A Few Queries that Toll Free Number Owners Normally Make


When you own a toll free number, you have hundreds of questions that creep into your mind. If you are one of the bewildered toll free owners and are left troubled with the questions that nobody tells you then the present article is meant for you.

How can i avoid a bill shock for my toll free 1800 number?

To avoid this situation, you need to understand your plan meticulously. When you understand how your calls would be charged, you are in full control of your budget. It is better to talk to the business consultants who can help you choose the right plan for the type and the volume of calls you are expecting to receive.

If calls are free to my customers, how much my business have to pay for calls?

Call rates for 1800 numbers depend on the location of the callers and also on the answer points. When your customers call you, you would be charged as per the plan you have selected.

Will calls be absolutely free to the calling party or they will have to pay when they would call from a different network?

Calls are absolutely free for the calling party. So, whether your customers call from a mobile, from a landline or from a skype, they would not be charged. They can call for free from any geographical location and from any network.

Why Should i Choose to Buy from a Cloud Telephony Service Provider and Not from an Operator?

When you purchase from a cloud telephony service provider and not from the operators (airtel, vodafone, BSNL etc.), you get multiple benefits. A few of them are enumerated below:

  • When you purchase from an operator you do not get an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service.
  • You do not get any special feature like call logs, feedback SMS, call forwarding etc, which help you in managing leads efficiently when you purchase your toll free directly from an operator.
  • You do not get a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Panel when you buy from an operator. With the help of CRM panel you can make changes by yourself whenever required.

What’s more! when you purchase from Ziffy, your services will be activated within an hour other similar service provider in the market takes couple of hours and operators take a month to activate your services. Now choice is yours!

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