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How to get 1800 Number For Business

1800 number is a typical toll free number, which allows your callers to connect with a number without paying the charges for that call. While calling on a toll number like mobile or landline numbers the caller will always get charged for the call, however for the called party the incoming is always free (at […]

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Small Business Toll Free

How Toll Free Number Helps Small Business

To get your customers able to connect to your business is a very essential tool for every business. Businesses should enable every medium of such communication with their customers e.g., social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.), Telephony (Toll-Free with IVR or a Virtual Number if the budget is less), E-mail, Web and offline […]

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Cheapest Toll Free Number Plan In India

Cheapest Toll Free Number in India

Looking for the cheapest Toll Free Number plan in India for your business? Look no further than Ziffy. We are proud to offer India’s cheapest Toll Free number plan with more free minutes per month than the rental you are paying for the service. So, the effective cost of the Toll Free number with IVR […]

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Which Toll-free Number is Right For Your Business?

With the frequent digitalization in India, about all organizations are shifting towards making their online presence. Entrepreneurs are using multiple expensive and inexpensive marketing methods to revamp their social reach but the heavy investment is not possible for all size of organizations. Hence, Toll-free number service is a top affordable solution that helps businesses to […]

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