Call Routing with Toll Free Numbers

Call Routing with Toll Free Numbers

Call Routing enables you to direct incoming calls to your business to specified answer points. Call Routing can provide an increased level of customer service, and allow you to deal with calls in the most efficient way possible. The relationship you have with your customers is the foundation of success, therefore by focusing on call routing techniques like this, it is possible to manage thousands of calls continuously without compromising customer satisfaction. Call Routing can identify where callers are ringing from, and then make decisions on how to direct calls based on rules you have created for your business.

Routing menu options

You can also allow your customers to select where they want to be transferred to. If you set up a pre-recorded menu, the customer can then go directly to the appropriate answer point. This gives the customer more control over their communication and also makes your business seem more professional. It’s vital to ensure your customers have a smooth and seamless phone experience as the first point of contact with your business. A well tailored phone menu helps give them that experience.

No call disruptions

There is nothing worse than transferring customers to a line that is busy. With cloud routing, calls are spread evenly among the customer service department so that the chances of a customer being placed in a boundless queue is low. The cloud service guarantees business continuity and operates consistently 24*7.

Reduces Operating Cost

The call routing software is simple to install and the set up fees are minimal. You save a lot of money if you use Call routing feature with Toll Free Number and that money can then be freely invested into other company improvements.

Phone greeting

Another benefit of Call Routing is that you can customise multiple phone greetings for anyone contacting your business. This ensures your brand message comes out the way you want it to, every time. It also means their initial contact with your business is a professional one. You can be assured they’ll be experiencing a warm and inviting tone, as you’ll have control over the pre-recorded message.

Call Routing allows you to make the most of your incoming calls and maximise sales. Route calls based on your company’s business hours, automatically transfer callers to the nearest store, pre qualify leads or ensure that calls are always getting handled by the best call centre.

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