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All About Virtual IVR Number Service

Interactive voice response (IVR) in telephony is a technology that allows a caller to interact with the server (IVRS) through the use of voice and phone’s keypad DTMF tones. IVR allows callers to interact with a company‚Äôs virtual receptionist via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition by dialing on an IVR number. IVR systems […]

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How to get toll free number from BSNL?

The old guy in the club to whom everybody gives respect till they don’t know about them. Yes, BSNL is an old guy in the telephony club but not very well respected about the services they offer. But that doesn’t stop people searching about BSNL whenever they need any telecom services e.g. Toll Free number […]

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Top IVR Service Providers In India

Before you start exploring the best IVR service providers in India, lets discuss what is IVR and how it can be beneficial for your business in a very short statements. IVR is Interactive Voice Response system deployed on a telephony platform generally phone lines are connected to a server (EPABX) and all calls are first […]

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Cheapest Toll Free Number Plan In India

Cheapest Toll Free Number in India

  Looking for the cheapest Toll Free Number plan in India for your business? Look no further than Ziffy. We are proud to offer India’s cheapest Toll Free number plan with more free minutes per month than the rental you are paying for the service. So, the effective cost of the Toll Free number with […]

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Unlimited Toll Free IVR Plans

July is here so as our biggest offer to date. If you were looking for some business telephony solution where you don’t have to worry about the bill shock than you have come to right place. Introducing, the first time in the world, unlimited business telephony with IVR, real-time call details, recordings and SMS alerts […]

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job opening in Lucknow

Sales & Marketing Job in Lucknow

Build your career with India’s leading and most happening Cloud Telephony service provider based in Lucknow. Get unlimited paid leaves, No overtime or long working hours, Insurance benefits and plenty of fun while doing your day to day tasks. We have the openings for Sales & Marketing profiles in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Please mail your […]

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Monthly Toll Free Number Plans In India

We are glad to introduce India’s first Toll Free Monthly rental plans from a Cloud Telephony service provider. No long-term commitments. Try it for a month and then go long term for more benefits like extra free call value, more simultaneous calls and pain-free renewals. It’s time to get a Toll Free Number for your […]

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