Hosted Cloud-Based Call Center Solution

Gone are the days when to set up a call center you have to spend a lot on the infrastructure and software. From PRIs, VoIP EPABX along with huge license cost, VoIP phones, leased lines and not to mention the human resource (full-fledged IT Team) to manage the infrastructure.

And on the peak day when the PRI gets down or the EPABX server crashes all the world come crashing down to you.

To save you from all the trouble of setting up the infrastructure and managing their uptime round the clock and the stress it gives, Ziffy has launched its Cloud-Based Call Center Solution.

What is cloud based contact center?

A cloud based contact / call center will allow you to receive inbound calls from your customers without setting up any infrastructure.

All the calls will be routed through Ziffy’s IVR system and directly to your agents depending upon the caller’s input.

It save you the cost per call as before handing over the call to the agent you can pre-screen it and only if it is required you can transfer the calls.

All the data CDR, analytics, performance reports will be available on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

At the agent’s end you will just need to provide them a phone on which they can receive the calls.

Call Center Software

When you go with a hosted call center solution then you don’t have to install any software or hardware at your end as everything will be managed by the cloud telephony service provider.

With the hosted IVR, you will also get the CRM software on the cloud to mange the incoming calls and keep a track of them. You can also integrate other CRM softwares like ZOHO CRM with Ziffy Call Center Software so that all the data can be synced.

Call Center License

While Ziffy will provide you the infrastructure and software to run your call center that doesn’t mean you don’t have to acquire the required government licenses to operate the same.

In India, you will need an OSP license from the DoT before starting your operations. However, if you just want to serve your own customers then you can start with Ziffy’s Cloud-Based Call Center Service in a matter of minutes.

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