its prefix. This in turn prompts it to query the Service Control Point or SCP which contains the routing instructions that are set up by the called party.


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