Tollfree 1800 Number On-Demand Instance Plan

Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee to get a toll-free 1800 number for your business. You can choose between On-demand instance or a Reserved instance of service.

On-demand Instance (ODI) allows you to start offering your customers a toll-free business number with professional IVR and features. You can upgrade incoming channels as and when you may need it. ODI starts with single channel and for every incremental channel you will be charged Rs 2000 once. Yes, no recurring charges.

With On-demand instance you will be charged Rs 30 per day only if your day usage is less than Rs 30. For example say you have received 10 calls each with 2 minute duration then your total consumption for the day would be Rs 34, therefore you will not be charged daily rental for that day. On another day you received 3 calls of 1 minute each with total consumption of Rs 5.1 therefore you will be charged Rs 30 for that day as a daily rental and this amount will be deducted from your security deposit. Your account will remain active till you have a balance left in a way of security deposit – total usage.

On Demand Instance – Toll-Free 1800 Numbers

Channel Call Rate Security Total With Tax
1 Rs 1.7 / min Rs 3,000 Rs 3,506* Buy Now

* Total amount includes Security + 12.36% service tax + 4% payment processing charges

Missed Call Service with IVR (New Launch)

Missed Call Service with IVR

Missed Call Service (or CBS as we call) is nothing new and in India it is used on daily basis from kids to elders equally. It is also the easiest way to capture leads from the masses as 1. there is no cost involved (i.e. it is toll-free) and 2. any body can use it as dialling is most basic function of any phone.

Till now Missed call service is speech less i.e. one would dial a number, after one ring call will get disconnected and the caller will get an SMS acknowledging his input but it was still very boring and non-interactive.

As usual we were not satisfied with the decade old technology and keep working on it to improve it till we got some breakthrough. Yes, and we did that…

We have finally added the voice to old, boring missed call service provided by our competitors.

You got that right :). We have added voice on this missed call service so that instead of just hanging up the call, we first play an audio prompt like “Thanks for calling, we will get back to you soon.” and only then hangs up the call, which acknowledges the callers that their input has been received.

Want to try a demo? Dial 09598780001

For more details feel free to contact us through iWant 

Experience the cloud telephony at its best for free (Free IVR Service)

Cloud telephony and ivr services for free

Don’t go on our words, instead try it your self without paying a paisa for rental or service activation. The best thing you can convert your services to Toll Free 1800 number at any point of time by paying the required charges.

What is Cloud Telephony?

In simple terms it enables you to handle your call traffic 24×7 whether its 1 or 100 or millions per hour without bothering you to buy new hardware or software i.e. infrastructure.


Why Ziffy?

Ziffy handles your calls 24×7 through smart IVR, which is customised as per the company requirement. Handling of calls is not just what you expect from a cloud telephony as it could be done through your secretary also, but along with call handling Ziffy also provides in-depth call analytics and plenty of essential features.

Few reports generated through our system:

  1. 100% call logs. Yes, you will not miss a single call even if it rings at odd hours.
  2. Call transfer logs i.e. who handled the call at your end.
  3. No of calls Answered, Rejected, Missed by your executives.
  4. Call duration and CRM panel, which keeps record about every lead.

Impressed? Not yet? Read further,

General features with our service:

  1. Greet every caller with a welcome message.
  2. Call forwarding to different numbers depending upon caller’s input e.g. on pressing “1” call will be transferred to Sales and on pressing “2” call will be transferred to Support.
  3. Missed call alerts via SMS and E-mail.
  4. Set working hours on your IVR i.e. All calls after working hours will be transferred either to alternate number or on voice mail.
  5. Activate Holiday Mode and all callers will be informed for the same without disturbing you.
  6. No telemarketing calls or spam SMS. Manage your own blacklist in the system and calls received through them will be disconnected immediately.
  7. Whitelist enables you to receive calls only from selected numbers.
  8. Click-to-Call for your website and blog.
  9. Get customer input data through API in your database.
  10. Daily reports on your e-mail.


How to get the services?

Visit & register an account at and send a mail to with your registered corporate ID along with ID & Address proof and our ToS signed on your companies letterhead. We will provision the services for your account.



Setup Fee: Rs 2000 Waived

Security: Rs 2200 Waived

Rental (for first three months): Rs 1500 Waived

Rental (from 4th month): Rs 500 per month

Call Charges: Rs 0.15 per minute (fifteen paise)


Delivery Method:

0522 series land line number



Call 07499490999 to get a feel how your system will work.

Offer valid till 14th September 2012.


International Toll Free (US/Canada & European Countries) for Indian Users

ZNI has introduced toll free incoming number service for USA, Canada and European Countries, details are as follows.


Monthly rental: Rs 3000/-
Security deposit: Rs 10000/-
Setup fee: Rs 5000/-
Call tariff: Rs 8 per min

Plan Name: ZIFFYEURO (European countries)

Monthly rental: Rs 3000/-
Security deposit: Rs 15000/-
Setup fee: Rs 5000/-
Call tariff: Rs10 per min

  1. Monthly rental has to be paid in advance for 3 months.
  2. Activation time will be max of 7 working days.
  3. Service tax 12.36% and bank charge Rs120 are applicable.