Reasons to add Click To Call Services on your Webpage

Before taking new service, the customer doesn’t know anything about it, do a lot of research online before they make a purchase or commit. How can your small business engage the visitor if you do not have any attractive way to engage them? A click-to-call service can do the trick. CTC also called click-for-talk or […]

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Toll Free Numbers and Click to Call services

Click-to-Call is a service you can add to any web page that lets your web visitors enter their phone number, tab a call button and the Click-to-Call service will instantly call back the web visitor on the entered phone number and connect the call to your mobile or company phone number. It is a powerful […]

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Click-to-Call in India

We are glad to launch Click-to-Call service, which connects your website visitors with your sales or support executive in just one click. Our Click2Call service is API based and hence can be integrated with your website’s look and feel. Some exceptional features of the service are: Toll free for your website visitor Easy to configure with our […]

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