How to Get a Toll Free Number for Your Business?


Most of the businesses today is waking up to the fact that toll free number is a brand creator. Reducing the perceived geographic distance and taking away the financial onus on the customers are the two apparent benefits of toll free numbers. Though they are easy to obtain, but most of the business owners, especially the startups with low budget wonder how to get a toll free number that they can easily afford and that can prove to be a boon for their newly started business.

If you are one such businessmen who are looking for buying a toll free number and do not the requisite procedure, this article is meant for you.

What All Do You Need?

Though toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that do not need hardware installation and can be activated on your existing landline or mobile number but still, there are certain things that you need to know to get toll free numbers.

  • You need a computer and net accessibility.
  • You need phone numbers for the set up of call forwarding.
  • A business phone line
  • One ID proof, one address proof and one proof of the registration of your company.

What Comes Next?

  • Once you have all the documents ready with you and have an existing landline or mobile equipment, you need to either have a debit or a credit card or at least an existing bank account to make the money transaction feasible.
  • Next, you need to decide what the format of your toll free number should be. The first four numbers is the country code. For instance, 1-800 is the code for India. The companies that are out to promote their brand can choose vanity numbers like 1-800-Ziffy. Since vanity numbers are customized, they are expensive, but create a strong brand image.
  • Some businesses need international access on their toll free numbers while others restrict foreign calls because of the high costs of charges attached to it. So, unless you have very high foreign clientele it is not wise to go for international access on your toll free numbers.
  • Once you have subscribed the number, you need to have either credit or debit card to set up monthly payments. Always bear in mind that when need to subscribe to a toll free number, you need to furnish all your business information and also a phone number that can be registered with the vendor.
  • Once you have submitted all the requisite documents and made the initial payment, you can sign in and set up the phone service. You can choose call forwarding to multiple numbers and can set your virtual receptionist that can route the calls of your customers. You can also choose the option to set up voice mail and can avail tons of facilities like call logs, missed call service that can help manage and organize your business communication smoothly.

Once you know the significance of toll free number for your business, stop wondering where and how to get a toll free number. The process is simple and the benefits are plenty!

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