Are 1800 Numbers Worth Their Costs?


When you want to be a master of your own and have a business venture in mind, what do you do as a first priority? Are you confused? Do you know that making your business toll free gives you an edge over your competitors but have hundreds of questions and apprehensions creeping in your mind?

What Are 1800 Toll Free Numbers?

To put it in layman terms, 1800 numbers are virtual numbers that are meant for receiving inbound calls. These numbers terminate to an answer point that could be your mobile phone or landlines. In no way, inbound numbers affect the functionality of answer points. The toll free numbers are meant for directing calls to the designated terminating number and can not be used for making outbound calls.

Does your Business Really Require a Toll Free Number?

Your business, whether big or small requires a toll free number because all businesses without exception get benefited by having an inbound number. This is so because they are easy to recall and give your brand a professional image. Just imagine of your being a customer. Would you like to make calls to a landline or a mobile phone or would prefer dedicated toll free number? Obviously,  you would prefer the later and so do your clients.

Good will of your business depends on the kind of after sales and customer care service you provide.Toll free numbers is a great way to show your customers that their concerns are important to you. If you do not have a toll free number then both of your new and existing business would be adversely affected. By making your business toll free, you take tensions out of your customers’ mind. They call you more and you are able to get more feedback which gives you a room for further improvement.

When people from other locations do not to call you because of the hefty call rates, you will obviously have limited business. By making your business toll free you encourage people from far flung areas to call you.

Toll Free Number: Is it Worth the Money You Pay?

Certainly yes! Apparently, every business needs the best value for the investment. Toll free numbers are virtual and give users the flexibility to configure routing depending on the time of day, availability of the user and the origin of the calling party. You also have a choice to point it to a live answering service. This way, you never miss a business opportunity.

Plenty of serious marketers are benefited by free reporting tools that are made available with this service. These are used not only for increasing sales but also help you to make informed decisions, for scheduling and for training etc. Most important of all is the fact that 1800 numbers are portable and you own the rights of using that number so you do not have to worry about changing the number. Also, you have the option of choosing vanity numbers, if you consider certain series lucky for you!

Investing in business communication is one of the priorities for every business so go toll free and get the best value for your money!

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