9 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Get the Best Deal on Toll free Numbers

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With the market deluged with thousands of toll free number providers, no wonder that you get overwhelmed with the choices available before you. People are fast waking up to the idea of making their businesses toll free as they know its importance in branding and organizing all the incoming calls.

More companies than ever today rely on toll free numbers to handle sales and support. Let us discuss how would you find a toll free number provider that can give you the best deal. But, prior to that let us have a quick look why toll free numbers have become need of the hour for every business.

Toll Free Number is Need of the Hour for Ever Business: Why?

Boost Sales:

Just put yourself in the shoes of your customers and ask yourself where do you likely call obviously to a toll free number and not on a long distance number. Callers are exempted from fee and hence they tend to call you more which in turn boost sales. Such is the impact of toll free numbers on sale that businesses publish them on their websites, visiting cards, brochures etc and after doing so their sales has risen dramatically.

Builds Your Brand:

Imagine calling a company that owns a toll free number and a company where calls are handled manually. In which case, you are left with a better impact? Apparently, in the former case. Toll free numbers make you look professional. If you choose a vanity number, it would integrate with your marketing strategy and make you known from the brand you own. For instance, 1800-Hot burgers etc.

Helps You Manage and Organize Your Calls Efficiently:

If you expect a large number of calls and fail to manage and organize calls efficiently then make your business toll free. With the help of features like call logs, call recordings etc, missed call service, you would be able to manage calls efficiently and do not miss a single call.

9 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Make the Right Choice

Every company has a different set of requirements. While making a purchase, you need to ask a certain questions to make the right choice of both the plan you select and the vendor you choose.

  • Do I need forwarding to my cell phone?
  • Will i be calling out on toll free number from my cell phones?
  • Do i need a company directory for the various departments?
  • Do i need an alphabetized directory for employees?
  • Will call recording be needed?
  • Do i need a call recording service?
  • Do i really want and willing to pay for answering service?
  • Should my voice mails emailed to me?
  • Will missed call service be really helpful?

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