Missed Call Service

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How Missed Call Impacts Business

What do you think makes the pillar for your business growth? The obvious responses hitting to my ears are the market, the customers and the modern technology. But, what else do you find is important to be extraordinary? Look closely to the business equation and you will find calls and missed calls received play a […]

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Missed Calls means Opportunity

Every organization is in search of Opportunity but sometimes you have an opportunity in front of you and you miss it. Opportunity will never knock your door and say i am here you need to search opportunity every time. Missed call is one way to search opportunity. Missed Call Service has become an effective way […]

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Cloud Telephony – What it is? Why do you need it?

Similar to cloud computing, cloud telephony also provides distributed resource management over the Internet i.e. without having any infrastructure at the business premises infrastructure will be hosted on the internet. Tasks like managing infrastructure, upgrading and downgrading of resources will be done on the fly as per the requirement of the business. End users access […]

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