Cancellation Policy

Your rights to the Service granted under this Agreement are personal to you. You may not sell, assign, or otherwise transfer or agree to transfer all or any portion of those rights without the prior written consent of ZNI, which consent may be withheld for any reason in the absolute discretion of ZNI.

ZNI reserves the right to terminate accounts which remain inactive for over 90 days, or accounts which, in the sole judgment of ZNI, are used for purposes that are illegal, or which ZNI deems inappropriate or detrimental to ZNI.

ZNI also reserves the right to terminate accounts, which do not pay their monthly usage charges or bill raised by ZNI for consecutive 3 months (or 90 days or 3 bills).

You acknowledge that the Service is intended for customary personal and business use. The Service is not intended for dedicated telecommunications services and in no case is the Service intended for intensive auto-dialing, continuous, or extensive call forwarding, or dedicated telemarketing. You should not use the service number assigned to you by ZNI for incoming calls (IVR or CBS) in any of your bulk promotions communicated through telecom infrastructures like voice calls, SMS, FAX etc. You understand that such inappropriate use of the Service may result in immediate cancellation of your account by ZNI without any penalty or liability of any kind to ZNI, and that you will not be entitled to any refund in case your account is cancelled thereby.

You understand that ZNI is limited in the depth of Customer Service that it can provide to customers. Accordingly, telephone-based technical support may not be provided. ZNI will provide email and other support resources on an as-available basis. If you experience a problem with the Service, you can contact support at [email protected]

You understand you own the number as long as you have credit on your number. If you carry Rs 0 balance on your number for 60 days (2 months), or the renewal fee is not paid before the expiry date, your number will be recycled and as such, you will lose your number, no refund will be processed in this case including the security amount charges.

You understand that ZNI may terminate your Service if your telephone number and/or email address ceases functioning at any time and for any reason.

Any attempt to use the Service other than as provided herein shall be a breach of this Agreement and will subject you to possible legal action and/or fees.

You acknowledge and agree that you are aware of and will fully abide by the statutory and regulatory rules prohibiting unsolicited fax, SMS and voice advertisements set forth in the National Commercial Communication Policy, 2010. Violations may subject you to statutory fines and penalties, and compensatory damages. For further information, see You understand that the Service MAY NOT be used for faxmail or out bound voice call spamming campaigns. You expressly agree to fully defend, indemnify, and hold harmless ZNI and its suppliers from any complaints arising out of your use of the Service in violation of any central or state statutes or regulations. You understand that inappropriate use of the Service may result in immediate cancellation of your account by ZNI, and that you will not be entitled to any refund in case your account is cancelled thereby.


ZNI will charge a security or credit limit charges for each toll-free number, click2call service and out-bound calls, which will vary depending upon the plan and starts from Rs 2200/-. This amount is only refundable when the service (i,e, the toll-free number or any other service) kept active for a period of twelve months minimum and there was no dues left. In case service was active above twelve months than all the pending charges will be deducted from the security amount before refund. Refund process will take 90 days from the date of deactivation of the number. One time processing charges of Rs 500 (plus service tax) will also be deducted from the refundable amount.


The advance rental paid for the services in case of IVR/Toll-Free/FAX services are non-refundable in any circumstance unless ZNI Wireless was unable to provide the promised service/solution.


Setup charges are being charged for customised work awarded from the client (“i.e you”) and hence won’t be refundable once the customisation starts on your order/service or solution.

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