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How to get toll free number for business

How to get a toll free number for business

With the Jio’s entry in the telecom market, the call charges have almost vanished, and every operator is now offering unlimited free outgoing calls. This raises a question whether anyone should invest in a Toll Free number or not? Why do we need a Toll Free number for business? Toll free number not just give […]

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Why Cloud PBX is a New Itinerary For Call Centers These Days?

Owing to multi-dimensional pressure which is caused either by the changing compliance frameworks or by the bewildering service level agreements, call centers always look out for software solutions. No wonder, why Cloud PBX has become a rage. More call centers than ever today are eying Cloud telephony because of high scalability, flexibility, security and cost […]

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Toll Free Number For Real Estate Companies

Real estate is a tough business and every day 10 or more brokers coming in your way blocking every deal you are hoping to materialise. When competition is high, margins automatically drops, and every paisa matters for you and your customers. The best way to beat your competition to show your customers that you care […]

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Cloud Telephony and Startups

Non-funded startups or say bootstrapped startups always face cash crunches and loose business opportunities due to lack of resources. Telecom resources like a phone connection (The front-end of your company), managing leads received on that and ensuring it’s 24×7 availability becoming a major pain point for every other business not just for the startups. Substantial […]

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Toll Free Number for E-commerce sites

What is e commerce? E-commerce is business in the online environment. Here all transactions, deals take place over the internet. Buying and selling goods on the Internet is one of the most popular examples of ecommerce. Sellers create storefronts that are the online equivalents of retail outlets. Buyers browse and purchase products with mouse clicks. […]

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Toll Free 1800 number for FMCG companies

In today’s world reaping the maximum benefits from the latest technology developments is imperative that businesses orient the applications towards the creation of a knowledge base and its dissemination. Corporate exposure with Toll Free 1800 no of FMCG company’s on the service platform supports customer relationship for the accessing knowledge and awareness of respective product […]

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Toll Free Number for E-commerce Sites

Group buying sites, discounted fashion brand retailers and specialised online stores have started to dominate the brick and mort stores in India. Online retail is picking up in India, effects can be shown on FDI in retail. Throwing light on 100 % FDI in single brand retailing, 100% FDI in Single brand retailing can contribute half […]

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Toll Free 1800 number in NGOs

Non-governmental organizations working for public services. Many public service institutions, is helping the poor and helpless peoples. helpless peoples in the millions of population are still crying for help. ngo’s listen to the cries of help and present some helpline services in front of those peoples, like: 1800 helpline number. Among the population to find the poorand disadvantaged people its a really very hard job, where 1800 number a very effective way to achieve success in thistask. We take the example of poor childrens. So many children in need of aid and assistance. Ngo’s work for the protection of the rights […]

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