How Will You Get Toll Free Numbers?


Whether you plan to open a business a unit or just want to set up a virtual shop, the eventual aim of all businesses is to sell. Toll free number is a key that can make your business thrive. There are multi-pronged benefits of toll free numbers that are all the more apparent.

Right from organizing your business to generating leads and building brand image, the benefits of toll free numbers are hard to ignore. No wonder that more businesses than ever today are switching to these numbers and have a one question creeping into their minds and that is how to get toll free numbers?

How Will You Get Toll Free Numbers?

It is simple, easy and quick!!

You are waken up to the benefits of toll free numbers and want to get hold of one for your business but wonder how. Worry not! it is a simple process. If you have all the requisite documents and know your requirement, you are here to go!

What Documents Would You Need?

You need a couple of documents to be eligible for the subscription. Here is a quick look of what all you need:

  • Incorporation certificate ( Proof of your company’s registration)
  • Address ID Proof
  • A Purchase Order
  • You need your partner’s Address ID proof and Partnership Resolution Letter if yours is a partnership firm. If yours is a Pvt Ltd. company you need a Board Resolution Letter.

What Comes Next?

Step 1:

Once you have all the documents with you, you need to select a toll free plan sent to you by the vendor as per your usage and budget. Companies keep in coming up with offers from time to time. So keep tabs to get the best deal.

Step 2:

If you have selected the best suited plan (plans can be customized also to suit your needs.), you are there to go. Select a convenient payment gateway, make the payment, accept the terms and conditions of the vendor and your number gets activated in a couple of hours.

No Hardware or software installation, just get your number activated on the present mobile or land line equipment that you are using. Activating virtual number on your current hardware does not affect your present calls.

Think wisely can make your business grow in leaps and bounds by switching to the clouds and going toll free.


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